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Sicknature Never say never at all He’s from the southern part of Copenhagen, Denmark. He produced for La Coka Nostra, Q-Unique, Tha Liks and…other legends. Sicknature, who recently released his first official solo record ‘Honey, I’m Home’, is making a name in the US hip-hop scene. Already becoming more famous than The Little Mermaid, this producer however refuses to loose his independency.

Wassup Sicknature, you recently released 'Honey, I'm Home', we could link the album title with a lot of things, but what does it really stand for?

It means going back to the hip-hop sound before it was affected by money and facades. The raw hip-hop! So I made a ‘going back to your home city’-concept where I included some of the things that inspired me to do this album.

In what does this album differ from your previous solo releases?

My previous releases were more like demos. They were printed in few copies and were more like a bunch of songs thrown onto a CD instead of a real album. ‘Honey I’m Home’ is actually, in my own opinion, my first real album release. The songs are all connected in a way -check out the poem in the intro and look at the CD cover!- plus it’s the first album that I put out globally. On top of all this, this is the first project, except from my EP ‘Limitless Prospects’, where no one was tryin to fuck up my sound. That’s why I choose to stay independent now.

So 'being signed' or not 'being signed' played a big role in your career?

Most definitely. Being signed often means that the label has the final word to your work. I don’t want anyone to fuck with my sound. That’s why I prefer being independent.

Tell us a bit about the beginning of that career, what made you turn from a rapper into a producer?

I grew up in the burbs. I didn’t know any producers or rappers back when I started rhyming. So me and my old friend started making beats together using only a Casio keyboard and a turntable. It was either that or having to spit on instrumentals all the time. Plus I wanted to make my own songs from scratch.

Which producers are your main influences?

Pete Rock, Premo, Rza, Stoupe, Necro, Rick Rubin, Muggs and many others! European producers are coming up as well... Snowgoons, Al Tarba etc.

You produced the controversial song 'My Uncle' with Ill Bill. Did you know when you produced the beat what the content would be?

No. I just did the beat skeleton and Bill worked on the rest. I was honored that he used one of my beats for a personal song like that.

How does it feel to be part of the Howie-legacy?

It’s a huge thing for me! I got mad respect for Bill, Uncle Howie Records and all who´s involved. So to actually work with Bill is incredible. The guy is a genius.

You describe your beats as 'cinematic': what does a good beat need 'to paint the picture or movie scene'?

My beats have an organic sound. Even if I use synths, I still make it sound like a score is playing with drums and bass on it. And with rap on that, you have the perfect mix of ‘story & score’. But I don’t think any recipe would explain this. If it feels right, it feels right.

Can you always relate to the topics the emcee's are spitting over your beats?

So far, yes. I mean, we grow up in different places and see things from different perspectives. But I can mostly see where the rapper is coming from and understand what he is saying.

So it never happened that you refused a bar because you didn't feel the content?

Actually, once I was told to rap about having money and cars. And since I didn’t have neither, I had to pass on that! (laughs)

The internet has obviously meant a lot in your career as to get in contact and work with overseas people. However would you consider moving to the States nonetheless if you had the possibility to live off the music you're making?

If that was what it would take to live off what I love doing, I would do it without blinking. But I’m still coming up overseas, so there’s still a long way to go. Besides, nowadays it’s easy to send files back and forth online, so I guess I wouldn’t really have to anyway.

You're Scandinavian, you're a producer, you work with acts like Army Of The Pharaohs and other American artists, there are a bunch of similarities with The White Shadow Of Norway, are you aware of his existence?

Yes, I know who he is. He´s doing his thing!

How come European producers (like you, Snowgoons, White Shadow) all tend to recapture the boom-bap feel?

I think it’s because we grew up on it. That’s the sound we feel.

What draws European producers towards American rappers?

Denmark is a small country and I think musical goals are limited here. But the most important reason is that not so many people listen to the hard hip-hop here. So reachin out to the rest of the world, and not only Denmark, makes more sense. With that being said, I would definitely work with a rapper if he’s dope no matter where he’s from.

Do you think that the European hip-hop fan still prefers American underground instead of European acts?

I think Europeans like European acts as well. But I think European hip-hop fans prefer acts that are not from nearby. It’s more exclusive to see an act from overseas that they can’t bump into in the street or see everyday.

What's your production set-up?

I have an old ESI-32 (E-MU) sampler, a turntable, a midi-keyboard, a mic and a G5. I have had this setup for 3 years now. This is really all I need right now. Before this I worked on an old Atari. That was all I could afford at the time.

What do you do to get in a good production 'mode'?

When I don’t have to work my day jobs all the time I get to clear my head. Sometimes I get home really late. So when I have some days off, I get inspired more. I like workin very early or very late. It’s more quiet and it’s easier to stay focused. Other than that I just sit down and work.

You're also down with German producers' team the Snowgoons, could you tell us already some more about your collaboration with DJ Illegal?

Actually me and DJ Illegal met at a Necro show. I gave him a copy of ‘Honey I’m Home’ and he loved it. So we started workin on stuff from there. But actually my collabs are not only with DJ Illegal. It´s with the whole Snowgoons group.

What area of Denmark are you from?

I’m from a southern part of Copenhagen. A town called Greve.

If we'd ever come to Denmark, what places/things-to-do would you suggest us?

I don’t know, really... I would say Christiania. But that place is not the same as it used to be after the government shut it down.

You've toured across Europe in December…

It was dope! I love touring... I’m glad Bill & Illegal wanted me to roll with them in December. I got to perform a lot of places where I’ve never been before. It was also my first time in the UK. I will definitely tour a lot more this year!

What's the first rap record(s) you bought/got?

My first rap record was Public Enemy ‘It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back’. One of the tracks was an instrumental groove that I used to spit to. It was before I had any instrumental vinyls.

Do you still listen to a lot of hardrock/metal still?

Yeah, I do that a lot. If I’ve listened to nothing but hip-hop for weeks I like to put on metal song once in a while.

What's next for Sicknature?

I’m workin on new stuff for Ill Bill, Slaine, Vinnie Paz, Outerspace, Bloodline etc. Plus I will be on the new Snowgoons ‘Trojan Horse’ album and the Snowgoons/Lord Lhus/Savage Brothers album. I wanna release a new album as soon as all these projects are wrapped up...


To everybody who makes/likes that ruff, rugged and raw shit! And of course to my man Bela and Platform8470!



POSTED 03|01|2009
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