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Tableek Tableek Talossa! Known for overseas ventures and musical challenges, Tableek is no stranger to a refreshing, international collabo. This time, the Maspyke MC joined forces with Finnish 'multi-instrumentalist' and producer Juuso on the EP 'Nothing Lesser'.

What attracts you in working with overseas producers?

The simple fact is that cats overseas have caught up in many respects with the quality of music that was being made over here. I think a lot of cats have studied under the cats that have made multiple classics (Marley Marl, J Dilla, Premier, Pete Rock, etc.) and I feel like there are a few cats from overseas that are making their own books overseas for US to peep and learn from. I think Juuso could be one of those cats.

How did you meet?


Are you on Facebook too?

I just made a Tableek account on Facebook recently. I'm also on Twitter (twitter.com/tableek).

You have already some challenging guest appearances behind your name, on different beats, different music, what are some of your craziest ambitions as for working with musicians?

There are indeed a few situations that I have been exploring of course. I like to challenge where I can go with the music I'm given. There's stuff out there that I did that didn't see the light of day with all these labels and distributors closing shop that's real leftfield, but my foundation is definitely underground hip-hop. I'm a sincere emcee doing my own thing contributing to the culture and not just being a vulture.people see that and they hit me to do tracks..

If you had carte blanche and you had no one to pay, 1) would you work with a big name producer, 2) which big producer(s) would you work with?

On the hip-hop side of things I would have worked with J Dilla, Pete Rock, Large Pro, Nottz, Marley Marl, Premier.outside of hip-hop I would want to build with some jazz composers like Charles Mingus (RIP), Herbie Hancock, Thelonius Monk, etc. Soul cats like Sam Cooke (RIP), James Brown (RIP), Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, etc....even that crazy ass Phil Spector!

Now a bit about the EP; the track 'Da Crime Masker' has a very cinematic feel to it. To what extent do movies inspire you on a lyrical level?

That beat is mesmerizing.movies are art like the music so there's a natural convergence. I think similar to commercial music, some of the better films that are released are done so independently and there's so many foreign films that are just mad inspiring. If I start mentioning them, this interview will simply become my book of lists.

In the song 'Wrong Thing, Right Reason' there's some intimate, philosophical/ethic tales. Where do you get that inspiration?

I was listening to a speech made by a brother named Imam Abdul-Malik. He was talking about how when men are not taking care of their responsibilities a woman will go through great lengths to do what she needs to do to provide for her children, to the point of even selling her body, essentially doing the wrong thing, for the right reason. I also take aspects of things that have happened to me or that I was told, and try to incorporate that into what I write. I know there have been situations that came up where perhaps I did or said something that reflects the intent of the song. I think in those moments the people who you surround yourself with are important...

Tell us more about your collabo with Blacastan?

Black is one of the dopest emcees that I know outta Connecticut (Hartford). We recorded that joint at my man Skeek's crib. Two members of Kemistry (both ill producers in their own right) were in the building. They are like extended fam (Gut and Young Cee) so we were just buggin making jokes and shit as me and Black wrote the joint. That is one of my favourite joints I have done all-time.

Roddy Rod released an album, Hanif released an album, are you hungry for a full solo album again yourself?

I'm overdue! I've had a few mixtapes, two EPs, and a gang of appearances and collabs that I've done outside of Maspyke projects, but an official album is in the works with Roddy Rod.

How important is it for group members to go solo, to explore and exploit their solo skills in order to put extra oxygen into the group?

It depends. I think with some groups the solo thing is done because the individual personalities can't be contained in a group (best example Wu-Tang or Juice Crew). With others, it's something that is inevitable (Brand Nubian, Main Source), with others the core remains the dominant vehicle (De La). I think with my crew, after 'Static' cats were interested in moving in different directions musically. Sounds cliché, but that's what needed to happen. We're all fam though so its all good. I will always work with Roddy and Neef, and another Maspyke LP is never out of the question in my book...

For those who are not familiar with their names, could you tell us a little more about Brian and Eddie Marshall?

Brian Marshall is my father's given name. He was an ill Doo wop singer back in the day when brothers were on the corners doin they Doo wop-grind! Eddie Marshal (the first) was my grandfather. I never met him, but he was an ill piano player from Springfield. He was a player on the Chitlin Circuit (not to be confused with the LB album of the same name). Essentially when the black bands would travel through the then segregated Northeast to perform, the handful of black populations in New England leaving New York and headed to Boston would hit up Bridgeport, New Haven, Hartford, Springfield, Worcester and then onto Boston. Eddie Marshal (the second) is my Uncle that is one of the iller jazz drummers on the West coast.

Springfield is known as the birthplace of basketball.can you still tell? By monuments, by parades, by valuable players who are from Springfield, by annual festivities.how are your personal basketball skills?

When I have my wind, I got game! Now though.I leave the sport to my sons.

Springfield is also known as the City Of Firsts.what invention(s) would you have liked to invent yourself?

The internets, reality TV (to kill it before it started), and combustible engine.

What are the last albums that you uploaded unto your iPod?

Skyzoo, MOP, Sean Price, the new Rae and Ghost joints...and mad, mad beats.

What emcees are you really feeling lately?

My peeps Blacastan, Crown Troupe, Stan Illa (Ear Drugs)...Sean P, Guilty Simpson, Immortal Tech, etc..

It seems like Barak Yalad is finally breaking through, how do you look at that?

Barak is ill. There's a circle of cats from Western New England that are real dope, and Barak was one of that handful that I met over the years that would make their mark if given an opportunity.

In our 2008 wrap-up you mentioned the biggest moment of the year was really understanding the importance of self-sufficiency and truly being free. How did you come to that understanding?

I lost something very precious to me...but by doing so I became free to see something even better. That kind of growth is invaluable.

You also expressed the wish for Obama to start to do shit that makes the establishment want him dead. With his ambitions on the field of health care he already had a lot of criticism, so he's doing a good job right? What's your vision on that?

I've read and heard that health care is the new civil rights fight for this millennium...and I believe it. At some point we will have the single payer system we need, the question is how long, how serious people are willing to fight for it, and whether or not our elected officials will have the heart and brains to make that a reality.

What's next for Tableek?

Nothing Lesser EP (out now!), new joints with Kista "Stupid MFs" (UK beat maker), Declat (South Korean producer), Emufucka (Japanese beat maker), and Inkswell (Australia). Other goodies dropping that I can't speak on right now should be coming from Burnt Berry Music soon.


www.burntberry.net !!!

Thanks Tableek!


POSTED 09|20|2009
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