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Infinito2017 From A to Z with a regular black dude Oh...don't know about Infinito2017 yet? Don't know about his twenty some albums? Don't know that he has an opinion on a hundred and some issues? Don't know about his new album (the CD-only release 'Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul' drops November 17) coming up? No worries, here's an alphabetical rundown...


It?s obvious you?re close with your roots. Have you ever been to Africa? Are you planning on going?

No, I've never been, but I've studied Africa extensively. It would be a great day if eye (I) returned to my origin. My goal is to teach and inform Love of Self And My People by all means necessary.

Would you prefer living in Africa, with its limited opportunities than in America, where you have more abilities to build up your career as a rapper/artist for instance?

Well it depends; I'd love, with all my heart, to live in the great indigenous Father Land of all. I love to be the person creating the change for all of the first people on the plan (planet, plan-it) they call Earth. America can only be so useful and supportive, at the same time it?s helpful, but it?s a place that neglects its citizens, especially the ?Slave Hand', better known as black people or African-Americans. The system has a goal with their plans to devastate the land and the people. We don't actually have a place in the United States as Original forefathers of the Union because of the African persons? respect for each other. We as a people don't live to destroy our fellow men, that?s a designed behaviour, taught to the African people by the oppressor, better known as the owners of the slaves.

Could you give us a few clear examples in which way African-Americans are still slaves in the US?

First the label ?African-Americans? is an understatement, if you came to America from another country, for example Belgium, you would be called Belgian. Not a Belgian-American or any other name like White Man with Dutch, French or German accessory. See my greatest problem is with acceptance and pacification. Africans who happen to live in America by force, not choice, like other inhabitants of The Land of Service. We as Africans still work inside a system and don't get our just do. Did you know an African person invented the mop? The mop, think about this cleaning tool that?s used all over the world. But one catch do the European-Americans ever acknowledge any great contributions from Africans to the system in which we are enslaved. Let?s get a lot more detailed before I continue with one great answer. I want you to see the facts. Africans in America put out music through Itunes, Sony, Jive, Zomba, Ascap, Target, Walmart, Rca, Virgin etc... Wait, now the accept scenario is back in effect.

Why don't people know stuff? Because they don't investigate. You did this interview as a critique and you did your homework for me to teach and inform the student to a blind deaf and dumb nation and world. So I say, how can all those major corporations take part in Jazz, Hip-Hop, Soul and even Rock and Roll? How can there be a Beale Street in Memphis and there be a Chicago and the black slave man (African) not gain an ounce of credit, capital, money, freedom from the system? A black man found Chicago, a black man created Blues(Beale Street). Because we are still slaves ... a life-long condition to punish the greater minds of the universe. It?s like a form of jealousy and hatred that a group of people have towards Africans all over the world. They wonder how can another be and are better than the European-Anglo in the fact we don't need to destroy, to build like Napoleon, Uncle Sam, Christopher Columbus, A. Hitler, George Bush, Charles Manson, Alexander the Greek, Donald Rumsfeld, Mussolini, Ariel Sharon, Charlton Heston, Tony Blair or whoever.

We Africans actually would destroy to rid the earth of ignorance (ignoring the facts). We don't need to institutionalize slavery to be successful. We as Africans can live in peace and harmony, we will do Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, House Music etc. regardless if we ever get any money or any respect from the ?greater? world. I feel it?s very important to share these facts because the average little interviewee may run away from the topic, but I'm a Free Man and I will expose the Facts (Actual, Reality, Knowledge). So for the most part, the African people are still slaves because the freedom is within the whole to unify and develop our own Nation minus the oppressor and his system. We must be in our own Sovereign Nation with our own Union that details for us Africans what we must do. No Chicken Noodle Soup, No Soda on The Side, No Shoulder Leaning, No Chain Hang low (?It is called such because the chorus' melody is derived from the Minstrel show song ?Zip Coon?.), No Laffy Taffy, no gangs, no stupidity, no coons, no sale out, no grown men calling another grown men his ?Daddy?, no demonic devilish Oscar-winning songs, no flavour Of Love, no Mammy, no 'Pork, Drugs and White Girls' (new album from Mr. Skurge Khingass coming soon on Egruks Music), no one that is going to undermine the point and principals of an entire group of people. Oneness, Community, Freedom - Sound Right Reason. 'We All In The Same Gang', meaning the indigenous African Person of the Universe. Zulu ... Hip-Hop was created to keep the peace not to display the ignorance. The American Dream is a joke.


.is a title on your new album, could you give us more explanation on that song, its background and what you mean with it?

Well, the title is the greatest point, but to really restate the last questions that I just answered, it?s breaking free from the General Act of the Berlin Conference to mix up Africa and Africans all over the world. Breaking the spell is said to be free from ignorance in which a person is ignoring the facts, breaking the spell of sleep, sleeping is like a dead state of mind. Waking up the indigenous population of the universe which is the African persons of the world.


Produces on the new album, also on ?Nubian Plan It?, where and how did you meet him and can we expect more collabs with him?

Well, Cool D is this peaceful brother from Chicago that happens to be a great fan of my music. He approached me one time in Chicago (up on the North Side (a place I don't like)) at a place called Bar Vertigo where I was performing and was like man I got a lot of your material. And from then on, we?ve been building and last year when I was in California, he got me some beats and from then on we been making music. So far from what I know he has a good character, a man of his words. You dig the hardest thing is not giving respect it?s keeping it up. So far, me and Cool D have 3 to 4 projects going and he?s now the first networking assistant and marketing agent for Nephew of Frank Records and Thornbox.com (he has more title for Thornbox.com because this company is directed by Sales@thornbox.com). He must now show his commitment and loyalty to the Nation. His album 'Brazilian Side' is coming soon to Thornbox.com


You?re known for dealing with any possible political subject in your lyrics, more than any rapper recording, how important is it for you (and the fans) to touch subjects like these?

Mannnn, it?s the only thing we live for, what other purpose do we serve then to teach and inform about those that are even less then the lower. Elevation is to rise up from the bottom. Each one, Teach one, Positive Energy Always Creates Energy. I work in a City School System and it?s a well detailed study of what?s wrong with the world 85 - 95% of the people are actually living in the cave up in Lascaux or in Kentucky. I denounce the entire teaching system; no child left behind means no child has the chance to learn anything on a regular basis. People are only slightly informed about anything at any given point in time. We live in the Information Age and the average person is regressing and becoming more lost. It?s not just what I want from a person; it?s what persons want for themselves. If you want to be ignorant, it is not my cause, you shall die. If you want to be informed then we are on the path to excellence and we shall live together in the harmony. People call Utopia at least until the floods of Noah (laughs). Google and the library is a good start for most ... after that a book store and some science then you must free yourself from the bondage called the oppressor and his rules. You must live every day free from restrictions and direction other than what?s right according to peace from violence, ignorance and self-neglects (drugs, miseducation, misinformation, foolishness, accepting anything like religion).

How do you estimate the knowledge of your fans, like how many do you think know that Darfur is a region in Sudan, and that there?s a conflict since a year or three?

It?s very few, the world is larger than just my fans, so influences come from all angles. You must look at the bigger picture on a regular basis or the goal remains worthless. How can you know better and not put forth no effort to do better. The people can't just know you have to do more. Don't be a gimmick actually struggle understand struggle then you overstand. Because seeing is knowing and hearing is belief. Belief is ignorance. Get out here and help but not because I said because it?s in you to do better.

Where do you get most of your information, the Internet, books or (US?) newspapers? Which ones?

Life and all of the above, live off actual experience and life at the same time inform myself about all things all at the same time and still put out overstanding. Books knowledge based, newspapers, current events, any form of information from all sources. You must be aware and prepared all the time to take on reality.


Have you voted?

No not this year, I'm an Illinois resident who just moved to California, now living in Tennessee, so I'm Stateless.

Democrats now have the majority in the Senate and the House Of Representatives, how much do you think they can weigh on Bush?s policy?

They can't, because the system in place is completely ruined. They are all in the same gang, the same societies. Why do you think they never elect outsiders? It?s a game that no one can really win. Politics is set up by homosexual European males (who are in the closet) with a Greek mentality so how is that of anything gainful for the people. Politicians are an evil private cult, not a positive way of life. The United States Government is not for the people but for the Governments reign of power.

Who?ll be the next President?

Who cares. Its all the same evil

When will there be a black man in the White House?

John Hanson the Moor is the original first Black president, Maybe Obama or Oprah but Clinton is not African and he don't represent Blacks / Africans.


She?s been a great addition to your latest albums.can we expect more collabos?

Maybe who knows we work randomly I'd love to help her because that?s what I do. She did an entire album with Thaione Davis that I hooked up. I'm the one who brought them together, I'd like to see what happens and if I get credit for that.

Tell us more about her.

I can't say much, I met her like Spring 2005, she?s from Miami and I met her on Myspace, I thought she was cute and an excellent talent, she paints, writes music, directs her videos and makes her own music. Then we made music, she said she didn't have relations with people she did music with, and she?s cool people to work with because she?s very prompt and on time. She Appears on ?The Soul Of Benjamin Banneker In The Age of Aquarius?, ?Black Pyramid? and ?Nubian Plan?.


You?ve made over 25 albums but did few guest appearances, except for the last year with features on Pugs Atomz, White Shadow, Mr Skurge and 9th Scientist albums, are you trying to be involved with other?s projects more?

Not really, just me and Mr. Skurge and people I'm really down with. But I'm down to do some fresh material with hard workers who get stuff done you know. Me and 9th Scientist got a group called Uncle Remus.


You?ve named an album after Rodney Dangerfield, who else are some of your favourite comedians?

Well, Rodney is not a favourite it?s just that he?s a Scorpio from what his bio says and I'm a Scorpio. And we both don't get respect and he had passed away I thought that was a great peace.(laughs)... Other Comedians I like are Paul Mooney since I was a youth, Richard Pryor, Dick Gregory, Red Foxx, Chris Tucker, Keenan Ivory Wayans, Robert Townsand, Robin Harris, Bernie Mack, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle and Teddy Carpenter.


Another trademark in your lyricism is the constant namedropping, a lot of historic figures eg., I?m sure few people have heard of Ivan Van Sertima, so do you deliberately want listeners to get to know the story behind the name you?ve dropped? Like they should look it up and (in this case) read his books and studies?

Yes, please look up these people also. It?s very important to me. I want people to look these people up. They share the same thinking that I do, we are kindred spirits. Khalid Mohammad, Del Jones, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Amos Wilson, Arthur A. Schomburg, Asa Hilliard, Booker Taliaferro Washington, Carter G. Woodson, Chancellor James Williams, Cheikh Anta Diop, George Washington Carver, Chinweizu, Alain Locke, Arthur Alfonso Schomburg, Asa Grant Hilliard, III, Benjamin Banneker, Bobby Seale, Bobby Wright, Idi Amin, Mau Mau's, Dedan Kimathi, Menalik II, Crispus Attucks, David Walker, Denmark Vesey, Dr. Na'im Akbar, Dred Scott, Edward Wilmot Blyden, Elijah McCoy, Elijah Muhammad, Fannie Lou Hamer, Frederick Douglass, Gabriel Prosser, George G. M. James, Gerald Massey, Harriet Ross Tubman, Henry Highland Garnet, Huey P. Newton, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Joel Augustus Rogers, Jomo Kenyatta, Tom Lee, Joseph Cinque, Kwame Nkrumah, Langston Hughes, Louis Farrakhan, Madam C. J. Walker, Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Martin Luther King Jr., Martin Robinson Delany, Mary McLeod Bethune, Maya Angelou, Medgar Evers, Nathaniel Turner (Nat Turner),Nelson Mandela, Patrice Emery Lumumba, John Hope Franklin, Paul Robeson, Prince Hall, Robert SmallsRosa Lee McCauley Parks, Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington, Samuel Cornish, Shaka Zulu, Africa Bambata, Cool Herc, Sojourner Truth,Théophile Obenga, Sister Soulja, Mark Essex, William Edward Burghardt Du Bois, William Wells Brown, Zora Neale Hurston, El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz - Malcolm X, Frances Cress Welsing, Gerald Massey, Ishakamusa Barashango, Ivan Van Sertima, Jacob H. Carruthers, James Small, John G. Jackson, John Henrik Clarke, Jomo Kenyatta, Kwaku Person-Lynn, Kwame Nkrumah, Leonard Jeffries, Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Marimba Ani, Maulana Karenga, Molefi Kete Asante, Na'im Akbar, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, Patrice Lumumba, Runoko Rashidi, Théophile Obenga,William Leo Hansberry Yosef Ben-Jochannan, Asar Aset, Heru, Kufu, I also wrote some books (www.lulu.com/mlovelace) called ?Love To Know Thy Self? about a lot of these great leaders, it?s very informative.

Do you want Caucasian, Asian,. people to get interested in Black literature and the issue of slavery more than Black people themselves?

Well, the issue is slavery but what makes the interest greater is because The Holocaust of Africans from all areas of the globe including Asia, Australia, India etc ... brings all man?s history to light. Reparations are overdue because we still suffer from the mental abuse from a situation that took place over 700 years ago. The Jewish Holocaust was much lighter, the situation in Japan don't add up anything, all these people go through don't add up to what an African Original man, the forefathers of all mankind has to deal with for ever. It?s actually a time period when others can kind of forget about what colour they are and eat some squash and grapes. We will never forget. So every time another group of people gains from a person of Direct African Decent meaning still BLACK/AFRICAN/COLORED it?s a problem. We not happy with this abuse and others are. So all must get interested to correct the wrongs.


Your beats are very jazz-influenced, do you listen to jazz yourself, what were the latest jazz albums you listened to, which are your fav artists?

Well I don't listen to many albums but I love Coltrane, Herbie Hancock, Dizzy, Billy, The Duke, Black Swan Recordings, George Benson, Abdullah Ibrahim, Ahmad Jamal, Bob James, Wes Montgomery etc...


How would you compare living in Kentucky to the rest of the places you?ve lived?

Well its more rural, it?s out in the mountains and just backwards, but you know something I learned it?s places like that in Cali, Gerogia, Pennsylvania, Memphis is really backwards and country, so all these places suck just as equally.

Are you a fan of Kentucky Fried Chicken?

No I don't eat meat. I'm a vegetarian with spells of fish hunger (laughs) ...but mostly vegetables, 24/7!


Infinito2017&Love, what role does ?Love? play in your life right now?

Well, it?s the most important thing. I recently asked my Goddess of like 8-month relationship to jump the broom either lawfully or common law (but the commitment keeps me at ease cause we are away from each other a lot because of life and differences). But I'd say I'm really in Love with my earth in my life but I'm also in love with life itself, it?s such a refreshing feeling to be alive through all this pain and struggle. I love my Marjorie we share a lot of the same views and interest like Art, life and I love all that she is and who she is. I tell her let?s work on overstanding our differences and create everlasting peace in an Agreeable Union. So the Most High will keep all the love in balance and in a forward direction. Look out for Mrs 2017 on my joints in the future ...


On Feb 7, you?re releasing ?Natural Time?, entirely produced by Memo, what can we expect from that?

Some very great music with solid production. I mean the whole joint is sonically impressive from beginning to end. Every song has that same idea of love of who you are and what you do in 9 - 12 songs (haven't decided the track listing yet). Man, I just create positive messages of unity and determination while loving yourself and your people. If you can't Love yourself, you not in the right mind state, you really are in some form of neglect of your self. ?Natural Time? is really when time is limitless like Infinite Time when you away from Gregorian calendar, Julian Calendar and all forms of time travel that are not Natural Time, we actually move to fast and chaotic for a daily form of peace. The album has songs of Loving The Mother of Earth, Being Great, Positive Energy being spread, War, Hate, Meditation and this one song about what would happen if Africa was taken from the oppression and placed in the hands of the people who originated from the land.

Are you still workin with other members from the Molemen besides Memo?

Well I always work with them in some way, me and Pns are talking every now and then about an album of just off the wall concepts and topics. And with Panik it?s based on time he?s the only Left Hand Scorpio (LIKE MYSELF) in Hip-Hop that I've had time to build with so time will create this.


You?ve found your own record label... how?s that going down?

It?s the way it?s supposed to be over 120 releases since 1989 and counting. I work effortlessly on keeping my label very Hip-Hop and to the point with one message we make music for Somebody and Not Everybody. So every one can't know what its like to be a highly aware activist, creator, motivator, positive person and from the South Side of Chicago all in one minute because I move fast.

Is it strictly for own releases or are you looking to include other artists on the roster?

Well yes, I'm always looking but you got to be on the same page its a family ran label, Nephew of Frank is short for Franklin (my grandparents slave names and the character on the logo is my Uncle who has always been a great source multi life views from the streets to the pyramid).


You?re also heavily involved in art, painting, does that come secondary to the music?

No painting is in the same accord with the music, the thought and concepts are basically the same. I don't trust anyone enough to show them all my art but I do have over 4000 paintings and a nice part of my works are highly political and not easy on the mind. I make you think about who you are and your purpose in life. Art is supposed to keep your eye moving and your mind. I also like to add a drop in blood pressure, that?s my goal.

In what way do you work on your art compared to workin on your music?

Well, with the Art its very fresh on my mind like the rhymes, I constantly have a problem with the way society is and that?s the way my Art is created. So while I say it over here I display it in my Paintings, Every day actions, and in my videos.

Do you produce lots of art as you produce lots of records?

Yes, like I said I'm right around 5 to 6000 paintings because that?s what I do. 24/7, 360 days a year (yes I said 360 and not 365) (laughs) ... www.myspace.com/2017blackart www.2017blackart.com


You have also a ?best of? album. With so many recordings, on what bases did you select the songs on the album?

Well, me and my Wife were chilling and eye knew I had to do this and I just start picking them based on the years they were created. She actually painted the cover for that album I'd say in record time. You should see this project out more places next year. Can be found at www.thornbox.com and www.rhapsody.com


Not sure we can think of a word here, with you having no writer?s blocks, what word/subject/issue should we talk about here?

You should talk about Peace. We all need to practice less violence and more peace. How can there be peace when the evil in a person is always angry and in some form of disrespect of another. A person?s everyday actions and attitude should be less arrogant and more easy. That?s how we help each other. That stuff where you think you over another or ruling someone is silly, give more when people are giving to you. Don't live in a one dimensional corner of shady business. Be more direct and to the point. Be more honest and less violence that creates more peace. The fear keeps us all on watch and uneasy... peace, being in a gang is self-neglect and Ignorance only build for the people and Inform.


You?ve moved to sunny California. How did you like it there?

Well like then just as now I never liked it. It was to synthetic and individual base. It?s not a people community, the people are not the agenda. I was actually in Modern Babylon #2 San Francisco besides New York City #1. It?s really a sad place with all the homelessness, wealth, mental conditions it?s a shameful reality out there. But it?s some good people who just happen live on the End of The Earth. I don't like it but you never know I might like Los Angles I never went there (laughs).

You worked as a teacher?s assistant over there?

Yes, and now I'm working as a teacher assistant in Memphis, I moved from Cali in March ... and the school System is the worse thing going for the future of the people.


There?s a Sun Ra remix on the new album, how much of a fan of his work are you?

Well the greatest thing I love about him is he's a tireless worker. He got the 2017 by any means style of recording and discography.


Is he like your main producer? Like on every album you want to have a Thaione beat and he won?t ever hesitate to give you a beat?

Well Thaione is like that little brother type of dude. I'm sort of like bully and a mentor at the same time to him, but he understands. It?s some type of mutual respect with him. He's always aware of reality and it?s easy to get him to know that we as a people must constantly build and unite all the time. We deal with each other from the family stand point; he has a wife and child. I respect that, and then we do everything else. I'm one of those people you start a motivation with then create change, Thaione is progressive so it?s easy to go forward with a person like that. He will offer me a beat for every project for a very good fee. This is our peace and respect. That?s the dude, props to him and his family. 2017 is the future now. Thaione Davis is going to beat you to the point. Look for his new album ?The Burgundy Sessions: Antebellum? on Jericho Lounge coming soon!


The new album, what does the album?s title mean exactly?

Ok, the definition has to do with this year just a lot of lies and disrespect from people you work with and other wise. It?s like it?s a great reason to not be too excited about the year. Being all over the states, record labels owing you money, fake friends, fake associates, living in hell and just a lot of struggles being out here in Memphis because of how corny it can be. Also my relationship with my wife to be has these great highs and dangerous lows and it?s my way of getting it out of my system Unenthusiastic and Narcotic Free. She likes me to be positive so this is my way to do this.

In what way does this album differ to the rest of your discography?

Well it has more of a variety ... The remixes the different times I recorded the music and wrote it this album extends from 2003 till like last week. I just finished the record Last Week and it returns from pressing next week. My work ethic is like that. Yeahhhhh!


You?ve released a few DVD?s, how important is the visual aspect for the work of Infinito?

Well it?s a major part because it lets people inside my world even more. I like to be like the Documented Emcee showing all my different development. I have DVD / Video footage from like 89 doing Hip Hop and all the years in-between. So I just keep everything in presentation form. I got mad videos to detail the days of everyday life.


A lot of American artists are workin with European producers, like Thaione and J Sayne eg., how?s workin with somebody who grew up in a whole different environment and lives across the Ocean?

It?s cool, less nonsense. See the problem with dealing to many people in the USA at times is they just act like punks, suckers, lames, weak willed, breast fed to long or some other weaknesses. What I like about working with people overseas they just don't keep up that soft stuff these suckers been coming with. I mean people really be soft. Really ...

Are you planning on workin with more European artists?

Maybe, you never know, if the peace stays it?s all good, but if they start acting like they from Evanston, Illinois, then I will not work with any Europeans abroad. Keep a lot of peace I?ll keep the peace, until you get all Americanized with your mentality.

X-CLAN (of Blackwatch Movement)

Have they been an inspiration for you and your music?

Yes very much so Brother J and X Clan are great influences.

Do you think, with the return of the X-Clan, rappers of today will focus more on Black awareness and liberation topics?

Yes, because that?s their focus, see the problem nowadays; it?s not enough reality thinkers giving out facts. I'm only going to give Facts. I'm only giving the peace.


Tell us more about her.

This is my wife this is the woman I love that I was talking about earlier in the interview. She is a Designer of Strong African Womans Designs on Clothing and Art. She is only giving out a point and a message. I'm kind of more protective of her then any other woman I?ve ever been into. She?s private and don't like to be all out in the public, but she?s great and I love the fact that she like that. I can't wait till you see more of her designs and spread the love of Yes Lioness all over the world. www.yeslioness.com. Please go visit and love the beauty my great love has to offer.


What is ?Zion? mean to you?

I'm not the one for this question.


My Family and everybody close to me. Go get 'Unenthusiastic Ebony Brown Soul' at www.ughh.com, www.thornbox.com, and www.itunes.com and 'Natural Time' coming 2-7-2007. Respect CPF to Platform8470 and know this we are Indigenous - Africans the American part is not a great Representation and Black doesn't Represent a region on the face of the Earth, So Black is a figure of Speech. Using MYSPACE IS A JOKE IT?S TOO MANY OVER NIGHT DAY DREAMERS (WHAT MAKES PEOPLE THINK THEY HIP HOP CAUSE THEY GOT PRO TOOLS?) ... 2017 IS NOT DONE ... What is a Yin Yang twin and The President Don't Care about Poor Africans. ©2017 look for my next book...

Thanks Infinito2017!


POSTED 11|01|2006
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