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09|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
Missed some singles in August? We wrapped up the best here.
08|29|2014Blog post:
08|22|2014Blog post:
08|09|2014Blog post:
08|08|2014Armand Hammer
Stream Elucid and billy woods' new album 'Furtive Movements'.
08|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
Missed the best tracks of July? No worries, we made a compilation.
07|29|20141st Down
Remastered and up for sale: Phat Kat and Jay Dee's 'Unreleased Demo's' EP.

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Cee Knowledge & The Cosmic Funk OrchestraTo Life, Love & LootBlingnot Mediaout 09|09|2014
Opio & EquiptoRed XXSolidarityout 09|02|2013
Apollo Brown & Ras KassBlasphemyMello Music Groupout 10|28|2014
miloa toothpaste suburbHellfyre Clubout 09|23|2014
Black MilkIf There's A Hell BelowComputer Uglyout 10|28|2014
J SandsThe Poet Tree Of LifeB.U.K.A. Entertainmentout 09|16|2014

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08|20|2014Sadistik:‘Writing sad music makes me happy.’
03|04|2014The Grouch & Eligh:'The Tortoise And The Crow Represent Yin And Yang'

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08|22|2014Open Mike EagleDark ComedyMello Music Grouprated: 80
08|22|2014Amp LiveHeadphone ConcertoPlug Researchrated: 75