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Blu Some kind of Blu With his fresh new record, ?Below The Heavens?, the soulful collabo with Emanon producer Exile, Blu is finally able to expose himself on a full-length album. It?s been a time coming, it took a few singles, a performance in Belgium alongside DITC, but Blu is about to become your favourite sound in color?.

The new album, why should people buy it?

Because Louie will make more money and give me more money to make another album maybe, naw, but really according to popular opinion, thus far, you will be overcome with the realization that hip-hop is not dead, hopefully.

Why did you make a collabo album and not a straight solo debut album?

I wasn't ready. And I have a feeling that the world wasn't either. Plus Exile made it a lot more comfortable for me to be honest. So when I went with my gut and rolled with him, I valued his opinion much.

So do you consider this one as your first solo album?

Yes and no. Contentwise, yes. But it wasn't all me, ya know. Me and Exile went half and half on most of the decision-making. There were a few more things I wanted to say and a few things I could have left out. Overall, I just got comfortable with this being my first official release.

The album cover is kinda special?...

Honesty is the best policy. I did not smile that whole shoot. It was a very stressful day, in the middle of tour. I was out of it at a radio station in DC. Jati was taking shots of the guys, caught some flics of me that came in handy last minute for the art. The story behind the cover flic fits the album title so well, I had to go with guts again. Kinda ballsy now that I look at it. Honesty though...

Who made the cover and how did you get him to do the art work?

Fatoe did it. I've known him for about 4-5 years now. We are in the same crew, Bridgetown Steel. Good friends with my Boy B@sic, who is my go-to designer, but he was under a lot of work at work, so he referred me to the fellow beast, F80.

Did you know Emanon well when you met Exile, like did you own their music?

Not well, but I heard of them. I didn't get familiar with the music until a few weeks previous to meeting Exile. Actually, it was after I met Aloe.

How did the deal with Sound In Color come together?

Science Project introduced me to Aloe, Aloe introduced me to Ex, me and Ex did one song for his record with Sound In Color, 'DirtyScience', then I met Louie (Sound In Color CEO), signed over the song, then, boom, he signed me. Boom.

Could you recall your first raps? If so and you're not embarrassed, please recite them...

'...2 little G's in a Coup De Ville looks to kill, so you best chill, it ain't nothing like Kriss Kross with the hair floss, so u best get lost with ya played-out dance and ya messed-up pants, you don't even stand a chance?...'; my first rap and the song's called 'Back In Action', go figure. 13 years old. It was me and my cousin Marty, he wrote the whole 30-plus bar-rap. We went back and forth through the whole thing. It was my only rap until the 10th grade.

Who were your earliest influences?

Michael Jackson and LL Cool J. I thought they both were 'Bad'.

Who was the first rapper that made you go 'wow, I wanna do this rap thing'?


And last but not least, what was the first rap record you bought?

'It's Dark & HellI's Hot'. (by DMX, ed)


POSTED 08|01|2007
conducted by Cpf

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