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Count Bass D Acts his waist size: a quick Q&A From the futuristic ?Pre-Life Crisis?, the album that was one year ahead of its time, to the magic of ?Dwight Spitz?, an underground classic, the craftsmanship of ?Art For Sale?, over the versatility of ?Begborrowsteel?, a confirmation of the author?s geniality, Count Bass D has got an impressive discography behind his name. September 2006 marks the release of another sonar adventure that approaches hip-hop music from a broad and intricate perspective; ?Act Your Waist Size? is Dwight Farrell?s fifth release and issues on Fat Beats, the label that now already has won the award of issuing ?albums with the most creative titles of the year?...

?Act Your Waist Size? is almost here. In what way will it surprise us more than ?Begborrowsteel?, ?Dwight Spitz?, ?Art For Sale? or ?Pre-Life Crisis??

?Act Your Waist Size? will not surprise anyone who is aware of all the albums you mentioned. It combines all of them.

So you consider every new album a step forward?

I think every album is a step forward. I can't challenge any of my previous albums.

Do you ever feel like you should?ve rapped over a song instead of sung over it?

I cut a vocal when needed it. Some tracks didn't need a vocal. The type of vocal depends on the composition.

While lookin at the tracklist, we notice there are only two guest features on the album and they are people from your immediate surroundings, what?s the philosophy behind that?

My compositions determine the musicians I need.

Matt Mahaffey, a renowned producer and guitar player for Beck, did the mastering...

Matt has been a friend to my family for 15 years. You'll see us join forces in more aspects later this year. He mixed ?Junkies? as well.

At 20, you were already signed to Sony. Do you think signing to a big label at a young age has ?sabotaged? your career? Because after ?Pre-Life Crisis? you dove right back into anonymity...

I achieved my goals by getting signed. Achieving my goal slowed me down because my goal was near sighted.

At the same time, Kurious had his album on Sony too. As label mates, did you get the chance to meet him and have you been in contact with him afterwards?

I met Kurious once during the Sony days and once later. We have mutual respect for each other artistically because that's the only way we know of each other.

You also produce for your wife Oriana lee, how much different (or difficult!) is it than producing your own stuff?

It is very difficult because it is as personal yet two brains detached.

Does she give you her opinion on a lot of your (own) work?

She pretty much let's me do my thing. There are things about my art that she's called to my attention, but she respects my right to express myself as I do respect her right to express herself.

You use the internet and your boards as a place where fans can almost contact you directly and without any boundaries, why did you decide to do this (as opposed to other artists, who tend to act 'unreachable')?

It's the type of guy I am. No smoke and mirrors.

A few years ago you put the ?Art For Sale EP? on-line for free. Why?

?Art For Sale? for free. It needed to be done.

How far can/may people go with downloading albums from the Internet?

Awareness. There is a lot of music available in this country and I'm honoured that people can wade through such a mess and find Count Bass D somehow.

So what?s your opinion on Ebay then (like ?Art For Sale? being sold for plenty of bucks)?

Business is business. People need money.

How much would you spend on a record?

I can't spend too much money on records because I have a large family.

What meals do you like cooking best?

I used to love to cook. It was for fun and even art. Now that I must cook for a large family and having to jump between the studio and the kitchen a lot, I've lost my zeal to cook this summer. I hate to clean up and there's a lot to clean when you are preparing big meals.

Does having a Padded Room With A View influence your music?

Sure. It's just a work space. Nothing that a real studio has. So I have to use all my ability to make a sound that can compete with my peers who use world class facilities.

Suppose you met an alien who just landed on earth and he wants to know what hip-hop is. What hip-hop track would you play for it?

I wouldn't play rap music to define hip-hop.

Suppose this alien heads back to his planet and wants to introduce his fellow species to music (as known on Earth), what records would you give to him?

All of my records if he was cool.

So what was the first rap record you?ve bought?

One of those K-Tel cassette tape compilations.

What rappers are you feeling right now and would you flip a beat for in a minute?

I don't listen to much rap right now, but I would flip a beat for anyone who I felt could benefit from my sound and if terms can be worked out.

What records have you been listening to today?

J-Zone ?? ?To Love A Hooker?
Sadat X ?? ?Black October?
Blame One ?? ?Priest, Thief + Wizard?

You?re not featuring on people?s music a lot but you did guest star on Flowlife Bumz? ?Dinner At Table 9? EP. Them being from Belgium, how and why did you hook up with them?

Tradd was familiar with my work and contacted Oriana to see if we could work something out. I heard some sketches of music he sent and I started to hear words form so I told Oriana 'we can do this' and we did.

You were working on a 12?? for Candlewaxrecords, tell us more about that collaboration....

Blake Grimm was familiar with my work and he and I have been in contact about working together for a few years. He made a few beats and I wrote a few lyrics. We are just adding more choices.


Your favourite Grover Washington Jr album(s):

?Feels So Good?.

Your favourite George Duke album(s):

?Don't Let Go, Reach For It?.

Your favourite Doobie Brothers album(s):

?Minute By Minute?.

Your favourite Marvin Gaye album(s):

?I Want You?.

Your favourite Stevie Wonder album(s):

?Fullfillingness First Finale?.

Your favourite Bill Evans album(s):

The albums from the late 70's to the end.

Your favourite Sam Cooke album(s):

?Night Beat?.

Your favourite Deodato album(s):

?Love Island?.

Your favourite MF Doom album(s):

?Rhymes Like Dimes? & ?Curls? are two of my most favorite songs.

Your favourite Lord Finesse album(s):

?The Return Of The Funky Man?.

Your favourite Kool G Rap album(s):

?Wanted: Dead or Alive?.

Your favourite Jay Dee production(s):

?Earl?, ?4Moms?, ?Bullshit? (The 'Get Up Stand Up' sample), ?E=MC2?.

Please leave some comment on the following names:

Van Hunt

A musician to the core of the idea.

Jneiro Jarel

A brother I'm making sure makes none of my mistakes.

J Rawls

One of the brothers who has his priorities in order.

Pharrell Williams

He knows exactly how to exploit this hustle. A great musician as well.


Proof that politics are at work in hip-hop show business.

Pete Nice

A genius business mind who's history of discoveries speaks for itself.

Count Basie

A legend who wanted to remembered as a good guy. I'd like to become a legend and be remembered as a good guy as well.

Paul C

An incredible and inspiring musician who?s murder is unsolved.


I'm sure he has something to do with DOOM running things right now.


An artist more people who rap or enjoy rap should study.


An artist in a time when A&R reps could make a decision.

Y?All So Stupid

One of the first groups I saw that encouraged me to believe I had future in rap music.


His dance performance in the ?You Gots To Chill? video is one of my favorites.

Bell, Biv & DeVoe

Eh yo Slick blow.


Talent that record companies don't feel like finding any longer.

Three Times Dope

A group I was heavily into for their first and second albums. I was more into the Philadelphia scene of rap early on. Who knew what 10 years would bring for that whole camp.

What was the last book you?ve read?

Oriana lee ?? ?Something To Cope? and I was reading the Bible last week a little. I haven't been reading that much this summer.

What was the last movie you saw?

?Cars?. I rarely get to see films at the cinema that are not for children.

What more can we expect from Count Bass D?

More music and more mistakes.

What are you going to do after this interview?

See how my wife is feeling. I'm not just saying that to be mushy.


You for this opportunity. I would like to thank everyone who will purchase ?Act Your Waist Size? on October 17th in advance. I would also like to thank everyone who has supported my back catalog on iTunes and eMusic. I would also like to thank everyone who reads my journal at countbassd.com. I try to provide insight into what is going on with my life and I hope it helps someone.


POSTED 08|01|2006
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