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11|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
22 dope tracks that dropped in October.
10|30|2014Dirt Disciples
Check out Rome Clientel and DJ Concept's mini-EP.
10|24|2014Run The Jewels 2
10|21|2014Dark Comedy
Open Mike Eagle on KEXP radio.
10|14|2014Blog post:

sneak preview

Ghostface Killah36 SeasonsTommy Boyout 12|09|2014
Wu-Tang ClanA Better TomorrowWarner Brosout 12|02|2013
M.O.P.Street CertifiedNature Soundsout 12|02|2014
TermanologyShut Up And RapBrick Records & ST Recordsout 12|09|2014
ScarubWant For NothingScarub Musicout 11|11|2013
Axel F. (MED & J. Rocc)Theme MusicBangYaHead Ent.out 11|24|2014

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11|12|2014DJ JS-1:‘It's a timeless culture, when it's pure.’
08|20|2014Sadistik:‘Writing sad music makes me happy.’

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11|18|2014The 78ersPeople Of TodayMello Music Grouprated: 75
11|04|2014The Black OperaThe Great YearMello Music Grouprated: 80

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11|25|2014Axel F. (MED & J. Rocc)Sofa Coins
11|25|2014uMaNgCorrect Techniques