FAst facts

Stream Pharoahe Monch new album.
04|08|2014Kanye West
Second track off Atmosphere's upcoming album.
03|26|2014Chi-Town Drum Roll
Second Zilla Rocca single off his upcoming LP.
03|25|2014Not Listening
New J-Live.
03|19|2014Keep Watch
New Wu-Tang!
03|18|2014Break Even
Nocando MC drops this tune in celebration of his album's release;
03|18|2014Why O Why
Outtake track by Raashan Ahmad and Rita J.
03|18|2014A Man Ain't Supposed To Cry
Illogic and Aaron Evans drop a new gem.

sneak preview

Open Mike EagleDark ComedyMello Music Groupout 06|10|2014
Sage FrancisCopper GoneStrange Famousout 06|03|2013
ApathyConnecticut CasualDirty Versionout 06|03|2013
WildchildT.G.I.F.Someothaship Connectout 05|06|2013
BluGood To Be HomeNature Soundsout 05|20|2014
Shabaam SahdeeqKeepers Of The Lost ArtBelow Systemout 04|22|2014

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03|04|2014The Grouch & Eligh:'The Tortoise And The Crow Represent Yin And Yang'
01|21|2014Praverb & The 4 P's:'Focus on your fans and they will extend your career.'

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03|02|2014Danny BrownConcert ReviewBotanique Brusselsrated: 75

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04|15|2014The LegionStereo
04|15|2014AtmosphereKanye West