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The Doppelgangaz Diving Dumpsters The year is coming to an end. Hip-hop fans across the world are having a think about their 'best of 2011'-lists. A reflectional exercise that always leaves one with one name that you didn't think would be ending up there at the beginning of that year. Those names are called revelations. The Doppelgangaz are one of them. Check any underground forum, blog or magazine and you'll encounter their names. But what's their story?

Lone Sharks

You've been generating quite a buzz with the new 'Lone Sharks' album. How does this recognition feel and how come did it take till now (since you've been in the game for a while)?

EP: That's awfully flattering for you to say. We feel as if we have yet to really accomplish anything. There's a lot more work to be done and like you said, we've been doing this a while and it's like we've only gotten a small amount of recognition. Just shows that we have to keep going hard. I just got my letters in the mail for AARP. That's how old we are. We've been in this game for a while. Damn, time flies.

The album breathes a - in these days - unique atmosphere, which stands like a house from beginning to end. How did that atmosphere or sound come to life during the making of the album? Is that atmosphere something you have to guard while recording?

EP: I think it's something that we can't control because it's just who we are. That sound that people say we get across with, the murky, raw feel is just something that comes about. But definitely, our mind-set, living conditions, etc. have led us to this atmosphere that we've created. When you're bumming it up, hitting the brothel every night and getting your veggies from the dumpster and not the produce aisle, your music tends to sound this way.

Most artists would just say they make the hip-hop record they want to hear themselves; how about you? Is there a larger, personal goal or manifesto attached to this record?

Matter ov Fact: Musically, we just do the things we like to do. We definitely wanted to get some points across in this record and we feel that we did successfully. I think for us it's more about capturing how we feel at the moment, sonically.

Are there any artists or albums in hip-hop history that have influenced you a lot for this record?

Matter ov Fact: We have been influenced by so many different artists but we never approach making a specific track or album like how we feel someone else would.

Please name 5 words that capture the essence of Lone Sharks...

EP: Not too good at these list description type questions but we joke around saying it's 'Haggardly yet swaggerdly'. (laughs)

The album titles 'Lone Sharks'. How many meanings has this 'metaphor' for you both? Can you shed a light on them?

EP: Everyone hears us talking about 'Sharking' which is essentially the Euro/Japanese craze of pants-ing people in public so essentially, yeah, it's about being lonesome sharks. But it really is so much more. The rugged, lonesome living with the dumpster diving and keeping to one's self is really a metaphor for the DIY mind-set we have. Bums scavenge for food and never rely on anyone but themselves. They make the most out of what they have.

No one is in their corner helping them out and that's how we've felt the minute we began making music. It was completely self-contained because it had to be. We learned to make beats, to engineer, to edit our own videos, to get out and connect with people because we had to. We never had major co-signs or power players holding us down. We took the little resources we had and made works of art that people are surprisingly enjoying. Who would've thought?

As you do both production and rapping... what is your working method like? Is there a typical way of composing a Doppelgangaz track?

Matter ov Fact: There's never a clear cut formula to how we make a track. Sometimes a beat will spark us to make a track and other times it could be a joke. We just keep the ideas flowing, no matter how insignificant they may seem at first, because you never know what they can turn into.

The Doppelgangaz

The group name refers to the cohesiveness between you, EP and Matter Ov Fact. Could you explain how you both think and feel alike?

Matter ov Fact: E definitely has good taste. When he tells me he consumed a dish that I must try, I know he means business. Some people recommend some wack ass food, but not this guy right here. The same goes for music, when E says something is hittin', I believe that man.

How many times have you felt like 'great minds think alike' while recording the album?

EP: Well, not sure we have 'great' minds (laughs) but I do know we have a like-minded thought process. Every time Fact is like 'Yo kehd, I want to go Sharking', I'm like 'Really? Me too.' That's just how it has always been. I think it's more than just minds though. He told me he just came back from our 'go-to girl' at the brothel and said he thinks he may have contracted something. I said 'You know I just had a session with her the other day and I think I got something too'. Odd huh?

It sure is. So how did you meet and when did the idea of forming this group came to life?

Matter ov Fact: I met this man when I was like 6-7ish and been down ever since. We've been making music for a minute but really decided to take it seriously in like 2008.

I've read you're some 'mister-do-it-all's'. From producing, to editing movies, etc... How important is that form of independence and entrepreneurship for you?

EP: It really is funny how it all came together because I look at us now and say 'we're super obsessive and OCD about our material' and that it's a control thing. But it really came out of necessity. The thing is though, now that it is this way, we wouldn't want it any other way. There is nothing worse than a slapdash album that you had to reach out to different producers for and they can't keep it cohesive.

On a major level, artists don't deal with this as much because they can get talented producers to see their vision, but on the come up, I'd be damned if I had to settle with some shitty beats from random producers. We're so glad we have our own sound and it's all in-house.

Also, in regards to video's or anything else creative, we have ideas that I think we carry out rather well. We don't want to rely on others and wait on them. If we can get as much done ourselves as possible, then we're going to do that. If there was no such thing as brothels, then you know what we'd be doing. The hand is a man's best friend. Feel me? (laughs)

Other projects

Can you let our readers now what the rest of your catalogue is? You can make shameless promotion, just go ahead...

EP: Plain and simple, we came on to the scene with 'The Ghastly Duo EP' in '08. Then we released our debut 2012: 'The New Beginning' in '09. We stated our company Groggy Pack Entertainment, LLC and released our first purchasable product 'Beats For Brothels, Vol. 1' and followed with our sophomore effort 'Lone Sharks' in 2011. We are going to get more involved in production for others as well, but so far we have only produced for Lil B the BASEDGOD. We did 'No Peace' on his 'Illusions of Grandeur' project.

If you check your own body of work: could you define a line or evolution in it? Could you explain it in words?

Matter ov Fact: I think there's a natural progression from project to project. We're only getting started so I'm just excited for the future, kehd.

The Future

You've been praised by some notorious names in the game, Apathy for one, can you feel some extra doors are opening now?

Matter ov Fact: Apathy is a good dude man. We really appreciate him going out of his way to put people on to us. It's an extremely nice gesture on his part. I can't tell you how many people have showed love to us because of him.

Where do you see The Doppelgangaz within here and 5 years?

EP: We really want to be visible and reach all those Sharks and Sharkettes out there. Household name? Why not shoot for it! (laughs).

It's December, so people will begin think about their "best of 2011" list. We can tell you will be in ours, but could you tell which albums will be in yours?

Matter ov Fact: Damn, much appreciated kehd. I have a hard time with making lists but I think it was a good year for music overall.

Anxious to know in how many (blogging) year-end lists 'Lone Sharks' will appear?

EP: As many as we can be in! Hopefully we're on a lot of people's radar.


Matter ov Fact: Shout out to Shark Nation!

Thanks for the interview!

Matter ov Fact: Thanks kehd, much appreciated!


POSTED 12|14|2011
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