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Mr. Brady His new beginning... Just when we thought we’ve had heard the nicest hip-hop releases of the past year, Deep Rooted's debut album reached us and trashed that idea. 'A New Beginning' is a magnificent album that's been mostly produced by Mr Brady, one third of the group, San Diego resident and truly a rap veteran with a passion for his music... Wassup?

Whats up world! I am Mr Brady, formerly of Battle Axe Records. I released a few singles on Battle Axe including 'Let my Record Rotate' and two albums. I was also featured on every compilation they put out. Now I'm doing my own thing with my own label Open Myndz Ent.

Congrats on the fantastic album you've made: tell us something about the group Deep Rooted, how did y'all connect?

Johaz, DJ Artistic and myself are all from San Diego. We all knew and respected each others talents. First time I met Johaz we connected right off the top. I've worked with DJ Artistic in the past, we all vibe really good. DJ Artistic also produced some tracks for Abstract Rude. Deep Rooted is all about making good music that the whole world can feel. We make real heart felt music. We try to touch your soul. You can't deny the soul.

You've worked with Moka and 2Mex before, but how did you hook up with Oh No and Main Flow?

I always wanted to work with Oh No. He is definitely one of the dopest producers out there. My boy in Diego linked me with him. Oh No is a cool cat, I'm pretty sure we will do some more work in the future. Main Flow lives in San Diego now, so we knew about each other. Him and Johaz use to link up before we did. He is a good dude, real dedicated to his music.

You and Moka seem to be pretty close, how does he find the time to make so much music besides him travelling so much?

Moka has more tracks recorded than anybody I know. I have known Moka since 94-95. He stayed in Diego for a few months back then. He has a home studio and that's all he does. He loves his music. We are going to do an album together too, called 'Mr Mr', like Mr Brady and Mr Moke. Moka is my people fo real.

I've read you had some offers from a few labels, why did you decide to release the album independently?

I've tried the label thing already and I learned a lot from it. It's like nobody will look out for you like you would, you know. We are trying to do a lot of things with Open Myndz Ent. It's like why make the label money when you can make the money yourself. Not that it's about the money because its not, but we all got to live. We are really trying to blow up our label. All we want is a distribution deal to get our music out everywhere. But that's in the making right now too. Hopefully things work out, if not, we will still push it independently. This is what we love, music, so we will do it regardless.

So do you treasure this album more than the ones you released on the Battle Axe label?

Honestly; yes! This is the best work I have ever done yet, but there is a lot more to come. Plus we put it out ourselves too. That makes us appreciate the struggle a lot more. Battle Axe did help me get my name out there but this album represents me more than anything else I have ever done. I think this album is a classic. Something you can play ten years from now and still feel it.

To what level do you want to take the label? What's your main goal with the label?

There is no limit to where we can take this. It's up to us. We want to blow up the label and open more business so we can always work for ourselves, you know. We always want to put out good music though. It will always be real. We will never try to do some fake shit to try to get put on. That's not what we are about. We want our music to always mean something. Meaningful music.

What about the future projects on Open Myndz?

We got another artist named Sha Dula dropping around February. He used to be in a group called 12 Jewelz and he used to be on DJ Greyboy's label P-Jays. He worked with cats like AG and a lot more in the past. We will do many more Deep Rooted albums plus solo albums later on. We got Brea that sings on our shit, she might do an EP. We are going to do a compilation in the future too. Also when we get a little more established, we want to sign more acts. We got some other shit up our sleeves but we can't speak on it until it's official.

The album is about spirituality, it's music from the heart and the soul: what do you think of the emotionless, materialistic music of today's hip-hop acts?

It's a shame because here in the States that's all that they push. They hardly ever give push to the positive cats speaking about what's really happening. It's like they have nothing else to speak about, except what they have. What about before you had that? All this shit going on in the world and the only thing you can talk about is your chain? That's wack. Be well rounded and speak the truth.

You produce and MC. Do you consider yourself more of a producer or an MC?

Well I was an emcee first but I make beats every day. I love making beats. I definitely make more beats than I write nowadays. I still write a lot but there's something about making beats. It's like I can't stop. I think I'm equally a producer as I am an MC.

When did you start producing?

I made my first beat around 93-94 but I didn't take it really serious until around 97-98. I didn't have a sampler back then but I always borrowed my boy's sampler or made beats at his house. I didn't get my own sampler until 2002! Equipment is expensive. But I have been emceeing for ever.

What equipment do you use?

I use a EPS plus Ensoniq. It's exactly like an ASR 10 but older. I get about 45-50 seconds sampling time if I turn the sample-rate down. It has a nice sound to it. Nothing fancy. It's not about what equipment you have but what you can do with it. Some cats have thousands of dollars of equipment and don't know what to do with it.

Are you a record collector? Hip-hop records? Or are you strictly digging for breaks? You dig for rare stuff/dollar bin records?

I buy more digs than I do hip-hop records. I dig in the dollar bins mostly. Sometimes I'll buy like 2 dollar records. If I really want something I might spend, but for the most part I find the dopest shit in dollar bins. Some cats sleep' on dollar records, but that's good because that's more for me. Some people think they have to spend a lot to get good shit. Almost every beat I make come from digs in the dollar bins. I buy records every week.

What was your first record?

My mom bought me my first record when I was a little kid. She used to buy me records so I could break to them.

Who are your influences, production- and MC-wise?

Life in general influences me. I like a lot of cats, Madlib, Hi-Tek, Jay Dee, DJ Khalil, Pete Rock and more. A lot of emcees are nice.

Top-5 of hip-hop albums?

Eric B & Rakim - 'Paid In Full'
Big Daddy Kane's first and second album
Talib Kweli & Hi-Tek are Reflection Eternal
Nas - Illmatic
Pharcyde - Bizarre Ride to the Pharcyde

Top-5 of non-hip-hop albums?

Stevie Wonder - Greatest Hits
Isley Brothers - Greatest Hits
Quincy Jones - I Heard That
Michael Jackson- Off the Wall
Bob Marley- all of them

What are you into at the moment?

Good vibes.

Thanx a lot for the interview!


POSTED 01|12|2005
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