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Quite Nyce Move with power Boston in the house onca again! QuiteNyce is one of the most talented young MC's of Beantown and he's working hard to become a household name in hip-hop. First step towards fame is his excellent debut full length 'PowerMoves', released March 2005 on Abstrak Recordings, the label he founded himself.

Wassup QuiteNyce, first of all, how's the reactions on the album?

Reactions are very positive. I wish I had the money to make more people aware of 'PowerMoves' because it is an album that everyone should hear. All you overseas distributors get at us abstrakrecordings@yahoo.com!

It's strictly a CD-release. Will it be released on vinyl?

CD only for now. Maybe down the line, someone will press it on vinyl. But for now; just CD.

Your debut full length 'The Difference Between Yesterday And Tomorrow' should have been released on Day By Day Ent but never came through. Is 'Powermoves' more or less the same album?

The CD I submitted to Day By Day was something different from 'PowerMoves'. Two different CDs. There are 16 tracks on it and I think the other CD had like 12 tracks. 'PowerMoves' is more mature, better production, and has a solid direction. Everyone go buy 'PowerMoves'!

You're also in a group called RADix? Why this name?

RADix means 'of the Root'. RADix is the essence of music, the roots, the core of hip-hop. From the production to taking each and every show very serious but yet having fun with the crowd with call and response.

Is it only a duo (you and SEEK) or are there more people involved?

RADIx is a duo but we also have a DJ, DJ BG, who is overseas protecting our country right now. He is a brave man.

When can we expect SEEK's solo?

The SEEK solo cannot come soon enough, haha. I can't wait for his solo album because he is very talented and is hard working. Before we come to that we have to release the RADIx LP 'The Staple'.

So when is that due?

We had a timeline on it but we soon realized that we want to build more of a buzz around our names so we are hitting the road touring and we are dropping some mix tapes and some more vinyl before the official LP drops.

What can we expect from the RADix album? Which features/production?

We are lining up features but I don't want too many. Production, we like to keep it no name, meaning up and coming producers who are hungry, looking to get shine. So if you have some tight beats email us at abstrakrecordings@yahoo.com. 'The Staple' will be filled with some old 90's sound fused with some shit that makes you nodd your head from 2010. Our sound as a group has grown light years from anyone else in our area. I feel we are doing something different then other cats in the USA. We are just laying the groundwork for 'The Staple'. Once it drops then RADIx (Quite Nyce and SEEK), Abstrak Rec will be household names. I'll give you a Abstrak Recordings bling bling chain...?hahaa.

Holla! Talking about household names, the new RADix single features Mr Eon from 'The High & Mighty'. How did that come together?

Well Mr.Eon is a cool fellow. He seen us perform at SOB's which is in NY and we just kept in contact. We brought our studio to him and he laced us. That 12 inch is sold out and prob will be considered a classic when it's all said and done. The fucked up thing is we just finished a new single that's better then that one. I'm not even messin around. I don't joke. I never joke. Haha. But it's better. That's serious.

You're only 22-years old and you've already founded your own label Abstrak Rec. Did you found it on your own? And are you planning on signing more artists or is it strictly for your own music?

Basically me and SEEK and some outside investors started it. Which is dope. Right now, we are putting out our music, but my ultimate goal is to be the Puff Daddy of music. I want to own everything. I want to better my life and everyone's life that is around me. My words and sentences will allow me to do that.

Was it hard to find distributors?

Yeah it's hard as hell to find distributors. This game is very hard. This shit ain't easy. I live based on how many CD's I can push in the stores and the streets. But honestly I love this shit. I don't have shit. My life is in the minus but when we are on the road and crowds know our shit, that's when my life is in the positive. It's all about maintaining.

Music's a hustle. How much do you depend on Internet in pushing your music, makin promotion?

Yeah. Internet promotion is cheap. That's how I depend on it. I can leak shit right now and have someone in Japan pushing it in the streets. That's about it. But I have connected with a lot of people via the net, so it has definitely helped in that respect. Producers, promoters, emcees, whoever. If you have AIM hit us up anytime AbstrakRec.

The competition in Boston is very hard. Akrobatik, Mr Lif, Esoteric, Edan, Ed OG,...Do you consider them as rivals? Do you know them personally?

They are veterans, I wouldn't consider them rivals. I'm fighting for what they have and more. I know all of them on some level. Esoteric is a cat that has seen our grind. He will see us at a show one night then in the office grinding, then in the streets grinding, then passing out flyers, etc. He has def embraced SEEK and I, giving us advice here and there. So big ups to ESO! Ak and Ed have also given me advice. These dudes are very intelligent. They have been through all this shit. So when they speak, I listen. Cadence, as well. Everyone rolls with their own crews and whatnot so I don't connect with everyone all the time but when I do I listen and ask questions. Boston is even more competitive outside of that. There are a lot more groups and organizations doing it in Bean. I don't get caught up in having people in Bean like me or like my music. If you do, it's a pound and a dap. If not its why, .. ok cool. Thanks for the feedback. I want my music, RADix music to be accepted on a much broader scale than Boston, MA.

Are you still in college?

I'm done.

What did you study?

I studied CJ and sociology.

You played college basketball… do you still shoot hoops?

Naw. I'm getting fat. But I still will beat heads who play everyday, based on my heart alone. Come get me.

You're also doin poetry and spoken word. Are you planning on doin a spoken word album or publishing a poetry bundle?

Yes!! I write a lot of stuff, I will put them into a book or something. I might do that for my next album if we have some big backing. I’ll do a double CD with spoken word and a poetry book. Hopefully I can connect with Saul Williams. That guy is very talented and I think we could make some dope music and have a bigger voice combining on some tracks.

Do you read a lot of poetry? Who are your favourite poets?

Langston Hughes is my fav. Hands down. I don't read a lot of poetry for the same reason I don't listen to a lot of music, I don't want my lyrics to be influenced by anything except my life.

So do you listen to other styles of music outside hip-hop?

Yes, rock 'n roll, d n b, reggae, everything old.

How do you write your songs?

I get the beat and just express myself. I'l shape and mould the lyrics throughout the song. Then conceptualize a chorus that ties together all the verses. Check my lyrics and listen, it's scary how much I hit topics from all the angles.

What was the first rap record you bought?

Rob Base.

Do you know some rap artists from Europe? Belgium perhaps?

Naw I don't. But let's connect.

OK, and except for European artists, who else do you wanna work with in the future?

I want to do tracks with Nas, Masta Ace, Jay-Z, etc. But more importantly I want my name, our name to command you all to listen. Eventually this will happen. Breaking in is tuff because you are new. People are stuck on old but our catalogue is growing stronger and stronger.

You always underline the importance of mentors. In the song 'Soul Once Cried' you talk about people passin on their knowledge and its importance for an artist.Who are the artists you learned from? Who are your influences?

I have learned from so many artists. That would be a long ass list man. Haha. But I'm gonna tell you like this. I listen to everyone. I care about what someone went through to get to where they are. Even if they are homeless on the street. Because if there is something in my life that I recognize that might make me homeless like them, I will change it. On the flip. If dude is living off music solely I want to pick his brain and learn his hustles. Not FOLLOW. But understand the dedication and commitment he or she has to do this fulltime.

Aight, last but not least, your top 5 of hip-hop albums, please?

NAS - Illmatic
Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
RADix - Studio to the Stage
RADix - The Staple


Peace to everyone apart of this. Seek you know what it is. RADIx, Abstrak Rec. Check for us on van Warped tour. Promoters get at me abstrakrecordings@yahoo.com. We want to come over there. Peace

Peace Q and thanks a lot for the interview!!


POSTED 05|13|2005
conducted by cpf

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