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Pizdamen Crackin' a beer and some momma jokes Pizdamen's newest release 'Red Stars' is strictly about havin a good time, over solid boombap beats. Pizdamen? Yep. Not 'Pizzamen'. A simple Google will tell you 'Pizda' is Polish for the origin of the world. But anyway, time to introduce Milwaukee's craziest hip-hop collective.

Aight, Pizdamen, who of you has ever been to Poland?

Bobby Brewski: In 2000, I travelled to Lithuania and met some kids there who told me what ?pizda? meant and I thought it was hilarious. Coming back to the States, I said the word ?pizda? all the time and nobody had a clue what I was talking about. So me and the crew started sayin it so much, we started to be called the Pizdamen. For the record, my ancestors came from Poland, and no, we ain?t no pussies.

Clark Bent: I met a girl from Poland about a year ago. Asked her if she knew what ?pizda? meant and she laughed her ass off. But she didn?t give me no pizda. So when you meet a girl from Poland, don?t say ?pizda?. Say ?Nostrovia?!

Do people in Poland play your music?

BB: I?m unsure of that. I hope they play our music.

For the record, who are the Pizdamen and where y?all from?

BB: Consists of myself, Clark Bent aka Shemp and Aaron Wade with all production done by The White Shadow of Norway. An original member, Jay Bee, who is largely a part of getting the Pizdamen off the ground, moved to Minneapolis and had to leave the group. Clark Bent and I were born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and we?ve been good friends since 1992 where we met through skateboarding and rap. Aaron Wade was born in Indiana and moved to Milwaukee to attend Marquette University and started ?The Late Night Hype Show? on their campus radio station. Jay Bee was born and raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota and came to Milwaukee to go to Marquette where he met Aaron and then got involved with the radio show. Since then, the Late Night Hype Show moved to a bigger station, 91.7FM WMSE www.wmse.org where it still lives and is going on 8 years strong. Jay Bee had to leave the radio show in 2001. That?s when Aaron asked me to be a permanent host along with the homie J.P.

You?ve released a few albums locally, which ones?

BB: The first Pizdamen album was entitled ?Special Delivery? on some sex shit. You know, the delivery guy comes over and finds the lonely housewife (laughs). Well, that was the inspiration behind that....like 2 Live Crew and Too $hort and Willie Dee. We got some fame from that and it was all fun. We weren?t really planning on doin too much with it, but it just sort of took its own course. Aaron Wade and Jay Bee did an album under the name Strange Brew called ?The First Round? with production by Old Man Malcolm who was the DJ for the band Citizen King and helped produce and DJ for the group Garbage. White Shadow got his hands on that CD and contacted Aaron to throw some beats his way. Thus spawning the hit ?Nut & Graffiti?, which appeared on Shadow?s 12”. After this, Jay Bee had to move and I was asked to do a song. ?Step? was the song and I asked our friends Clark Bent and Miss Anna if they wanted to get on. That was the start of Red Stars.

Is your latest album ?Red Stars? everything you wanted it to be?

BB: It is and it isn?t. I really, really love the whole album and I can listen to it everyday but I feel we haven?t really broke out yet. There are songs we still need to do and a structure we need to solidify. Topics we need to hit harder and songs we need to make more complete. It was a learning process and for what it is, it?s amazing.

CB: I love the album and it?s the best thing you?re ever gonna hear in your life. Quote me on that! (laughs)

Aaron Wade: For me, I'm ecstatic with the LP. It's far beyond what I thought it would be. I originally looked at it as ?hey - let's rock a couple of joints for fun and just see what happens?, but when you have a cat like White Shadow handling cuts and producing? Bananas! I'm actually shocked at how solid the LP is. I'd put it up against MOST releases I hear in rap today. I like it better than 80% of LP's I get for our radio show... Not that I'm biased or anything. (chuckles)

What?s your favourite track(s) on the album?

BB: ?Early?. And ?Rise & Shine?. And ?Another Classic?... Man, I can?t name just one... they?re all great to me. That?s why we make em.

CB: ?Give That Beat Back?, ?Let It Bump? and ?Pimp Strut?. All the songs that I ain?t on, are my favourite.

AW: ?Pimp Strut? and ?Rise & Shine?. I gotta compliment my man Brewski for steppin it up on this LP, to me, he steals the show. Shadow's cuts are a refreshing throwback to when the DJ was a more prominent part of the group. No one does cut choruses anymore and I don't know why.

BB: Awe...thanks homie! How I do!!

The album was finished a while ago, so why did it take so long before it actually got released?

BB: Financial issues. We wanted to maintain control of the album and the songs and the rights to the music, so we wanted to put it out ourselves. It?s hard to invest when funds are limited but we knew once it came out people would enjoy it and we would be headed in the right direction.

AW: Word. We all have different lives and priorities and shit. Speaking for myself, I had a lot of professional and family things going on in '05, so I needed to make sure those things were handled first. But I knew we'd get it poppin eventually. Props to Brewski for pushing it along and not letting us be overly lazy about it.

Where can we buy it?

BB: Go to www.latenighthypeshow.com on the message board there is a link where you can order it online. Under $10. CHEAP!

And White Shadow produced almost the whole album, without you ever meeting him...

BB: Yeah, he is the best producer I know and I?m lucky to be working with such a talented cat. Plus he?s into the same sick shit I?m into. We like brothers from other mothers for real!

CB: He?s the best producer I never met.

AW: Word. I'm thankful for that day in '02 when he reached out. Wild how things can happen today. I still can't believe that we have never met in person. I feel like the dude lives here in Milwaukee. Such a quality person.

How come you let him rap on the album?

BB: LET him rap? That don?t make no sense. I don?t let him do anything. He?s a man just like me and I was honoured to have him rappin on the album. We all homies and I feel he had a message and he blessed the album with it.

CB: Myke Perv is the SHIT!! Rekonize!

AW: Ha! C'mon yall...you KNOW Shadow was DYING to get on the mic! Shit, producers all rap today. If Guru can have French dudes rapping in FRENCH on his shit, then we can have Myke Perv rappin on ours! Ha! Plus he said he would murk us if we didn't let him spit Norwegian gangsta shit.

You mentioned the ?Late Night Hype Show? a few times earlier, can you tell us more about that show? Any celebrity guests?

BB: 8 years strong! We?ve had all sorts of celebrity interviews. I?ll let Aaron Wade elaborate fuh ya.

AW: Alright! The Late Night Hype Show is my baby, so I'm proud to talk about it. Jay Bee and I started the show in March of '98. It was the ONLY show in Milwaukee (market #31 with population of 1.4 million) to hear independent rap music. It originally aired at 3am on Saturday nights. Many drunken evenings doing that. 9 months actually. Then, we caught a break, and moved the show to Tuesdays at 9pm. That's where it's been ever since. Early on, we had guests live in studio - JUICE, Donald D, Zion I, Strick, One Be Lo, Atmosphere, and more. Jay Bee moved to Minneapolis to pursue a career opportunity in '02. The show had become an institution, and had become known nationally (probably because there are so few shows like it). I pondered whether or not to stop doing it. Jay Bee was hard to replace. We had great chemistry. Then, I thought I'd try something. Called my old Marquette Radio homie, JP, asked him to sit in for a while...he's more of a ?music critic - tell-it-like-it-is?- kind of guy. Just a regular Joe. I'm more of the ?knowledge and director? of the show.

But we needed more, we needed comedy and entertainment. NO ONE is better for that than the homie Brewski. Brought him in, had a few shows that were a little awkward, then BAM, caught the chemistry. Been doin the show like this now for the last 4 years. Our guests now are sometimes live, but mostly on the phone. Guests have included the likes of PMD, Masta Ace, Ed OG, Shock G, El Da Sensei, Mr. Eon from High & Mighty, Perceptionists, Rapper Big Pooh, Non Phixion, and countless others. Basically, the best in rap music today. I'm quite positive it's one of the best rap shows in the country. I KNOW no one talks more hilarious bullshit on the radio! In fact, the only reason I think the ?Wake Up Show? is stronger is because of their access to ALL artists LIVE IN studio and the amazing feats of DJ Revolution (he's still on it, right?). We are in Milwaukee, on Tuesdays, however, so our access to artists is very limited. Sorry this is so long, but I'm just very passionate about this show. I've spent so much time growing and shaping it that I'm excited to talk about it. Hear it online at www.latenighthypeshow.com. Thank you.

So you play the same kind of music as you make? Do you play your own songs? New songs, old shit?

AW: We play QUALITY RAP and the classics. It's that simple. If it's good, we play it. And the good rap today is mostly independent rap records and classic rap records - but I try not to play the real EASY picks... so you won't hear ?My Philosophy? or ?Microphone Fiend? a lot. I like to DIG for the real fans. I'd rather play Superlover Cee & Casanova Rud or maybe something like Tuff Crew. An example of the play list might be ?Back Again? by Dilated, followed by ?Work In Progress? by Kev Brown, followed by ?The Originators? by The JAZ.

We DO play local Milwaukee artists too. It's fairly limited though, because there isn't a TON of Milwaukee rap that qualifies for the ?feel? of our show. Milwaukee, for some odd reason, seems to think it's New Orleans or Atlanta or something. Bugs me out. I mean, we are in the fucking FAR NORTH....why so many rapping that ignorant shit like they're in the country??? Still can't figure that out. We don't play ignorant hillbilly hop on the show. But, yes, we show local groups love - as long as their sound fits the program. And yes, we play our own music - but we don't overdo it.

BB: It?s fun. It?s a great way to reintroduce rap music to myself every week after being bombarded by corporate bullshit on MTV and commercial radio. Fuck, I can?t even listen to KISS FM anymore. Some bullshit 16 year old kid singin followed by a 17 year old kid rappin followed by a 40 year old lady singin over some techno beat followed by a rap group that USED to be good then added some singin slut to boost sales and then all you have is a fuckin 4 minute hook! I gotta big up A Dub for helping me escape every Tuesday for 3 hours.

When did you start listening to hip-hop?

BB: I first remember hearing ?King of Rock? by Run DMC back in 1985 and I was HOOKED!!! I memorized that whole album and then copped ?Raising Hell? and had that on blast forever! Got that and ?License To Ill? at the same time. I even have sound clips of myself of this tape I made rappin along to Son Of Byford before my voice changed. Hilarious!

CB: ?82 - ?83, can?t remember all the weed I smoked in the ?90?s but I started breakdancin when I was about 11. Saw ?Krush Groove? and wanted to be like LL when he walked into Rick Rubin?s dorm room and said BOX! I was hooked.

AW: My official date of becoming a rap junkie was August 26, 1986. I was 12. Family vacation to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Met some older kids from Ohio. They gave me a cassette with Whodini ?Back in Black?, RUN DMC ?Raising Hell? and Doug E. Fresh & Slick Rick?s ?The Show? as well as ?She's A Slut? by Just Ice. It was over after that....

What was your first rap record?

BB: Run DMC - ?King of Rock?

CB: Run DMC - ?Run DMC?

AW: RUN DMC - ?Sucker MC's?

BB: DAMN! We all on Rev Run?s jock! (laughs) DMC is TOO cold! R.I.P. JMJ.

When did you start rappin?

BB: Rapped along on an audio tape to Run DMC in 1986. Then freestylin with Clark Bent back in 93 - 94 at house parties. First time on record in 1998.

CB: 1987 after LL?s ?I?m Bad? came out.

AW: 1988 - freshman in high school. Formed a little rap group in called the BASS BOYS... then became The New Breed in '90... ahhhh - the good ole days!

Who are your main influences outside hip-hop?

BB: Harry Connick Jr., old Guns N Roses, Heineken, all the homies in my life, big band music, getting fuckin WASTED and yakkin out the car window, wakin up in the bushes on a warm spring morning or face down at the bottom of my stairs in a puddle of my own puke and blood.

CB: That?s an INFLUENCE?!?! (laughs) My influences are Gil Scott Heron, Bob Marley, Charles Barkley, old Van Halen when they had Diamond David Lee, basketball, Ron Jeremy (chuckles), Jeff Spicoli...

BB: HEY, I like those guys too!!

CB: Take that last one back.

BB: Spicoli? Are you fuckin kidding me??

CB: I AM Spicoli! (laughs)

AW: Mine are my pops, my daughter, my wife, Larry Bird (country-ass Indiana guy who MADE SHIT HAPPEN). Basically, I'm influenced by anyone that creates their own success. You know, back in the day, Sean Penn was a cool ass cat, Spicoli WAS the shit, he's a stiff now. That's pretty disappointing...

BB: Nah, he doin his thang. Big up! My nieces and nephews really inspire me too. Gotta clean up my act and quit passin out on the bathroom floor after 20 beers and some whiskey! (laughs)

How?s the Milwaukee hip-hop scene at the moment?

BB: Solid. It?s as live as it?s ever been...with our album release and all. Everyone is on the grind doin their thang and we all stickin together which is nice. The Rusty P?s goin big with their new release ?Rusty Ps vs. Milwaukee?. Black Elephant is doin their thang with their new shit ?Eat This Album?. Dana Coppafeel, Stricklin, Def Harmonic, Minus After, Kid Millions, J Todd, Big Hit Unit, Chocolate Gamma, Old Man Malcolm always out doin live shows. Plus the DJ scene is incredible with people like DJ One L, Kool DJ Flick, DJ Why B, DJ Madhatter, Kid Cut Up, DJ J Bahr, Tha DMT, JDL, Rock Dee, Nu Styles, Chocolate Boy Wonder, DJ E. Rich...the list could go on and on.

CB: It?s growing everyday. It?s bigger than it ever has been. It?s the main reason I left Minneapolis after 3 years and came back home. Plus I get more ass in Milwaukee.

BB: More ass than a handicapped toilet seat. (laughs)

CB: More butt than an ashtray. (laughs)

AW: You guys are lucky. I haven't gotten ass since my honeymoon. (laughs) Shit... I like the groups here that do good music... there are a few gems for sure. Brewski basically hit them all.

You?re doin quite a lot of namedropping on the album, but can you name your top-5 of favourite rappers?

BB: Jay Z, Copywrite, Ghostface, Apathy, Redman. And R.A. the Rugged Man. Can?t forget R.A.! The girls, the girls, the girls they luv me!!! (laughs)

CB: Jay Z, Luda, Big L, AG, Method Man.

AW: Phonte, Black Thought, Brother J, Big Daddy Kane, Q-Tip.

Top-5 of producers all-time?

BB: White Shadow of course, Primo, Pete Rock, J Dilla R.I.P. and 9th Wonder ? nd Celph Titled.

CB: Shadow of course, Dre, Premier, Kanye and Diamond D and the 6th man award goes to Erick Sermon.

AW: Pete Rock, Premier, Beatnuts, 9th Wonder, Large Professor

Top-5 of all-time hip-hop albums?

BB: Souls of Mischief - ?93 til Infinity?, Pharcyde - ?Bizarre Ride II Tha Pharcyde?, Wu Tang Clan - ?Enter The 36 Chambers?, Jay Z ?Reasonable Doubt? and Willie Dee - ?Controversy?.

CB: Jigga - ?Blueprint?, BDP - ?By All Means Necessary?, ATCQ - ?Midnight Marauders?, EPMD - ?Unfinished Business? and Snoop Dogg - ?Doggy Style?.

AW: ATCQ - ?Midnight Marauders?, Common Sense - ?Resurrection?, Beatnuts - ?Street Level?, Nas - ?Illmatic?, Little Brother - ?Minstrel Show?

BB: Yeah man, I like them shits too. Props!

You?re bringing back the sound of the mid-nineties, how do you react when people say ?you have to go along with your time, you have to be innovate!??

BB: No one says that shit to me. This IS innovative. This is the NEW shit! Bringing the sound back to when it was inspiring to me to be a fan. I ain?t really a fan of most new shit. I?d rather listen to old rock or Frank Sinatra.

CB: If anybody tells me I need to go along with my time, I knock em the fuck out. (laughs) Nah, for real, people don?t say our music reminds them of that. To them it?s brand new and a different sound from the cookie cutter radio play you hear everyday.

BB: And you know what? I don?t like it unless it?s brand new.

AW: Yeah - fuck all that. It's simple to me, I say just make good fuckin rap. And it just so happens that most of the good rap was made from 1988 - 1995. That's just the truth. If people think our stuff ?brings back sound of mid nineties? hell, I'd rather make music that captures the feel of when rap was GOOD (the above years). Those that disagree with this are probably just young kids that don't really know anything about rap music anyways. Just make good music, or don't bother. It doesn't need to make the world move or change or anything... just good grooves for the soul.

Can you give an overview of your alter-ego?s?

BB: I have no alter ego. I am me. That is who I am. I never feel any different and I never act like I ain?t me. The only thing is, some people call me ?Rob? and some people call me ?Bobby? and some people call me ?Brewskaaaaaaaayyyyy?. It?s all the same guy. You always know what to expect.

CB: Sure, but I could get sent to jail for what I?d say. (laughs) I?m a drunk, that?s all there is to it. I?m a dirty old man, perverted drunk. That?s Clark Bent. Now Dick Bushwood on the other hand...that?s a different story.

AW: I'm disinteresting. I don't have an alter-ego. I'm just the radio guy who sometimes busts a rap or two.

How come you?re using the Heineken logo? (You ain?t gonna tell me that?s the best beer out?)

BB: Sweet as the honey dew that drips off a momma bear?s titty. The nectar of the Gods. The tropical, delicious, everlasting gobstopper of beers. I don?t know what I would rather have on Earth. If it was any better, I?d probably be in jail. (laughs) Awe shit!

CB: Nah, you?d be in jail from all the shit you be thinking bout them girls at the mall walkin around in them little cut-off shirts and low rise pants! But I too love a thong stickin out of some jeans seein what?s goin on with the fellas. I?m goin to jail! (laughs)


BB: (laughs) I dunno what it is, shit just agrees with me. Forever and ever. Maybe I?ll do a commercial like Jay did.

AW: That's all Brewski. I like cheap beer. I ain't scared of Milwaukee's Best Light. Sheeeeeit. But for real - Brewski came up with that. I like Heineken too, but mostly I fucks w/ Michelob and Miller.

BB: Michelob?!?! NASTY! (laughs) I guess I?d fuck with that on a bender. (laughs)

Honestly, what?s the best beer you ever drank?

BB: Honestly, I love em all. Well, ALMOST all of em. I can?t eff with the fruity beers or the Weiss beers. The fruitiest I?ll go is ?Pacifico? with a lime twist up in it. Any kind of Berry Weiss or any shit like that, I?d rather piss in my own mouth. (laughs) 8 times outta 10 I?ll take a Heineken.

AW: That Blue Moon shit is pretty good, but I've been told that beer is for queehs, so I can't fuck with it... I like me some Guinness the best, I think... just can't drink it a lot cause it creates the ill beer gut.

CB: The best beer I ever drank......was a FREE beer. (laughs) Free beer is the best! Brand wise, I like Hacker Pschor Weiss. Shit?s damn good.

BB: You crazy that shit tastes like a baby?s diarrhoea. NASTY!

CB: Aight then fuck it, PBR me ASAP! Fucka!

BB: That?s more like it! (laughs)

AW: PBR - the Milwaukee original! We support the local brews on the reg.

BB: Fuck yeah! Sprecher is my SHIT!

Did you know that Belgium has the best beer in the world?

BB: I can see you?re from Belgium. The way I deal with this is, I?m glad you found something you like and in return I hope you can be glad for me that I?ve found something I like as well. You on that shit? Then do it playa. More props to ya homie!

CB: Where?s Belgium? Is that where y?all make them good ass waffles at?

That?s right, with that whipped cream and some fresh strawberries on top.

What?s the best TV-show besides The Simpsons?

BB: Family Guy. Also, that Team America movie is my SHIT!!! That shit is so true and they got the point out there in a way where most people can understand what?s really goin on. I?m also a big fan of Jon Stewart and the Daily Show on Comedy Central. Fuck pop music.

CB: The Bernie Mac Show, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Chappelle?s Show, and Dr. Phil.

BB: Chappelle is DOPE! Saw him on Inside The Actor?s Studio.


BB: (laughs) He is seriously one of my favourite people. He inspires me.

AW: ?Sweet 16? and ?24?. All about the numbers, yo! Oh wait - y?all see that ill mamacita on ?Hot Properties? (Sofia Vergara, ed.)... jeezus... THAT ALONE is reason to watch.

BB: ?Sweet 16??? Those fuckin spoiled ass little kids! Fuck them! I ain?t spoilin MY kids! I wanna smack the shit out them spoiled little fucks! (laughs)

Best soft drink?

BB: What the fuck? Soft drink? Haha! Grape drink!

CB: Black Cherry Kool Aid 2 cups of sugar foo!

AW: Diet Pepsi - so fresh and so clean clean! (echo!)

What brand of skateboard do you ride?

BB: Northern Athletik of course.(www.northernathletik.com)

CB: Same.

AW: I'm too old and uncoordinated for skateboarding

What do you look for in a woman?

BB: NOT crazy. Must be sane.


AW: Class and ass

BB: (laughs) Ass, cash or gas. Nobody rides for free! (laughs)

Can you tell us the last joke you?ve heard?

CB: There?s a cat walkin next to a swimming pool. On the other side of the pool is a rooster watching the cat. The cat slips and falls into the pool and the rooster starts laughin his ass off. Point of the story: A wet pussy makes a cock feel good. (laughs) My momma told me that. (laughs)

BB: That?s gross dude. Your Momma? Nasty. (laughs) Okay, check it. Two guys were in a restaurant about to order from a busty waitress. The first guy says to the waitress ?This is a nice place, you must get a lot of tits?. ?I?m sorry??, the waitress exclaims. After she walks away the second guy says ?That was a Freudian slip?. ?What?s that??, asked the first guy. ?Well...?, the second guy explains, ?...a Freudian slip is when you?re thinking one thing and you want to say something else but you get your words mixed up?. ?Oh shit!?, says the first guy, ?I had another one this morning. My wife made me toast and I wanted to ask her for butter but instead I said ?Bitch! You?re ruining my life!?. (laughs) Clark, your momma ruined my life! (laughs)

CB: Yeah, well yo momma is so stupid she tried to wake up a sleeping bag. (laughs)

BB: (laughs) Yo momma so tall she did a cartwheel and kicked GOD in the head! (laughs)

CB: Yo momma got wooden titties and be breast feedin beavers.

BB: (laughs) Yo momma got a wooden pizda and be hittin on Pinnochio.

CB: Yo momma got no back, she?s always frontin.

BB: Yo momma ain?t got no neck they call the bitch ?Head & Shoulders?.

CB: Aight, aight, let?s get off moms cuz I just got off yours. (laughs)

BB: That?s not what SHE said! (laughs)

CB: Oh yeah? What she say??

BB: She said if you were any smaller you?d be inside out. (laughs)

CB: (laughs) Yo momma so fat every time she turns around, it?s a different day.

BB: Yo momma so fat her blood type is Rocky Road.

AW: My mom's an alcoholic (syke)

BB: Gimme her number. I could use another drinkin buddy! (laughs)

AW: (laughs)

Please lease some comments with the following:


BB: Illest. Best punchlines. Most clever. Most fun to listen to.

CB: Tried to get him high, got denied. Go Powerbar Ernie.

AW: Should've blown up already... sick with rhymes and cadences... might be his own worst enemy


BB: One of the best deliveries and flow in the game. Good on the boards too. One of my all time favourites! Buy his shit!

CB: Earth Girls Are Easy.

BB: Bitch! I Fuck U In The Pussy!

AW: GREAT voice... extremely arrogant

Big L

BB: R.I.P. Left too soon. Woulda been on top today. The way he put words together was amazing.

CB: In my opinion, the best rapper that ever lived. Son KILLED em! No one could fuck with Big L.

AW: The best rapper to have ever been kilt.


BB: Real nice dude. Nothin but a positive dude when we met.

CB: That mufucka writes the longest verses on the planet. They hafta cut dude off just to get him to shut up. (laughs) Big respect to the Letterman!

AW: I wouldn't wanna spar with him. You know he boxes, right? Great guy - met him in '01 in Madison. Love his classic songs ?Your mom's in my business?, ?Spellbound? and ?Letterman?.

Gwen Stefani

BB: Shoulda stuck with No Doubt! Is she ruining hip-hop with her wack pop sound? NO DOUBT!

CB: I?d tag it. No doubt! (laughs) I make her say the shit is bananas.

AW: She's a fucking punk rock chick. Stop trying to be an urban artist when you're not. Pisses me off... BUT, she can take the D all day...(laughs)

Heather Hunter

AW: I like her body, hate her teeth... not my fav porn starlet... I hope Primo got a blowjob for that track! (minus the teething)

BB: (laughs) Dropped loads to her 6 pack abs. She raps? She fucks too. I SEEN it!! (laughs)

CB: So serious. So Sinsurrr! Who let this bitch rap?!?! She?s way better on her back!

Milwaukee Bucks

BB: That?s what I?m tryin to make!

CB: Andrew Bogut. Honkey is the truth! (laughs)

AW: I prefer like the old bucks uniforms with the gay deer and the bricks goin up the side of the shorts much better... no homo.... Junior Bridgeman is real... Bob Lanier has some big ass feet.µ

BB: Yo, I went to high school with Bob Lanier?s daughters. The older one is much nicer! Can?t remember their names. They were on the ?Sweet 16? tip. (laughs)

Milwaukee Brewers

BB: Brewer games are so fun to go to! Miller Park is fresh! Do they win? Who cares? We tearin the club up!

CB: Brew the best beer! (laughs) Do we still got a baseball team?? Must be the weed.

AW: I love this team. It's just so hot to me that our pro team name is about beer. How the fuck did we let them get rid of the hottest classic logo EVER??? (the glove formed by an M and a B)

Myke Perv

BB: You better watch him round ya girl if you ain?t fuckin her right! (laughs)

CB: Dirtier old man than I am and that?s hard to do.

AW: Fat bold guys get more pizda (laughs)

Dr Pepper

BB: I fuck with that shit if necessary.

CB: Clark Bent = Dr. Pecker(laughs)

AW: So necessary... I only fucks w/ the diet tho, cause a white has to watch the weight nahmean?

BB: (laughs) Not this kid!

What can we expect from the Pizdamen in the future?

BB: More heat. More gems. World tour. Takeover. Clark and Bobby Makin Dollars.

CB: Porn. Tons of porn. (laughs) C.B.M.D. L.P. Movin forward. Tryin to live life, drink these beers, make this music and bang these slores. (laughs) My girlfriend?s not gonna like that part. Oh well. (laughs) I?m drunk. (chuckles)

AW: More grey hairs, maybe some more heaters... some more great radio... more regular Joe shit.

Any shout-outs?

BB: BIG shout out to Belgium and platform8470.com. To The White Shadow of Norway for makin it happen. To the Rusty Ps ( Count Classic and Phantom Channel) for hittin up the Pimp Strut and all the fans and supporters of quality rap, The Pizdamen and The Late Night Hype Show. You mufuckas make me proud!

CB: All my baby mommas! (laughs) Them bitches don?t get no shout out! I just second what Bobby said and would like to add the hip-hop community in general for it?s support. All my peeps in Milwaukee, Minneapolis, and around the muthafuckin world. It ain?t no fun if the homies can?t have none. PIZDA!

AW: Holla at YOU first for taking the time to interview our drunk asses... Shadow - of course - a great man and professional... Jay Billa (Jay Bee), my fam... people who listen to LNH, our friends, and people who still appreciate good rap music.


POSTED 02|02|2006
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eMC:'Best Tonight Show moment? The Roots doing a Sean Price tribute.'
B. Dolan:'I want things to sound like a 10'
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