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The foodchain Preparin Lunch 'BRUNCH' is the latest effort from Denver collective The foodchain, a band of friends who've known each other for a long time. But it wasn't until three years ago that they started to make music. They released an EP and built a live performing status due to several performances in the States. Now they're ready for lunch, with a studio album in the making and plans to tour overseas. Promotors: don't neglect The foodchain because...

...you're not an ordinary group right?

Mic Coats: Definitley not your typical group! We're just some bro's that get in the basement and bang out music. From the jump, we never really thought about being a group or tried to do music a certain way. It just happened. We knew right away that there was a great calling for each of us. It was obvious that the plan was pre-designed by the Creator far before we could even figure it out. We just made ourselves available and there you have it.

Could you describe the chemistry between you?

It's pretty crazy! Nothing is generally planned out. We just go with whatever's happening and it usually ends up working out. It helps that we produce everything in-house. That helps capturing exactly what we're doing.

Who's doing what?

As far as recording, there's three producers: Mass Prod, Mo Heat, and Mic Coats. Four mc's: FL, ChampSoundKillaBlack, C1 and Mic Coats. As for the live shows: we have three keyboards, drums, and four mc's. AlexTheGreat on drums, Louiscide on synth bass keys, Mass Prod and Mo Heat on keys and then the four of us MC's. We all have input as to what it is we're doing, which makes decision making quite the spectical sometimes. (laughs) We all got opinions and strong personalities. We make it work though!

You just had 'BRUNCH', when is lunch coming?

We haven't announced a date yet. However, we have been in the studio in between these show runs we've been doing. The plan is to put out a shit load of new music though. We've been working real hard and are super excited to show everyone what we've been upto.

For the next record, you're going to record in Patch Work Studios in Atlanta...

The beauty about life in general and this whole Foodchain process is that we have an opportunity to grow and evolve. We're learning and figuring things out in front of everyone as we go. I mean shit, we're only three years old as of April 20th! In that journey we're finding new ways of making things sound bigger and better, etc. Mo Heat actually came up with the idea to record in Patch Work Studios. Our production process now is a little different. Which will allow us to maximize the sound, to sonically going forward. In order to take the music where we intend to, we want to work with the best. Patch Work Studios is known in the industry for many things including award winning sound engineers. So why not try it out?

How has performin live shaped your sound?

Seeing us live in comparison to listening to the records is a whole different experience. Three keyboards, a drummer, and four mc's. Until now, you've never seen that before. You've never heard the same sound, or felt this same emotion of music. We love performing and we've been fortunate to have been on the run of sold out shows. Nothing like putting all your energy out and getting it all back from a sold out venue!

For example: you've opened for Snoop Dogg.

The Snoop show was dope! The Fillmore is a great place to perform. The sound is always great. The staff is always world class!

We saw on Youtube you were in the studio with Raekwon.

We've been working close with The Chef for a while now. We can't announce just yet what it is we've got in the works. However, we have been working real close with a few of his artists signed to his H2O label, JD ERA and Koffee Black.

What's your fav studio food?

Speaking for the bro's: probably weed and candy. Yep, weed and candy!

In the 'Appetizers' video series you've made, we saw you rappin your lines from a smart phone, is that the medium you use most for writing lyrics?

Yeah, mostly! Makes it easier to take in the booth.

So you write your lyrics mostly on the go?

The car is the best placed to right, thought you knew!

Could you explain the group logo some more?

Really, not much to it. When we first came out in 09' we really didn't have a name or logo or Myspace, nothing. We weren't even trying to be a band. We had just leaked some songs and people started inquiring, so we threw some shit together, name and all, and there you have it.,We worked with Jae One (Urban Nerd) for the Corpses art and that's how we came up with the face. The face became pretty popular, so we stuck with that.

Straight from the top I can't think of any rap group from Denver, we know Deux Process are originally from Colorado, Distrakt is from Colorado Springs and euh there's this song by Chino XL called 'Things to Do in Denver When You’re Dead'...

Denver is a great city and has a dope art and music scene. There have been several groups out of here that have done well for themselves: The Fray, 3oh3, The Procussions, and Flobots, to name a few. Denver is definitley a melting pot with people all over the world, so it never really developed a distinctive 'Denver' sound.

So what does this mean for a Denver artist?

It forces you to work harder! You have to be original in a place like this. We have a strong desire to be great in all that we do. Our work ethic, studio, and live performances are a reflection of that. Because of that basic principle, they can put us in front of any kind of situation and we'll shine. Denver's lucky because they get to see this grow from the ground up first hand. This is an amazing story to follow.

You have an effictive way to catch media attention: make a reference to them in your songs, for example shout out Vibe Magazine on the track 'Thirsty'

It worked right? (laughs) Yeah man, that's Champ for you! That dude just writes, so I'm pretty sure it was without intent. It definitely worked though. (The group was featured in Vibe a few months after the song was released, ed.)

How did you get involved with Amp Live and Eligh's project?

We've had the opportunity to do a lot of shows with those guys and build a good relationship with them. Amp hit us with the idea and we ran with it. We look forward to working with them further down the line.

So what else is down the line for you guys?

New music and God willing touring this summer! We are trying to tour overseas as we speak. We're ready for the world to experience this Foodchain first hand!


Shout out to Platform8470! Everyone supporting The Foodchain. We hope to see you all very soon!


POSTED 04|24|2012
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