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Scoob Rock Dominican Swedish European Globetrotter Scoob Rock, who has his roots in Dominica, has been in touch with hip-hop since year 12. From breakdancin to rappin, he explored the culture and ten-something years later, Scoob Rock has come to a very own style charachterized by a gruff voice, lush yet slammin beats and Carribean influences. Seemingly settled in Sweden, he's been collaborating with local producers such as Soul Theory and Beatsurgeons. At the same time, following an 'abroad-minded' vision, he also hooked up with German producer team Beathoavenz and Belgian DJ/producer Iron.

Wassup Scoob Rock? You just released the Stranded People EP with Norwegian producer Soul Theory. Scandinavias most dangerous duo... how did you connect?

Hmmm , on the net. To be more exact: on MSN!

Is Stranded People a group or just the title of the EP?

It?s a group but the next time we might have changed our name! We some space people ?nahmean??!

Are you planning some more collaborations in the future with Soul Theory?

Yes, right now we workin on the ?Stranded People? album but like I said we might have a new name (laughs)!

How would you describe the EP in three words?

Futuristic, bangin, reality-based!

How did your last album ?A New Day? do as far as sales, comments, feedback?

Hmmm, I can say it like this; it did alright. The comments and shit like that was amazing from people and shit.

Sweden is probably the biggest hip-hop minded country of Scandinavia. What?s your view on how hip-hop is lived in Scandinavia?

Man, hip-hop is big everywhere but it?s how deeeeep you tryin to get involved with it. Maybe some are just in to it for the trend of things, some try to bring something to the table!

There?s a lot of American rappers who work with European producers (Supastition, Army Of The Pharoahs, Maylay Sparks, Grand Agent and so on...) would you connect with an American producer?

Why should I? Everytime I talk to an American producer, artist, they think 'Dude is from Sweden, what do he now about hip-hop?'. Plus they want mad money! And they mad cocky! (laughs)

How frustrating is it to know that Europe has a rap fan base thats really blowin up, but still most of them rap fans buy American hip-hop?

(laughs out loud) Yes, it is very frustrating! But you now that?s how it is. We suck dick for the US of A and take from AFRICA. Shit is twisted (laughs).

You?ve lived in several places, which places do you treasure the most and how would you compare them to each other?

My home is Dominica. I live in Sweden but Dominica is my flesh and bone. Sweden is a part of me too and the other places I?ve been only made me how I am today!

Your mother is from the Caribbean, your music is very much influenced by tropical sounds, what more of that culture have you inherited?

A lot of things: food, the way people live and think, and so on and so on!

With all your different backgrounds, do you feel like being a European, Swedish?

Hmm, more like Dominican Swedish European.

You grew up on reggae, when did hip-hop come into your life and what were the first artists you listened to?

My mom was a big reggae fan! But she past away last year, peace be upon hear ! Hip-hop came when I was like 11, 12, I started breakdancin from 1984-92, and got more and more into rappin and now I?m a bonified MC. I never had money to cop records but Grand Master Flash, Bambaata and later on Run DMC, PE, Cool J and so on...

What was the first rap record you bought?

My first record I bought was when I had my first job and that record was Gang Starr ?Take It Personal?.

Do you still buy a lot of music? What kinds?

Yes I do: dance hall, reggae, hip-hop, some relaxin old 70?s soul.

Actually, what?s your own favourite album till this day?

Now that is hard! I can?t say just one, KRS ONE is my idol but lately his shit hasn?t been all that like before. But one album that I have been playin since I bought it, is Master Ace?s ?Long Hot Summer?.

Do you shop at Ikea sometimes?

(laughs) Yes, sometimes!

When we travel to Sweden, what are the first three things we DEFINITELY check out?

Ok, first come to me! Second, eat some nice food, third, need to check some nice club!

How?s it like living in a country where being drunk is almost illegal?

Kinda wack, but that?s how it is!

How?s it like living in a country with nothing but beautiful women?

No comments! (laughs secretly).

Tell us more about 360 Degrees. When did it start?

1999. It?s just a record label that wants to put out good music!

Who are the artists on the label and what are the future plans?

Me myself, S Dash ROCK, Soul Thery, Close Creative Comrads, that?s how it looks like now! We plannin a 360degrees mixtape. Soul Theory is makin his mixtape and CCC is workin on a album and me. I?m constantly workin on shit!

You?re workin with DJ Iron from Belgium, how did you connect?

(laughs) Myspace and then MSN. That?s my 'boi'! We also workin on some shit. It?ll be some FIRE. Trust me!

You?re coming to Belgium this summer, where are you going to perform?

I?m comin! I don?t know the name of the places, but I?m comin. The first date is July 7th. Iron knows the name of the place, he will be on the 1 and 2?s, holdin it down for Belgium.

Have you ever been to Belgium?


What do you expect from Belgium and the crowd?

Hope they down with my shit and they like it!

We hope so too. Thanks.

Thanks! One hand, 2 fingers.


POSTED 05|09|2006
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