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King Magnetic European Conquista Europe get ready. King Magnetic is coming to the continent. During a nine day's odyssey through Spain, Slovakia, Austria, Norway and Sweden, the Army Of The Pharaohs’ soldier will conquer stages with 'an authenticity that 99% of these rappers don't have.' Before him setting foot on European soil, February 16th, we send out a messenger to find out King Mag’s plans…

You're touring Europe. What do you expect from it?

More fans and a bigger buzz for sure. A lot of people know of me or my vocals, but now they can put a face to the name and all that. There's not a lot of heads spittin' anymore. Mix that with my size, live performance, GQ nothin' pretty in the set and the numerous features I'm on...people have to wake up. I also expect to have a blast, but the good times are part of the job!

What can people expect from a King Magnetic performance?

Energy - not just regular show energy but an authenticity that 99% of these rappers don't have. Might even learn something! Oh? And lot's of fun. Ladies – there's always an after party if my wife invites you! Don't be shy, we're not. (laughs)

Can we find you at the merch stand also?

All day! In Europe my wife does my merch, while I'm running around, but I always post up. Come grab a shirt and take a flick!

What are some of the craziest touring anecdotes you have?

The best ones I can't legally share with the public. On Jedi Mind Trick's 'A History of Violence' tour in 2008, Jus Allah, Adlib (Ill-Roc) and I had just put something in the air and police rolled up immediately after and searched the whip. Luckily I left everything that would have got me hemmed up at the hotel since it was Vermont. More of a close call than crazy – I won't put the real crazy shit out there until statute of limitation runs out.

Are you looking forward to anything European food or drinks in particular?

Spain - beautiful weather and people plus I love tapas! Each show has its own significance. Spain of course we'll be with fam for 4 days, Slovakia and Austria with GZA, Norway an all age event with battle for an exclusive King Magnetic verse and Sweden I'm headlining and judging an O-Zone battle with Passwurdz. Looking forward to trying new things! Have any suggestions for us?

Besides performing is there anything else you wanna do on tour?

Relax and a few sights. When I'm not working I'll be vacationing with my wife. Definitely need that - working hard right now. While having a day off in Austria, I'm trying to hit up the Glock Factory. A lot of rappers talk about 'poppin glocks' and all that, but I've been rockin' with them since I was 14. Pops taught me on the .45 and although it's a Smith and Wesson in the house this year – I still love glock. 40's and 45's.

Are you a 'When I say you say...'-performer or do you search for other ways or do you leave that to the deejay?

I do very little call and response. I rather spaz out and keep that energy up. I need a DJ too - been doing well without, but a solid DJ will take my show up another notch. DJ's send in your applications!

Do you already think of things to do while performing just to enhance interaction with the public?

Anything I can do that will be exciting or memorable that I can pull off. I'm over 350 pounds so it's a lot of movement. It's always great at all age's shows to watch the faces when I jump in the crowd. (laughs)

You're not just posting messages on Facebook, you're also releasing mixtapes whether you get 200 likes or more?

It keeps you on people's timelines. I have plans for all my records regardless what happens on Facebook, but I do keep an eye on what people like and comment on.

How's the Army of the Pharaohs record coming along?

Dope, everyone's goin' in – we're taking a lil' break while JMT tours in February. I already laid down 4 verses. A couple of new members and surprises will definitely be one of the top albums in 2012.

What about 'The King and the Cauze' album with Reef The Lost Cauze?

We're finally releasing it in the summer of 2012. A classic featuring Vinnie Paz, DJ Revolution, Stoupe, Marco Polo, Joell Ortiz and others.

You're taking GQ along with you, you also released an album together...

We're actually working on an album with Grim Reaperz out of France that we’re looking to drop later this year as well. GQ has a record on iTunes right now called 'Circus After Sundown'. Definitely check that out. ( Link to "Circus After Sundown": http://bit.ly/CircusAfterSundown )

How does it differ from the “Everything's A Gamble” series?

Beats are a little different and there's way less features. Lots of live performance joints. Crazy energy as usual! GQ is going to make a lot of fans this year. Trust that.

What more can we expect from King Magnetic in 2012?

Musically: '3rd Times A Charm' – Feb 14, 'EAG 3' – March 13, 'King & The Cauze' – Summer, 'David & Goliath' with GQ & Grim Reaperz – TBA and the first single from my full length debut album is on its way as well. Touring - Europe, US, South America, Australia, hopefully Africa and possibly Canada

Ok thanks and much success on tour!

Thanks for having me through! Check out kingmagnetic.com for tour and music updates. Let's go!


POSTED 02|07|2012
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