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Motion Man A quick Q&A with the Meng Most people will remember him from the Masters Of Illusion collaboration with Kool Keith, released on Threshold Recordings in 2000, but Paul Laster aka Motion Man aka Noggin Nodders, is a veteran in this rap game, having his career started in the late 80s, often starring on Sway & King Tech's 'Wake Up Show' and issuing a 12" called 'Mo Like Flows On' in 1993. As many veterans this year, Motion Man celebrates the release of his new album, 'Pablito's Way', his sophomore solo album, following 2002's 'Clearing The Field'.


First off, congrats on the new album. Are you happy with the first reactions?

Thank you. Yeah, so far so good!

How come it has taken relatively long to release this sophomore album? Fans?ve been waiting...

I just got caught up in a lot of life issues, my family, etc...I?m just happy I?m still able to have a voice out there.

You rhyme with a natural ease over the Mexican/Hispanic influenced title track ?Pablito's Way?. Please describe in a few keywords: What is Pablito's Way? Or: Who is Pablito and is he exactly the same man as Motion Man?

Pablito is just my name in Spanish. A lot of my friends? parents used to call me Pablo when I was younger. My real name is Paul.

It seems like you really want to stick to the art form in its purest original form, stick to a tradition of beats, rhymes, hooks and scratches. Is that a conscious choice or do you think that?s just the only way it's supposed to be done?

I just hear a track I like and spit to it. No matter what it is. If I like it, I flow.

What kind of booty (booties) do you like most? Please, school our readers on what a perfect ass is...

Just so yall understand/ ima ass man like the width from left to right/ get the bubble in the back let gravity hang it right/ see the chunky and attack I?m pushing with all my might/ no Levitra just seeing them cheeks tight will put my member at attention Viagra induced sight.

Why did you decide to give the album a subtitle and why this one? (?Musica Picante?)

Hot Music...meng, it?s hot!

What was the inspiration for the concept behind ?Exploit the Average Man??

I just know some people who do a little too much and it?s not really them they showing out, so I had to bring them back down to earth.

Do you feel like you've evolved as an emcee since your Masters of Illusion days or since 'Clearing the Field'?

Yes I have, my versatility is endless. I shall continue to flip it for ages!

So, is ?Pablito?s Way? your best work to date?

I don?t know. I?ll let my fans decide that, so if they feeling me from ?Pablito?s Way? they can go peep my discography.


Working with Too Short really must've been a dope experience, since I read you always been a fan of him. How did it feel being able to work with one of your greatest influences?

That?s the best to be respected enough, to get an idol on a track with you.

?Professional Experts? with Kool Keith is like a reunion of the Masters Of Illusion, any chance on a new MOI album coming soon?

We never stopped recording! I get asked about MOI 2 a lot...we need to get it done.

How did you hook up with Gift of Gab?

It was easy. I had Kutmasta Kurt reaching out to him and he was down as you can hear from the phone call he left me on the album.


Was Kutmasta Kurt as exclusive producer for the album an obvious choice for you? Is Motion Man - Kutmasta the traditional success formula for you?

We?ve been working together for like 17 years, so it?s very easy to work with Kurt. I?m comfortable working with him. Plus he makes heat, so that makes it better.

What other producers would you like to work with in the future?

Anybody coming with heat! I have no restraints as long as they bring the thunder!


The way you change your voice and rapping-style within one single track is crazy, how do you manage to puzzle all those styles into one whole? Extremely technically talented, a lot of practice... or ...?

That just comes natural to me. It?s how I rap, so I don?t have to fight it. Just pick up the pen and go..

Although most of the songs are built around a certain theme or topic, your lyrics often keep that cryptic appeal, which make 'em - no pun intended - sometimes hard to comprehend; or at least multi-layered. Woud you be happy to be compared with Ghostface on that level?

That?s a huge compliment...I love everything Ghostface does!

Is the ?Wake Up Show Skit? an ode to where you came from? You feel like it's necessary to school the kids on where your roots are?

Yeah, people need to know some history on you. I?ve been in the game now for a minute, so let people know.

In ?Sleeping Giants? you mention you get compared to Eminem a lot. Does the comparison bother you?

No, not at all. Eminem is very talented. Being compared to Eminem and being called the black Eminem is two different things.

What exactly is a Megalo Maniac? Why are you one?

Get a dictionary, homie, educate your mind (laughs) It?s a mental disorder where I believe I?m the greatest in. Dominate over people... I am the show. I picked up the term from the late Pete Franklin, a talk-show host legend.

What?s the strangest question a fan asked you after a performance?

?Do you wanna have sex with my girl, dude??


Tell us a little bit about your first steps in hip-hop?

I was b-boy, graffiti artist, emcee, I started rapping on my answering machines and my friends would call and hang up. So I would get like 40, 50 messages a day with nothing but hang ups cause they just wanted to hear me flow.

What was the first rap record you bought?

Sugar Hill Gang?s ?Rapper?s Delight?.

What are your goals in hip-hop for 2007? Something you definitely want to accomplish?

I wanna drop three projects in 2007.

So, what's next for Motion Man?

Styles upon styles upon styles upon styles

Any shout-outs?

To all my new best friends... if you?ve been to my show, you know what I?m talking about.

Thanks a lot!


POSTED 10|01|2006
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