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04|11|2018Rap video compil
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Magestik LegendAll This TimeThe Black Opera, LLCout 05|11|2018
Main Flow & Mil BeatsSound Of SilenceEffiscienzout 04|27|2018
BlueprintTwo-Headed MonsterWeightlessout 05|22|2018
Czarface & MF DoomCzarface Meets Metal FaceGet On Down / Silver Ageout 03|30|2018
Dr OctagonMoosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day HorripilationBulk Recordingsout 04|06|2018
MC Paul BarmanEcho ChamberMello Music Groupout 06|22|2018

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05|10|2016Bryan Ford:'I like how hip-hop has continued to incorporate different types of music.'
04|22|2016Onry Ozzborn:'My fav rap duo of all time? Outkast.'

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11|10|2017DecaThe Way ThroughBeulah Recordsrated: 85
09|22|2017KossBorn To LiveBelow Systemrated: 80

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09|02|2016DefariWest Up!
08|19|2016ReksThe Recipe