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Enot Boogie Down's boldest: the innerduction Sometimes it seems like the Bronx doesn't breed any talent anymore. Being hip-hop's birthplace once, today's generation of rappers doesn't really blow you over. That being said, the future looks a little brighter with the upcoming debut album of Enot, Bronx representative with Domenican roots, down with The Longshots and member of The Blazermen collective.

What?s going on Enot?

Everything is peace y'all! My debut album ?The Innerduction: Boogie Down?s Boldest? is about to drop and cause an earthquake and smash everything out!

It was actually about to come out earlier right?

I am straight independent so I can take my time and really put out a project that I am really happy with. The album was going to drop earlier this year but I decided to hold on a little bit longer and tweak everything a little more and added a couple more bangers for the people.

As for the title ?Boogie Down?s Boldest?; what do we have to understand under ?bold??

I call myself Boogie Down's Boldest because I'm telling it like it is! That?s the bold part, it?s the little voice in my head that speaks for myself and the people. I hold my tongue for no one and some things have to be addressed in hip-hop that commercially viable music sometime runs away from.

The name is also in commemoration of Boogie Down Productions?

Yeah, it?s really in honour of the Boogie Down Bronx. BDP and KRS-ONE repped the X to the fullest and still do, so I wanted to take it back and add my own flavor to it, ya know! Respect to all the founding fathers and all those who paved the way for cats like me in this art form. Much Love!

Can you name some of your influences from the Bronx?

The Greatest of all time: BIG PUN (R.I.P), Slick Rick, Fat Joe no doubt, the whole Terror Squad, KRS like I said before and The Boogie Monstas among many more.

Can you give us three words that perfectly describe the album?

I will give you five words matter fact (laughs). 1. Classic 2. Inspirational 3. Honest. 4 Lyrical 5. Entertaining and if I had a sixth word I would say 6. New York.

Crayon of The Longshots is on the album too. How long have you been down with LS and how did you meet?

Crayon, my brother from another, actually executive produced the project along with myself. He appears spitting on a couple of tracks. I have been down with The Longshots for a min now, early 2000 if not earlier. I met Crayon in College, City College to be exact, he introduced me to his partner Rock Shabazz and we been fam ever since. Go cop that ?Hunger Music? album by The Longshots! It?s a New York Classic!

Whom can we expect productions from?

C-Sharpe aka M.P.C Sharpe did 90% of the album. I really wanted to do an album in the vein of Gang Starr or Fresh Prince & Jazzy Jeff where you hear the chemistry of the emcee and the producer. Me and C-Sharpe had a strong friendship before the music, so the album is an honest collaboration between two talents working on the same page. Aside from C-Sharpe, I have a joint from ATek straight from D.C. It came out real crazy. I got DJ Excellence on the album and he blessed me with a classic joint as well. I was also lucky to have Mikestro from the Bronx and Tay Jones from Dizzo Productions. All of them gave the album a real distinct flavor. Can't forget my man Zee Imports from Europe who hooked me up as well.

How did you connect with DJ Excellence from France?

The internet is a beautiful thing indeed, It?s put me in contact with an international community of emcees and producers and fans as well. I was also lucky to connect with Buck Oner and Zee Imports online. The work you?re going to hear from us is incredible.

What topics do you handle the most in your lyrics and why?

I try to be as honest as possible in my music and still have a good time. On this album I focused on my life coming over from the Dominican Republic and moving into the streets of The Bronx. But I also gave the listener my opinion on social issues affecting our communities, I showed them my versatility on a couple of joints by flipping a funny storyline or on another track, I switched up my flow. Actually I switch my flow on the majority of the tracks on the album and it just really shows my versatility as an artist. Lyrically I tear a hole in the track. I?m about to bring the rewind button back for real. Straight spitting!

Besides the album, what have you released already?

My first release was with The Future Of New York (FNY). We did a group album a couple years ago titled ?First Class? but this will be my first solo project to date.

Tell us more about the Blazermen. Who are they and what are their activities? Why was the Blazermen founded?

The Blazermen is a movement and a multimedia company as well. It was founded by myself and my two partners JR Perez and ATEK. The vision behind the movement and the company is to give aspiring artist an opportunity to be themselves and still flourish in a commercially viable environment. It?s not just a music movement, our members are professional actors, directors, poets, models, photographers, all types of artists moving under the same umbrella. As far as what we do, we do everything from our bi-monthly showcase ?FTM?, to short films, recording projects, photo-shoots, artist representation. We do it all and you can check us out at www.theblazermen.com The site is under re-construction for the next ?FTM? on May 26 at Club Downtime but definitely check us out.

Can we expect music releases under the name ?The Blazermen??

Definitely! ATEK is working on his album and it?s going to be incredible. Also look out for our metal group Dudes of Doom (DOD) and of course my album ?The Innerduction: Boogie Down?s Boldest? and our first film ?Instant Celebrity?.

You told us earlier you lived in the Dominican Republic. How would you compare it with life in NYC?

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful island. I was able to see the flip side of the coin while living in Santiago. We speak about poverty and how bad we have it in the hood but believe me you don?t got it bad till you have no running water, you rocking the same gear everyday and you see raw sewage running down the street. It really opened my eyes to all the blessings we have in the U.S. But at the same time it?s a beautiful tropical island with such a rich cultural history, you feel me. The U.S. and D.R are like two complete opposite worlds.

Was there any hip-hop in DR?

When I was there, you could get some hip-hop tapes. I used to bang ?The Chronic? and ?Doggystyle? all day over there. Now I believe it?s much easier getting hip-hop CD?s and what not. I have not been back there since I arrived in 93/94 but I will go back, anything is possible really. I have my father over there so I will be visiting soon. As far as living over there I can?t call it now. You know.

Has growing up in DR influenced you as a rap artist?

Totally, like I said before it just opens your eyes to a whole different way of life and you appreciate the things you have that much more, plus when you struggle here in the states you understand that struggle is universal wherever you go.

What?s the meaning of hip-hop for you?

Hip-hop is so powerful to me. It?s the ultimate freedom of expression. I can reach a kid on the other side of the globe who has never met me or been through the Bronx but with my music he will hopefully understand the struggles and joys of my life here.

What do you do besides rapping?

Besides flowing, I also do my share of writing, Check for my work in Rapfanatic Magazine and also HipHopHustlaz.com and all The Blazermen literature. Besides that, I'm chilling with my homies, hitting up the flicks, hollering at the ladies, you know. For the ladies reading this ?They say I?m sexy?, normal human stuff (laughs), trying to stay out of trouble.

What artists are you listening to right now?

The Longshots ?Hunger Music?, St Laz (Pottersfield) ?Sweet Dreams?, Big Pun all Day!, Anonymous ?Santa Barbara?, Masta Ace ?A long Hot Summer?, that Remy Ma joint gets play. Oh I bang some throwback OC a lot too.

How?s hip-hop in the Bronx at the moment, being the birthplace of hip-hop?

The Bronx needs a pick-me-up right now. For the birthplace of a worldwide culture, I honestly don?t think we are doing it up that well. Don?t worry though, I plan to bring the X back for y?all! In fact, we should have a Hip-Hop Street or a museum in honour of the culture or something. You really can?t tell just by walking around that this is the place that gave birth to the culture. But one thing that is still here is the pride that we hold to the borough. My peoples rep the X all day and day.

BDP or Juice Crew?

Damn, that?s a hard one. I would have to say both. They both had their time and their individual members were ill as well.

Where can people reach you (on the net/e-mail)?

Check me out at www.Myspace.com/ENOT, I am addicted to myspace (laughs). Hit me up also at www.TheBlazermen.com The site should be completely back up early May. We are in the process of revamping the whole site or if you?re an up-and-coming producer with some heat holla at me at ENOTVSTONE@hotmail.com, feel free to hit me with comments, suggestions, whatever. I get around to answering them. I appreciate y'all taking the time to write.

What else can we expect from you besides your debut album?

I am working on a projects with Zee Imports, Anonymous, Buck Oner, my Blazermen Fam and Remo Gunz and The Innercircle. As well as my follow-up to my debut. Look out for ?Instant Celebrity?, The Blazermen's first short film project.

Shout outs?

Big Ups to Platform first of all for holding me down! My LSC click: The Longshots (Crayon & Rock Shabazz), Gods, T-Pot Stylelleto, Dc Drake, C-Sharpe aka Cutta, Wagga, My Blazermen Fam: JR & ATek, Felix and company. Buck_Oner, Zee Imports, Dj Excellence. Remo Gunz and everybody who loves Hip Hop. One Love! ?The Innerduction: Boogie Down's Boldest? Go cop it coming real soon!


POSTED 04|01|2006
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