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10|01|2017Awesome New Video's
We made a compil of great new video's released in September.
10|01|2017Best New Tracks
We enlisted some fresh new tunes that dropped in September.
04|28|2016Platform8470 Newsletter
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09|15|2015We Must Stand
Peep Sadat X & El Da Sensei first track off 'XL'. Beat by 9th Wonder. Scratches by DJ Iron.
09|01|2015Summer mix 2015
Missed out on a few releases during the holidays? We've selected some dope tracks that dropped this Summer.
Sean P
07|17|2015Time Capsule: The 1991 Demos
Peep snippets of The Chosen Few EP. Featuring Posdnuos.
07|13|2015Kill The Wolf
B. Dolan interview.

sneak preview

SivionDark Side of the CocoonIllect Recordingsout 10|06|2017
Wu-Tang ClanThe Saga Continues36 Chambers Alcout 10|13|2017
Danny WattsBlack Boy Meets WorldAuthors Recording Companyout 10|06|2017
L'OrangeThe Ordinary ManMello Music Groupout 10|27|2017
Lone CatalystsCulture-out 11|17|2017
CunninLynguistsRose Azura NjanoA Piece Of Strangeout 10|06|2017

latest interviews

05|10|2016Bryan Ford:'I like how hip-hop has continued to incorporate different types of music.'
04|22|2016Onry Ozzborn:‘My fav rap duo of all time? Outkast.’

latest reviews

09|22|2017KossBorn To LiveBelow Systemrated: 80
09|20|2017Prozack TurnerNot Everybody Sleeps At Night-rated: 80

latest videos

09|02|2016DefariWest Up!
08|19|2016ReksThe Recipe