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Senim Silla Return of a star Known as one half of the critically acclaimed underground formation Binary Star, Senim Silla is following the solo steps of his companion star and life-time friend One Be Lo with the release of his debut album 'The Name, The Motto, The Outcome'.


What?s up Senim Silla? How you doing?

Chilli bowl .

How do you feel now that your first solo came out? Are you happy with the result?

Real good man. Very proud of this one. I was damn near able to get all my thoughts out on it. And cats are receiving it just like I wanted them to. Only thing I could ask for on top of that is better distribution.

So you?re satisfied by what critics been writing so far?

Definitely, cats are loving it. But honestly, I wish they were hating it a little bit more. I mean praise is good, but I meant this album to be a table-shaker. I wanted to piss people off. I wanted outrage. I wanted protest. But, we'll get 'em on the next one.

How much easier/more difficult was it to record an album on your own now?

Creating alone is always going to be easier than doing it in a group. When you're in a group you have to compromise. When you're solo, you can do whatever you want without question.

What are the pros and cons of being in a group versus going solo?

When you're in a group, you have less work to do, and that can be a pro or a con depending on what kind of cat you are. If you're lazy, you only have half a job to do. If you're a micro-manager - like i am - you have to be involved in every little aspect of the process. As for being solo, everything falls on you anyway. So the lazy cat won't be able to cut it in this scenario.

So was it a whole transition for you to do it by yourself now?

Nah, not at all. Lo and I have always been independent, self-sufficient cats. We both have the mind-set where the first thing we think when approaching a task is, ?Ok, how do I do this myself?. Actually, the difficulty comes in when you try to incorporate others into your plan.

Have you been working long on this project?

I started making the album in July '06. I literally locked up in the studio for six months. At the end of the day, I had written and recorded nearly two albums worth of songs. The most work in the shortest timeframe I had ever done. So I guess, yes,it was a struggle.

What?s the meaning behind ' the name - the motto - the outcome'?

The name is Senim Silla, most cats know by now that backwards it reads ?All Is Mines?, which is the name, the motto, and the outcome. Nothing complex.

The cover art is real special too, as a matter of fact, I haven't seen such a cover in a long time (if i ever),

Yeah, that artwork was done by this nutty artist I know named Ryan Thomas Johnson. This cat looks at art like I do. He knows that no matter what definition/title you give a piece, the viewer/listener is going to interpret it in his/her own way. So instead of me giving you a breakdown on it, all I'm going to say is, take it like you wanna take it,

Do you feel like you've reached a higher level now that you released this album?

I'm getting better at what I do as I learn more about myself. That's what this album is about technically. Peeling back the layers of oneself to regain centre. All our lives we add coat after coat of bullshit to our person. Only when we start tearing that shit away, is when we find out who we really are or what we're really made of. A process I just started when I sat down to make this album.

When you pick a beat, what makes you decide to go down with one?

It can't sound like anything else on the album. It can't sound like any other track I've been on before. It has to make me do something I've never did before. I hate repetitious and monotonous music. Every now and then I'll check in with what's going on in the mainstream. Song after song sounds the same, as if all these so called artists had the same producer and same ghost-writer. I strive to make every song as unique as possible. The world doesn't need another generic rap song.

So who produced the album? Well know cats or people to watch out for...

Several producers on this one, a few familiar faces. Decompoze did the majority of the album. DL Jones who produced some of the early Binary tracks, Chic Masters aka Dj Uppakut from the Waterworld album, Todd "Mums The Word" Mumford from Living Legends fame, Mississippi Steve guitarist from The Vacation brought the live aspect, and my dog Naaman Norris gave me one.

Did you do some of the boardswork yourself?

I co-produced a lot of the album along with the IRN inhouse production staff, most namely Tim Kazz, Big Nay, and L-Biz. I say look out for all these cats, cuz all of them are bringing something different to the table.


You've released the album on Infinite Rhythm Network. What's the Network exactly?

Infinite Rhythm Network (IRN) is the company that's backing us now. In the past I had to wear all the hats, now I'm going to let those cats handle my business while I handle the music.

Although you stated not to comment on the name transition from Sleeper Cell to Infinite Rhythm Network, please give us a hint?

I have to make a correction here. Infinite Rhythm is not the new Sleeper Cell Records. The blog on the website is an error. Sorry for the confusion.

Is it like a network where the roster will become larger and larger?

They don't have a bunch of cats on the roster right now, but they do have a few acts over there. And they're dealing with more than just hip-hop. But anyway, back to me,

So, we betta not ask what we can expect from you and yours...

I said back to me,(laughs)


You're well-known for being one half of legendary Binary Star, but other than that I couldn?t find much info on you on Internet. How come do you think?

Oh that's an easy one,because I really haven't done anything since. Don't worry, I'm about to change that.

Binary Star really did set standards with their albums, how do you look back at those days? Did you realize the impact you had back then (or you still would have even a half decade later) and how does that feel?

Of course it feels good, but we didn't know that was going to happen. Lo and I talk about it regularly. We wonder if it was just the timing, the music, or was it fate. Still your guess is as good as mines.

Since you're doing a release party together with One Be Lo I suppose y'all are still down, how's your music relationship so far?

We don't have a music relationship. I've known that cat since high school. We've crashed on each other's couches. We know each other's parents. We did dirt together. We were incarcerated together. What I'm saying is, you cats know us as Binary Star, that's not how we know each other. I don't see this cat out in the street like, ?Oh shit! Ain't you One Be Lo? Remember me? It's Silla,.Senim Silla,'member? We did that MOTU record together?? Naw, when I see this cat, I see Rahlo. I see the cat at 16 that borrowed my ride to run an errand, and then called me 20 minutes later telling me to report it stolen. So what I'm saying is, our music relationship is the same as it's always been.

Planning on getting back on a Binary project together?

We're working on it right now. Be patient,

Sure, I'm on the lookout already! Why did you (one be lo and you) decide to go solo on a sudden moment?

It was just time for it you know. Cats were growing in different directions as we always were. Ever since we started Binary we were talking about doing solo records. Cuz he had his style and I had mine. We always tell cats that the group broke up for creative and business differences, this is the truth. But now cats have grown up a lot, we've sowed our musical oats so to speak. Now it's time for another Binary joint. We're still going to make solo music though. That's us.

Critics often state underground hip-hop died at one point. I guess it's an honour Masters of the Universe is considered as one of the last embodiments of real underground hip-hop? Do you agree with the statement by the way?

Yeah it is an honour. And yeah I do agree with that statement to a certain extent. This shit is dead, but I'm not saying it's ?dead and gone?, I'm saying it's ?dead tired?. We just gotta wake this shit up.


As mentioned before, your name spelled backwards reads ?all is mines?. Rather than just a statement, I guess it has a deeper meaning to you?

This is an expansive question but I'll drop a little on it. It means everything I want, I will have. It means all is within my grasp. It means that I am a part of the universe and it is part of me. It means that life is me and I am life. It means I can give you all of me but you can never take shit from me.

Have you ever been touring overseas?

Not yet, but I'm trying to change that, u know,

What do you wish for hip-hop in the near future?

Only shit that will never come true. I wish it could be like '93 again. I wish more of these cats out now were brave enough to go against the grain. I wish A&R?s could recognize real talent. I wish all cats with ?Lil? or ?Young? in their names were banned from the game and stoned to death. I wish the youth had more of an appreciation for the music. I wish they studied the forefathers more. I wish Dilla would've been recognized for his genius before he died.

What do you wish for yourself in the near future?

Uhh,good health,I guess. And that cats continue to get into my musical offerings.


What are you listening to right now?

J Dilla, Amy Winehouse, Slick Rick, Ice Cube, White Stripes, Naaman Norris, Felix Fresh and others,

Who'd you like to collaborate with in the future?

Nobody alive,

What?s next for the IR Network?

Naaman Norris - 80 Proof Poetry , Ginger - Self-titled, Felix Fresh -So, Senim Silla - Back To The Future.

Any last words?

If you cats haven't swooped the album yet, go get it. It's available on the website . I'll be touring round your area real soon. Kats wanna scream at me, hit me on myspace. Rhythm!

Thanks very much.


POSTED 05|01|2007
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