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Eversor Return of the BoomBap A Greek Odyssey through the world of music with Eversor – MC/Producer of the crew Phase3 For this month's interview, we take it to the Southern parts of Europe (since it's the middle of winter and all that). Greece may not seem your ordinary hip-hop place to be, like, when you go south, Marseille is like the last stop for hip-hop in Europe, but there's potential! Only they want to be heard. Therefore I hooked up with Eversor, producer/MC of the crew Phase3, a group of talented, ambitious artists who try to make a difference while staying loyal to the Ways of the Boom Bap.

Hip-hop in Southern Europe seems kind of an exception (except for maybe Spain) How's the Greek hip-hop scene like?

The Greek hip-hop scene has much quantity but it lacks in quality, if you know what i'm sayin', the truth is that many people here are tryin' to, but unfortunately their work can't be heard, as there are other people makin' radio-friendly tracks that mimic US commercial rappers, so the media lets the listeners know only about them. Another negative spot in Greek hip-hop scene is that most of the groups/mc's are focused on political subjects and things like that, that's kinda boring as time goes on. I mean, hell yeah, Bush is a twisted asshole but even the kids know that! Why don't we spread knowledge about the hip-hop culture and its architects,by givin' props to them and sayin' positive stuff? We have to realise that we don't only live in a society but most of us are living in a hip-hop society. We gotta push these subjects more to the people. We need of course political-type-of lyrics, but, damn, we have so many topics that we have to talk about such as: the disease of r'n'b music, this mutant thing that has no reference to the past and topics that affect our music & culture in first degree.

So how can you motivate that?

I think that we have so much to learn and we need time and knowledge. Here in Greece we have a hell lot of enthusiasm. We gotta be humble, always seeking for the spirit of hip-hop. Seeking for the lost soul of hip-hop. I mean people here are more into emceeing and you know why? Cause they find dj-ing and producin' "high-class" advantages because of their economical requirements. You know what the producers' "industry-standard" is? PCs and Fruity loops stuff. I agree that "you can make a hot beat even with a Casio keyboard", but you gotta have in mind that hip-hop was TR-808,909 SP-12 and Oberheim DMX and now, as hip-hop leads technology, we have MPCs and ASRs as industry standards. We gotta face that, it's the worldwide truth.

What's the role of your crew in all this?

We're a collective of people with different roles tryin' to achieve one goal: true-school hip-hop. We're tryin' to take boom bap to the future. We have an internet website with many info about hip-hop and its roots and many features of dedicated representatives worldwide. We're supportin' all elements. We have to add something positive to hip-hop. I think that positivism is hip-hop's first need nowadays.

I saw an announcement of a Q-Unique performance on your website. Who else performed in Greece the past few months/year?

As time goes on we have more and more people comin' and performing in Greece. Guru was here, Jeru the Damaja and Lil' Dap were here, Non Phixion and Delinquent Habits were here and many others. I think that in this sector, Greece is doin' very well. Props to those responsible.

Do you know something about Belgian artists?

I know Dj Grazzhopa, he's a cool cat. I learned about him from the Greedy Fingers duo.

Now let's focus on the group, who is Phase3?

As I said before Phase3 is a collective of people with different qualifications. We got 4 mcs including me, we got 2 guys workin' on the website and graphic design of our posters, flyers, covers etc., one DJ and me as the producer. The roster is: JK & Omnistyles (MCs),Jef & Mindevil (web/graphic designers), Dj Cut Brawl (the title says it all!) and myself (Eversor) as a producer and mc. We've also have Loyal-T down with us, who's a spiritual figure in hip-hop because of his knowledge and his unique approach of this culture. He's the "droppin' science" man. We also have many other people that surround us; b-boys, beat boxers and of
course, writers.

When did y'all hook up?

We've known each other since 1998, we used to have other groups with some members of the staff, but we broke these limits that every group has and we can now have several styles and musical preferences by working more as a team.

Tell us something about your releases/activities that you've done and that are to come. Before, you told me something about collaborating with US MC's, tell us something about that.

We haven't released something from a label yet. We're waiting for the right time, when our first album as a team will be finished and we'll say: "We've done our best in every part of the album: rapping, producing, mixing, collabos, scratching and artwork". We have to be sure that what's gonna be released, will be 101% boom bap. Our album gotta be in agreement with the roots of hip-hop, the invisible laws of hip-hop and last but not least in agreement with the nature of hip-hop, spontaneity that is. Now about the collab with the guys from the States: I've entirely produced a 5-track EP for some new talents and underrated, independent artists, who put their soul in my project. This thing is called "Back to the essence". Everyone does his best over my beats and now i'm looking forward for its release. I really don't know what to do with this one; anything could happen: a worldwide release from a well-known label to a free internet download! I think that everyone has to be able to listen to it, so i'm currently thinkin' of a free download. It's a project focused on what we've missed in hip-hop and how we see it nowadays. Everyone has his own, different view on the whole game but the result is finally one: we gotta take it back, we gotta keep it breathing! MCs that are featured are the following: Dstruction, D.James, Season, the Shaw Shanks and Prizm from Canada. Watch out for these guys. For the near future, I'm tryin to push out a mix-CD based on the "I love hip-hop" subject. It will contain 27 tracks; many of them that I've been diggin' for years. I'm negotiating with some German labels for some breakbeats too, plus a battle record. Time will tell; I'm tryin' hard!

When did y'all start listening to hip-hop?

Some of us in the "golden" era of '94, others later. But the old ones tried to educate the rest, so we have pretty much the same listening refferences.

Who are your favourite producers/artists/influences?

Producers that I've learned a lot from, cause I like their style and techniques: Diamond-D & Lord Finesse (D.I.T.C), Large Pro, Evil Dee & Baby Paul (Beatminerz), Stoupe from Jedi Mind Tricks, Madlib from Lootpack and Tommy Tee. I also got to give credit to Madizm, a French guy who supplies beats for Kool Shen's IV My People. I think he's the most creative & hard-working producer in the whole world! His sound results are excellent in quality & mixing (something that most US beat makers don't have) but he also remains true to the art, excluding his "commercial" ones. I can't forget the Molemen! Memo to be exact, who influenced me a lot after a remix he did for Rasco ("Gunz Still hot") .He's a genius, working with little sound bites, creating whole new mellow lines. He and his whole crew are always comin' correct, therefore, I'm even buyin' their instrumental albums too. Some of my favourite artists are: Frankenstein (this underground legend from Canada!), Visionaries, Necro and the Non Phixion fam, Apathy, Celph Titled, Styles of Beyond from the Demigodz crew. My rap influences are: KRS-One from the "Return of the boom bap" era, Masta Ace, D.I.T.C & Arsonists. My musical influences in general are: Stax label's soul releases, some old obscure funk breaks, DJ Shadow's work and some Portishead stuff. Not to forget my love for horror orchestral scores!!

When did you start makin music?

I started rhymin' in early '96, in a foolish way! Things get better in '98 when all of my crew's mc's tried to have their personal style and we made a lot of practice, but we haven't stopped til now, except me maybe, cause I have my beat maker's qualification over my mcing. I'm makin' beats every day, but I'm not rhymin' everyday. I'm writing down lyrics when I feel that I got to do it, so, when my heart needs it. As for my production: I've started f*ckin' with 2 Yamaha cheesy-sound keyboards in 1996 and the fact that I had keyboard-playing knowledge helped me a lot. In 1998 I passed in SU-10, this little VHS-cassette-like sampler and I learned how to be more accurate in the rhythm, cause it had no quantise feature and guess it…no metronome! Then, when my nerves had been extremely tested, in early 2000, I passed to the MPC2000XL and for more than one year now, I'm utilising the MPC4000. As for the djing, we're all having turntable/mixers in our homes and we doin' it for fun, except our basic DJ, who has to practice a lot for our live shows and for his solos on our tracks. But my relationship with the art form of turntablism began seriously last year when I was writing some articles for Billy Jam's site, Hip-Hop Slam, the man who let the people know about the Invisbl Skratch Piklz and he did several works contributing in it as The Shiggar Fraggar shows etc. etc. That was a big lesson. Big up to my man Billy Jam, take control of your weed-usage mate!

What's your set-up right now?

My basic piece of equipment is an MPC4000 feeded to death, with an 80GB HD, CD-recorder and 512 MB RAM memory (maximum). I got also a Stanton turntable, Numark's CDX, one of the most revolutionary machines ever! It has exact vinyl-simulation and you can scratch anything that has an audio cd/mp3 CD format! I have a Stanton mixer, SK-2F ltd. edition mixer and a PC with some multi-track recording/audio editing software only for recording and mastering. I do all of my beats in my MP and I mix them internally. I got also stacks of records, sample CD's, breaks, whatever... just to make sure that I'll never run out of sounds.

So what about the records?

Records are the most interesting part of our life. Everyone from my crew buys stuff that the others don't. So, we have many different albums & singles and we're trading them. Me personally, I'm buying all of my hip-hop stuff through the Internet. I have four on-line shops as a standard and many more for several needs and rare/collectible releases.

What kind of records do you dig for? Expensive ones/dollar bin records/merely for samples?

I'm diggin' for hip-hop rarities, for expensive ones and dollar bin records; I'm diggin' for everything that has to do with rap music. People here know that I got a vast vinyl/cd library. I mean, I got RA The Rugged Man's first (and worst!) 12 inch ever, when he was known as Crustified Dibbs! Other stuff, like Persevere's most underrated 12", which was released by Stones Throw, if you check their website they have it in the listing but there is no cover artwork nor credits. I got mad stuff from Europe too. UK's Aspects' promotional copy of "Correct English" in a cd-r with a paper label on the CD and a photocopy as a cover! I can talk for hours for the sh!t I have, it's one of my fetishes! As for sampling, I have some standard music genres/artists/labels to ask for when I'm gonna buy but I'm also buyin' garbage LPs and you never know. I've sold a beat for 300$ and it was from a record at the ridiculous price of 0.75$! You can find dopeness everywhere, but you got to make it sound hyper-extra-dope!

Top 5 all-time hip-hop records?

1. KRS-One "Return of the boom bap"
2. Artifacts "Between a rock and a hard place"
3. Afrika Bambaataa & The Soulsonic Force "Planet rock"
4. Wild Style OS.T
5. Showbiz & AG "Goodfellas"

Top 5 all-time non-hip-hop records?

1. Incredible Bongo Band - "Bongo Rock"
2. Charles Wright & The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band - "Express yourself"
3. Bob James - "Take Me To The Mardi Gras b/w Nautilus" 12"
4. James Brown - "In The Jungle Groove"
5. Larry Young - "Unity"

What are you into at the moment?

I'm bumpin' mix-CD's from DJ Ivory and DJ Muro & K-Prince with extremely rare, old school cuts, some of Psycho+Logical- label's releases and, of course, some stuff from back in the 94 that was rare and I got it in my hands by these days, things that cost me a f*ckin' fortune!

Aight, thanks for the interview and hope to hear something from you and the crew in the near future...


POSTED 11|26|2004
conducted by cpf

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