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Mr. Hyde Interview with a Beast Man If you enjoyed ‘Barn Of The Naked Death’, you’ll discover more gore, guts and brutality on ‘Chronicles Of The Beastman’, Mr Hyde’s latest album on Psycho-Logical Records. Death rap is in effect as the crew that is concentrated around Necro is takin over the NY underground viciously with a few new and upcoming members such as Sean Strange, wherein Mr Hyde plays an important role as he’s becoming one of the crew’s leading figures…

Wassup Mr Hyde, the new album is about to be released, what can we expect from it?

Expect more brutality, expect more gore, expect to be destroyed!

How would you compare this album to ‘The Barn Of The Naked Dead’?

Kinda the same way I would compare Pam Anderson and Carmen Electra's tits. Both are classic and have great similarities but you still want to experience both.

Not everything on your new LP is produced by Necro, tell us more about Sean Strange and how come the input of Necro has been smaller this time?

Necro was really busy working on and promoting his ‘Death Rap’ album at the time, and Strange is my fam for a long time and had some dark, banging beats. I started recording some tracks with Strange. The material was coming out so ill that I decided to put together a full album. Necro hooked me up with a couple of bangers, cause it wouldn’t be a Hyde album without some Necro production and it was a wrap.

Are there any future collabo plans between you and Necro coming up?

For sure. We got a Necro Hyde album in the works for 2009 called ‘Gruesome Twosome’. Pure brutality at it's finest.

What are some of your favourite horror flicks?

’Texas Chainsaw Massacre’, ‘Hellraiser’, ‘Lord Of Illusions’ are some classics, but some of my favourite new ones are ‘The Hills Have Eyes’ remake, ‘High Tension’ and ‘Vacancy’.

What's you favourite beast movie character?

Eddie from ‘The Howling’ was a fucking creep. I liked him.

If you'd compare yourself with a beast with what would you compare yourself?

A hungry, stray dog.

What's the best latest horror flick you've seen?

The new ‘Rambo’...there's more gore, blood and guts in that flick than any other recent horror film

You were about to become a professional boxer...do you still box now and then, and how does that side of your life influence the musical side?

Yeah, hip-hop is a little easier on my nose. (laughs) I still go to the gym and train when I have the time. I can’t do it as much as I'd like to with all the recording, promoting and touring. I use the same intensity heart and hunger in my music as I used in the ring, It’s the only way to stay at your best and stay competitive.

When and how did hip-hop come into your life?

While growing up I was always into writing, whether it was lyrics, short stories, whatever... I was into crazy gore flicks, hard metal and hip-hop so when I first started writing lyrics around 1992-93, it was natural that my content would be super violent.

Would you say you'd rather listen to metal than to hip-hop?

Besides the classic shit of both genres, I really only listen to my crew's music. Not much of the new shit impresses me.

Have you ever thought of becoming a metal artist?

Yeah, I always thought I could be a good front man for a death metal group. I can do a pretty demonic death metal voice.

How did you hook up with Necro and PsychoLogical Records?

I met Necro at a rap show in 1997. I had heard him kick some brutal, satanic rhymes up on a radio show in 95, and I knew he made some dope beats for Non-Phixion. I told him I rhymed super brutal also and that we should work together. I kicked him some evil rhymes on the spot. We ended up having a lot of shit in common; boxing, taste in music and movies and brutal way of life. We're like family now. Necro's my fucking brother.

You've performed in Belgium recently how was that like?

Dope. I love performing live. Especially in all different countries. Its crazy how much love the fans show us all over the world. The area of Belgium we were in was grimey and run down. It reminded me of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. (laughs)

You're about to tour Italy how do you look forward to that?

Of course. That's my family's roots. My grandparents were born in Italy and I can speak a little Italian so it should be fun

If you're Mr Hyde then you're also Dr Jeckyll?

I'm very much a split personality in life so the title fits. I can be helping an old lady across the street one day, and robbing her the next day.

Are you afraid to die?

Evil never dies.

What would the world be if there were no hate?

It would be off balance. That could never happen. If there was only love, I'd throw some anger and hate in the mix.

So what are you mostly angered at the moment?

The 2008 Yankees and Michael Jackson's nose.

What's the first rap album you bought?

The Fat Boys Christmas album.

What was the last rap album you uploaded unto you iPod?

My new album.

What's next for Hyde?

I'm gonna eat some leftover minestrone soup, do some push ups and sit ups, and watch a zombie movie marathon. ‘Night Of The Living Dead’, ‘Day Of The Dead’, ‘Dawn Of The Dead’, ‘Shwan Of The Dead’, ‘Oasis Zombies’, ‘Zombie Nightmare’, ‘Zombie’, etc....Zombiethon 2008!


Shout out to you motherfuckers!


POSTED 08|01|2008
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