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Necro The sexorcist: tripe six porn Necro is back with a full new album dedicated to porn. Imagine Kool Keith's 'Sex Style', Kool G Rap's 'Rated X' and 2 Live Crew's 'As Nasty As They Wanna Be' and multiply that by K-Dee's 4Ass, Gas Or Cash' and you won't even be close. What's more, the album features celebrated porn stars such as Ron Jeremy, Joey Silveira, Katja Kassin, Brittany Andrews, and many more. One of the first times that rap and porn stars unite on a music record.

Wassup Necro. Congrats on the album; it's a porn fest! Most of the production is different from the production you did in the past. It's funk orientated beats reminding of Brooklyn in the 70s, instead of your darker, morbid style.

Well, it's a porn album so the beats are sexual, every beat is sexy, yeah I said it! Sexy, cuz the record is about fucking bitches, so it's gonna be evil but in a real sexual way, satanic sex!

Production wise this is kinda complex, which of your albums/recordings do you like the most as for production?

I don't find it to be complex more than anything else. For me, production is something I know, so to flip styles for different projects is easy. It's my life, after 15 years you should be able to do it or you suck.

You got well-known porn stars like Ron Jeremy and Brittany Andrews on the album. How did that come together?

As for Ron Jeremy, I had his number from his manager, so my friend Hobin arranged recording the skit over the phone because Ron is so busy being a hostess everywhere. As for Brittany Andrews, I had her contact from trying to interview her for Kingsize a while ago, she'll do anything for press, even crack!

You're makin porn movies under the Sexpert label. What's your future plans in the porn industry?

Nothing at the moment. In 2006 I will analyze if I can make new moves in that business.

I noticed you mention Europe and Europeans a lot more than on other albums 'you wanna leave me bitch, you better learn to suck pussy in Iceland', 'your pussy is real like a Danish' are just a few lines. You got a lot of Euro experience?

I been in France once for the Midem Conference, that's it. So I never experienced Euro women yet. But I know Europeans are into sex and porn, so they are gonna get mentioned on a sex album.

On 'Street Villains vol 2' you 'smashed' Michael Jackson. Obviously you think he's guilty. What do you think of him as an artist?

As an artist, he's great. But he looks like a bitch and he made himself white so he deserves to get roasted!

The 'Circle of Tyrants' drops very soon.

It drops September 27th, it's all violent gore shit, the whole concept is not special. It's rather simple, brutal verses one after the other on brutal beats, with some skits in between and with all four of us rappin one after each other. It's something the fans wanted, as opposed to verse, hook, verse, hook, they wanted more of the style when all of us rap in a row. When we do that style it was always real evil verses so there you have 'Circle Of Tyrants'. It's not about world peace and saving the children, it's something to put on while you box or wanna relieve aggression. It's death rap!

One of the first times I heard your music was on the Greedy Fingers album 'Shady Sirens'. How did you and Belgian DJ/producer Grazzhoppa connect?

He got in touch with me, he offered me money and so I did it! Back then $1500 a track was a lot to me.

You produced for Missin Linx. Is there gonna be another collaboration? How's Al Tariq doin?

I haven't spoken to him in years. I doubt I will work with him again because I'm not producing for other artists anymore. I'm like Sony, everything I do is revolving around myself and my crew!

'I Need Drugs' was your breakthrough. D'you think or perhaps know if LL Cool J ever heard the track?

I don't know and I don't care because I didn't have the power to get it to the masses. Maybe I'll re-release all the catchy, blow up songs when I get more power so it can reach everyone it never reached before, we'll see.

You've put your uncle Howie on the cover and he was a main star in the 'I Need Drugs' video clip. Now he's clean, how does he look back on all that? Didn't he feel like you were exploitin him?

He wanted to be exploited! It was foul but it was reality, and we're real, so. He isn't clean anymore, he recently overdosed on crack and just got out of hospital. I asked him if he wanted to have a party for his death, so at least we can say we partied with him before he passes. I would hate to have a call about his death from drugs and know we never had a last party, he doesn't like my idea.

You began your music career in the death metal group Injustice. People who listen to (death) metal say the lyrics have gone soft as opposed to the old school era, they rather listen to Necro for some brutality and I've read in an interview an artist say Necro is more foul than today's metal groups, the only thing that comes close, I think, is the early Slayer. Agree?

I don't know, I guess. If that's the case, that's dope! Because I don't like a lot of metal groups out now, so yeah, my shit is influenced by the 80s metal, so it makes sense. I don't mind putting out shit for today's metal heads or the old school cats, that's an honor.

On your first two albums there were strictly 'traditional' hip-hop beats, since 'The Pre-Fix Of Death' you started usin guitars. Lookin at your past and influences in music that was an obvious move, but why did you wait two albums before mingling the two styles?

I didn't feel I was ready to bother, I was still provin myself with regular hip-hop beats. By 'Pre-Fix For Death', a lot of underground kids seem to have respect for me, production wise, plus the opportunity came for me to flex my skills on guitar with real metal legends, so it worked. I'm at the point now I don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. I think of Psycho+Logical as its own brand, so it doesn't matter what anyone does. Necro is the cream of the crop. When my name is something you know you are getting quality, and it's gonna be some shit no one on earth has done.

What do you think of other groups that mixed hip-hop with rock/metal influences such as House Of Pain, Cypress Hill, Limp Bizkit, Insane Clown Posse?

I don't like most of it, but I mean certain cats have done their thing, Cypress Hill has always been dope to me, I never heard House Of Pain or ICP stuff. Limp Bizkit were very formulaic and poppy. In the end, I'm the only cat in hip-hop doin shit with Slayer/Obituary/Sepultura like riffs, vovoid riffs, that style. I'm like the super brutal underground mix of metal and hip-hop, to the point a lot of people don't aknowledge me, but it's all good. In the end I will make my mark on whatever number of humans exist on earth that get me, so fuck it if it ain't Mr Hip-Hop Dude that works for Arista, let it be the metal head from Iowa or the thug from Soundview projects that sits on the corner with a boombox all day. As long as humans love it we gonna win, you can't stop the word of mouth.

Your brother Ill Bill became a member of Non Phixion. Were you down with them?

For a very short time, until Serch (MC Serch, 3rd Bass, ed.) deaded that. Serch said he wanted to make a group everyone sweated, he wanted to make music so this rapper can sweat and this guy can jock, and I didn't like what he was saying. I challenged him from the first meeting and said we should make shit we feel is hot, not make music for other people. What the fuck is that shit?? Make music externally is what he was saying. I made music internally and so did Non Phixion, until Serch got involved. Next thing you know, Bill and Gore went from rapping about 'hanging Whoopi Goldberg with a G-string and filling clips with bullets' to being the white Public Enemy. That was Serch's way of kissing ass, Serch feels as a white man in rap, you must kiss the black man's ass and ask for permission to rhyme. I don't follow that shit! I'm from the street, in the street it don't matter what colour you are, you just keep shit real with ya fists or ya actions so we didn't click, I thought he was a faggot, he thought I was trouble. Thank God, cause it made me push my Necro shit even further. But it's always great to have Bill featuring on my shit cause he always goes back to the original style of brutal shit. And the fans love it! I never get love from the backpack conscious homo kids.

When exactly did you start listening to hip-hop?


What was the first hip-hop record you bought?

Can't remember, my brother bought shit first, all the 86/88 shit.

What hip-hop albums did you listen to over and over again?

Geto Boys, G Rap, Rakim, Kane, KRS, Slick Rick.

Besides them, who are some of your rap heroes?

Master P for business, Russel and Rick (Simmons and Rubin, red.) for doin their thing.

When did you start digging?

Like 1990.

What production equipment did you use in the beginning and what do you use now? Why?

I started usin an Ensoniq EPS because that's what I first learned, and I stayed with Ensoniq. I use the ASR 10 or Pro Tools.

When was the last time you went out digging?

A few months ago.

Do you still buy a lot of records?

I have more records than I can use.

The soundtrack of your movie '187 Reasonz Y' is incredible; the dirtiest breaks are in it. Do you listen to a lot of 70s soul/funk? Do you buy all those famous break albums who got sampled to death or do you strictly buy stuff you can use for production?

I'm into the records to listen to. I go through phases. At one point I made myself a CD of shit and rocked that for 6 months.

Talking about movies, how's Gene doin? He in Hollywood already?

He is nothing.

Let's talk business. Say you're a fabulous rapper but you're a lousy hustler, are you gonna become successful and earn millions? Can quality alone be a reason for commercial success?

No. You can't be rich if you suck at hustling. It's 95% business, 5 % music. Meaning all business, with music being the description of that business, it would be nice if it was all music, but then you wouldn't be selling it or doing anything with it, except making it and listening to it, which any dick can do. But making it a business is the hard part, it's all a game.

Behind Necro the pimp/artist, there's a hard-workin entrepreneur with a strong vision and lots of discipline, it seems to me. At year 11 you already gave a T-Shirt to Trevor Perez (Obituary) in order to promote your music! How did you become such a business man?

I guess Bill was bout his shit at a young age.

So he was the one you learnt from?

Bill was always into handling shit. You might not realize but a lot of our problems in hip-hop and us not being huge already has to do with our skin colour. Sure, our topics of music are extreme but our skin colour is a huge road block. The fact that I'm where I am now in hip-hop and music -and I haven't had to kiss anyone's ass- shows you what kind of hustler I am. But when I'm huge then you will know I mastered this shit. I feel it's harder for me because I'm white. In America the hip-hop scene is super racist.

Do you feel like you have run your business in the most effective way uptill now? Anything you could've done better?

Everything could be better. I have not maximized everything Necro is worth. In 2006, I will take things to a new level. There's some business that take 15 years before bubbling. TVT Records took over 15 years to blow up, Ray Krok didn't start McDonalds until 56. So I'll be 30 soon and finally a millionaire, off of rugged, dirty, grimy hip-hop, shit that people said would never make it. I will be richer than anyone that ever doubted me. I think, on a small level, I'm a huge winner, but I wanna be huge like 50 Cent. Why? Just because, I'm just as good, but it's all about the business and my business gets stronger daily. There's no race in the world of money and business, so let 50 Cent eat today for example, and I will eat tomorrow, same way. When 50 was on Landspeed Records with $ 5,000 on his bank account, others were making 50 mil that year. It's all a game, baby.

How much has Internet played a role in spreadin your name worldwide?

I'm sure it helps a lot. The Net is a tool, no one should ever think it's anything besides a great tool. It's not a world, it's not a place to base ya whole career, it's a tool like a phone, a complex network where you can promote and interact. But in the end, you will only blow up if enough humans respect you as a person, or you have 20 million in promo money.

What's your opinion on illegal downloading? Is it bad or eventually a good thing for an artist like you?

I think it's bad. I don't win in anyway, or shall I say up until this point I haven't won from that. But in 2006, I will win from it finally because my business third eye is open now, on new levels and new horizons.

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The Beatnuts




Martin Scorsese







Our shit.

Mr Hyde

Best friend.



Don Corleone, Scarface or Tony Soprano?

Stand up guys!

Dodgers or The Nets?

Could care less.

TOP 5’s

Top 5 horror movies:

1 - Blood Sucking Freaks
2 - Maniac
3 - Wishmaster Series
4 - Gruesome Twosome
5 - Color Me Blood Red

Top 5 porn-related hip-hop albums:

Anything from G Rap or Kool Keith or Luke. That's about it. And Akinyele's 'Put It In Ya Mouth'. There hasn't been a lot of porn hip-hop, that's why my 'Sexorcist' album is so monumental, I'm keeping the genre alive, I run shit for the 2000 Millenium!



POSTED 09|20|2005
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