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Infinito2017 2017 till infinito The first time I heard of Infinito was when he was a member of the Chicago crew Nacrobats. Then, last year, he returned with Thaione Davis as I.T., releasing the excellent ‘Low Income Housing’. After some research, it appeared that Infinito 2017 aka Marcellous Lovelace had already released over 25 records. Talking about a hard-working artist! His upcoming album ‘Rodney Dangrr Fild’ will drop soon on Domination Rec. The ideal moment to get acquainted with the man who calls himself A Regular Black Dude…

Wassup Infinito?


You're about to release a new album called 'Rodney Dangrr Fild'. From what we've heard already, the album sounds real dope! Tell us something more…what’s the story behind it?

Well, I haven’t made a quote ‘unquote’ official release since ‘Music with Sound Right Reasoning’ in 2002 so I had to do something new and unusual for myself like flip the script and regenerate like only a Scorpio can. So I made an album detailing what it’s like to feel disrespected treated like nothing by your peers. ‘Roddny Dangrr Fild’ was not suppose to be, I was suppose to be telling you about the ‘Timeless #27 Infinite Boundless Knowledge’ that was suppose to drop on Molemen Records but it never happened due to the fact that the Molemen said ‘I didn’t put enough energy in my vocal performance I’m not passionate enough and that I’m sounding to much like myself, I wasn’t making songs I was just rapping and numerous other reasons’. This whole situation caused me to relocate, rebuild and come back with what I do, have my love for my brothers, my love for my people, my love for respect.

I thank the African American community for always being by my side. I mean I’m not the greatest hood story in the world but it’s the ‘HOOD’ that creates and motivates me and my creative ventures from the South Side of Chicago to Philly to Helena, Arkansas to the recently visited Bay Area in Cali to South Memphis to South West Atlanta. I mean it’s always been my community that shows me how to keep going and dispel what people feel about me and just keep on moving, regardless of the conditions of not having no money, not being able to record in any setting (I like to record alone or with Mr. Skurge exclusively), by doing my music and my art on any surface ‘By Any Means Necessary’.

So why the name ?

By naming my album ‘Roddny Dangrr Fild’, it allowed me to show respect to other groups of people by acknowledging a famous and sometimes misunderstood comedian, who is also a Scorpio like me and he had recently passed away. Rodney Dangerfield always said he gets no respect at all and I feel the exact same way, from the first day I moved back to Chicago to the day I excited the city again, I’ve been in a battle. Be it with crew members, with the Nacrobats when I first met them (I feel the Nacrobats should be respected for helping to shape the underground scene in Chicago I mean most of your more famous characters in Chicago were once Nacrobats or affiliated in some way shape form or fashion. Much respect to all my brothers and sisters who were down with me and still are) to the misfits who you just meet on a regular basis at, let’s say, the radio station in Chicago. I mean you got 10,000 rappers, poets, beat makers, etc who got a billion ideas on how people should do music and, man, these cats just started releasing their bedroom projects within the last 5 years, man. Dude I’ve been doing 5 and 6 albums a year since I first started without any equipment or any money and I did my videos the same way always working regardless of what people thought, think. Whatever, it’s all a creative outlet that’s decided by the fans, not no punk who wants to please a bunch of other punks who is supposed to be hip hop.

What’s the album about ?

This album is about respect. I respect people in general but I don’t ever feel like the respect is returned. When I create, it’s coming from my soul! A lot of people who work at these record labels, distributors, radio stations, magazines, don’t have no soul! They don’t know the first thing about being real in a factual way. Man, I can go on for days describing what this album means but I can’t, so to sum it up: it’s just giving what I have and telling my story of respect and disrespect as far as my life goes. Respect to Mr. Skurge for taking time out of his life to record and produce on this project and numerous others, that’s love man! Respect to Memo of the Molemen, always got a brothers back! Thaione, dude, we Men, not boys. We gonna have to start slapping these punks! Fisher man, hey, you got to be right! Kenny Keys greatness, Fatnice the best to me (my cousin from the group 84 in Philly), DJ Waht, dude, you the only DJ that can scratch anything, Kevin Fountain, words of encouragement, Mr. Mind of Record Playas, I owe you kid! Psalm one the super star, Dj 5th Element where you at?, Insight, Dusty A the imperial, Mixx Massacre (dude I will always respect you for your support if I’m ever out the pits you with me, you are a good person), Soul Child always supportive and factual only we know for all helping to make this album props to Cosmo Galactus who was not on here but he’s part of the respect team.

Why is the subtitle 'Tragedy in Bar Sequences'?

‘Tragedy in Bar Sequences’ is like making a mockery of rhyming in Bars, it’s a spin-off from the ‘I.T. - Low Income Housing’ album and this album that I can rhyme any kind of way, based on the way I feel and what ever I want to do. Hip Hop has become a Tragedy of all these fake people who have no real stability in being loyal if you feel me.

What do you hope to achieve with this album? Do you want to sell a lot of them?

Hard answer I was asked recently the same kind of question, but I don’t know. It’s like life happens and I can only get what the people give me then I continue on. One album does not flatter me. I’d love to sell a lot of these albums, I’d love to tour the world, I love a lot of positive scenarios but I have to be balanced and keep in mind it’s an unpredictable world. But I keep a positive out look and keep moving.

What do we have to learn from it?

Learn respect listen to all the respect.

There are a lot of talented producers on the album. Memo, Mr. Skurge, Kenny Keys, Doc West (Single Minded Pros, whut!), Thaione Davis (Infinito's partner on the IT project) are well-known names in the underground scene, but tell us a little more about 5th Element, Mr. Mind, Mixx Massacre and Soul Child.

5th Element is another South Side great he didn’t even know he was on the album. The beat I got from him came from Thaione and they just looked out, thanks 5th (Brothers Union). Mr. Mind is a dope producer from the Record Playas in Chicago, he’s growing and getting doper, always helpful. Hmm, Mixx Massacre, like I said earlier, he is a great person who helps to develop my recording by allowing me to record at his beautiful studio M.I.H. (Made in Heaven). This is the man behind my albums ‘Music With Sound Right Reasoning’ and ‘To Know American’. Oh yeah, Mixx Massacre is one of the original members of the Molemen you should interview him and all these other greats Soul Child, man, he was born in Chicago but I met him in Memphis in another one of those battles for respect but he’s a great friend, always giving me great advice and he’s like another cold emcee that hasn’t come out with a lot of albums. But yo, look for these dude I rank him up there with Fatnice he’s just nice. Yeah respect respect …

Fatnice is also your cousin; tell us something more about him...

Well, Fatnice is a guy you all should interview. He’s worked with a lot of the East Coast’s best. He’s in a group called 84 in Philly but he’s from the South Side of Chicago. Also, he moved to Philly to gain his Master’s Degree that he does have. Fatnice is my greatest inspiration, he is my first cousin but more like a brother since he’s like a year older. All I have to say is look out for him and the group which features Aul Purpis (works with the legendary DJ Cash Money) and Blakk the 9th Mann, yeah, these are some dope brothers, 84, look out! Their E.P. has Sat-one, and Kev Brown on production.

How and why did you connect with Insight?

Well, once upon a time, Insight was looking to build with some cats in Chicago and I happened to connect with him out of the clear blue sky. We started talking to each other back and forth and he just hit me with like 36 bars. He said I could use them on my Molemen release but since that album never happened I just had Mr. Skurge and DJ Waht from Filthy F. Fingatips gone and flip a remix.

You recorded over 25 albums, if you look back on them, are they all as good as you wanted them to be?

You would have to listen to them all from the beginning to now to hear the growth, because I listen to all good advice. Like one time, Memo said you write good verses on a lot of songs but all the beats don’t be amazing. So it’s based on what one likes. I can be real political and militant, I mean fierce where feelings can get hurt but I can also be real fun, but one key, I didn’t start a few years ago, this is constant work since like 1989 non-stop productivity.

Which albums are official releases with a label and distribution? Which albums/mix tapes can we still buy, how?

That’s funny all of them are if I wanted to be sarcastic, because labels and distribution has become this underground joke. Everything I make and release is under my NEPHEW OF FRANK RECORDS label so if it’s my music it will have one of my logos. I created it myself and decide what’s what. But if you want to get literal look for ‘Infinito – Qualified Professional #27’ on Fatbeats, ‘Infinito – Music with Sound Right Reasoning’ on Birthwrite Records, but will be re – released soon on another ‘joke label’, ‘I.T. (Infinito & Thaione) - Low Income Housing’ on Domination Recordings and etc… you can buy just about all of them at www.thornbox.com, www.ughh.com, www.accesshiphop.com, www.putemonthemap.com, and try www.infinito2017.com links to see more stores! But no one person will have every album I made unless they contact me. I got extra albums all music can be distributed.

You once recorded an album in one day, true? How many artists have done that, man!!?? What about writer's blocks?

No such thing as Writer’s Blocks! For Infinito: 2017 or Marcellous Lovelace. And if a person wants to challenge the idea, listen closely to every word to hear the underlying meaning in each sentence, well-thought out with detail, complete original thoughts and statements furnished daily. I’m recording material for 2008 right now and for other periods soon. I think a lot and I’m really thoughtful and creative. I recorded ‘Infinito presents: Marcellous Lovelace’ in 10/26/75 (the birth day of the birth guy) hmm, available at: www.thornbox.com and some store in Germany only. Catch up rappers. Original Olmec Moor Creations from an Indigenous!

Coming from the Southside of Chicago, are you influenced by Common, what do you like about him?

He is the Chicago pioneer he’s one of the best writers ever to me! Him, Juice, All Natural, NO I.D., Twilight Tone, Ill State Assassins, E.C. ILLA , Molemen, Twista, Rhymefest etc., all of them and many more… They all are my Chicago influence.

That’s right, Southside Chicago must be one of the most creative places in the world, from a hip-hop point-of-view. Why do you think this area is so creative and so good in what they're doin?

African Americans souly, because you have to know, brothers and sisters built this world. We can take little to nothing and create greatness. Think about this Benjamin Banneker, an African American man, a Moor in the mid 1700’s who helped to develop Washington D.C., New York City and other cities. He created the Almanac, he built a clock out of wood with exact detail, you have to know just like him these African American Brothers and Sisters are great thinkers, intelligent minds that created the entire world and made Hip Hop important in Chicago, yes, from the West side and South side also. RESPECT… LOOK FOR THE SOUL OF …NEXT YEAR… look up Grand Master Flash, George Washington Carver, Garret C. Morgan, Thomas Dorsey, Dj Kool Herc and more.

Do you know Grav, an artist from the middle 90s, whom Kanye worked with? Do you like Kanye West, would you like to work with him?

Yeah, I’ve seen Grav before live. He’s dope, a great emcee also. I saw Kanye before, with Rhymefest a long time ago. Yeah, one of my crew members from the Nacrobats named Damon Lamar, did a lot of work with Kanye West I think he knows of him. I’d enjoy working with him he got some dope beats I’m always ready for new beats and new music.

You also lived in Memphis, how was that like?

Ohh my, well yes, I’m living in Memphis right now as we speak! I never really enjoyed the city, it’s different then what I want out of life. But it has a strong history it’s a lot of strong intelligent African American people out here.

The mayor of Memphis is an Afro-American; did he do a lot for the black community?

Mayor Willie Harrington of Memphis is cool. He does what he can. I’m not my people’s judge, that’s what the All is for.

Is there a strong hip-hop scene?

The hip-hop scene is growing. It’s a lot of straight up boom bap hip-hop out in Memphis such as Mr. Skurge, Dj Waht, Filthy F. Fingatips, Dr. Anon, Kontrast, old school crews like M.O.S. Masters of Sound that’s Soul Childs crew, IRON Mic Coalition, Piranha University, Tunnel Clones, Fathom 9, Dusty A, Jason Harris, Empee, North Memphis Brothers, Soul Child, Fyght Club, Mighty Quinn, Sun Dred, etc… You need to interview Mr. Skurge and M.O.S. to get full factual history on Hip Hop in Memphis, ya dig…

Did you get to know the Blues over there?

I got to know the blues, yes. I love it, true African pain.

You lived in different places. Would it appeal to you to live in Europe? What's your perception on Europe?

I’d love to live in a new place. I’m a Travelling Person, I have no preconceived opinion, it’s just all opportunity to learn about history and I story and find that respect around the world. I don’t prejudge any one I only draw off what I know. If I don’t know I learn.

Must all hip-hop have an opinion, be about politics, educate?

If it was based on today only, I would say yes. It’s a lot of ignorance and demeaning messages in the music of today. We need (the key word is need) a balance in understanding and thought. Music should teach more and instruct. It’s a lot of degrading. Music being played on the radio and being fed to these young African minds, that’s destructive. The record distributors should do more and the labels should be ashamed. Education is always necessary because it’s a lot to know forever, the party must stop some day. You don’t see every other race degrading themselves but my people are constantly instructed to do so THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW. And most of the people that enjoy this ignorant cooning are not the people performing the nonsense. Sisters and Brothers you create the change don’t sale nothing to yourself. We should love our self more then to please stupid people by doing stupid things.

In a few interviews I've read, I could gather that you consider music as being not colourless at all, that you want to have more black people in charge of the music they created. But some of the best, smaller underground labels that put out excellent music are run by non-blacks, and some of the biggest, commercial labels are actually run by black people (Bad Boy, Def Jam) How do you mix that?

Well, it’s just that it’s more profitable in the long run to be independent i.e. underground. Well, not only do African Americans need to control the publishing, licensing, promotion, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, record labels what ever else that is involved with an recording artist music, videos etc. We need and must have full control of our own destiny because we control our best interest. Never be satisfied, never think it’s alright, it’s not and it will not be until positive minded Africans control for Africans! African, in America and else where, need their own nation, we need our own politics, our own system separate but equal and we need to be vocal because we don’t need this tomorrow, we need this today. These guys that run these underground labels and all the distributors in all areas of music worldwide don’t have Africans or Blacks. In their best interest, I speak for all the people who are voiceless. I don’t care what any one thinks and I don’t care what their goal is. Blind justice sucks! Freedom now! Self Control now! Musical Reparations now! Why is a person, who knows nothing about the African or does not care mostly about the African, getting money from the African? That’s Brain Washed Slavery and yes, I’m crazy, it’s better that way. Not just in charge but total control.

You read a lot of books. Which kind of books? How much of an influence does reading have on your lyrics?

I read non-fiction and books on my story, my past, my potential, my mind. The books affect my work a lot, but most of what I write is positive expressions to break the spell of ignorance in the African Community that was placed on my people by a governing oppressor. Remember this fact, slavery was recognized as legal by the United States Government so reparations must be given to the ancestor of all African people of the world.

Is there any books about black culture you can advise us pale faced creatures?

’The African Origin of Civilization: Myth or Reality’ by Cheikh Anta Diop. Most facts come to life, get you a Dead Sea scroll and know who, that the first people are Africans.

You also shot a lot of video clips; first of all, can we still check them out somewhere?

Yeah, I shot videos for every album in some way. I started in like 95 and just got better with the help of Slim the Barber www.barbershophiphop.com and school labs, where I took film and animation. Well, at www.infinito2017.com and http://2017videos.tripod.com you can see most and my DVD’s at www.thornbox.com. Part 2 is coming soon.

What are your influences on that area? Any directors, actors, movies you would like to mention?

Documentary film is my greatest influence for film. Spike Lee, Hype Williams, George Lucas, my cousin Andre Braugher who is an actor, Denzyl Washington, Charles S. Dutton, Keenan Ivory Wayne’s, Robert Townsend, and others. As for movies, I like ‘Blues Brothers’, ‘Do the right Thing’, ‘School Dayz’, ‘Glory’, ‘I’m gonna get you, sucka’ ‘Malcolm X’, ‘Marcus Garvey: Look for Me in the Whirlwind: American Experience’, I love documentaries and biographies, history channel, discovery channel, ESPN and Basket ball etc…

'Get On The Bus' is one of my favourite Spike Lee movies…

Yeah my cousin is on that movie! What a coincidence (Andre Braugher)! Dope right, it’s my mothers first cousin my grandmothers nephew, ya dig… he from the West side of Chicago.

I saw a video on your My Space page and your moves, expression, reminded me a lot of C Rayz Walz, free stylish, cool, relaxed, everything seems to come natural and really really enjoy rhyming...Do you know C Rayz music, are you a fan?

Yeah, he’s cool. I met him a few times. He did a drop for me for my DVD when I was in NY and I have it as an intro on ‘Rodnyy Dangrr Fild Tragedy in Bar Sequences’. Yeah, I got respect for that man. He’s great, he drops intelligent lyrics, I’d love to work with him. And I really enjoy doing hip-hop it’s part of my life, my love. On the new ‘Marcellous Lovelace Ending the Sleeping in Our Community’ album I say: ‘I’ve given up everything including girl friends and food for hip hop’ Peace on that, joe…

How important is humour in your life?

It’s very important to have laughter and know when to balance the fun and serious side of reality. Humour is really important. The people need laughter to get over all this stress that exists.

You told us earlier that you're a Scorpio? It is said that Scorpios are the most intense, profound, powerful characters in the zodiac... Do you believe in astrology?

Yes, I’m a Scorpio to the heart and most of the English Astrologist think is partially right, but I don’t follow negative traits. I search for all that is positive and leads to growth. I know astrology, I know it as an ancient Kemetic tradition and, yes, I study people and their births deeply. Ancient Kemitics (Egiptions…not Egyptians) used Astro-planes for all aspects of life. Respect the culture… we are the Aztecs, The Semitic, the All. You a cool dude, you do a detailed review with a lot of facts…

Here’s some more facts; you're also left-handed, history has learned us that some of the most creative minds such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo, Beethoven and Albert Einstein were left-handed. All odds are in favour of you, man!

Yeah, I know this, thanks for telling the world, you know! Panik from the Molemen and Mr. Skurge are both Left Handed also. Fresh right… oh, and this girl I used to love named Tamika is left handed, dope…

You don't drink nor smoke, right? What’s your opinion on the ‘marihuana advances creativity’ -thing? When listening to peoples such as Madlib and Jay Dee you'd really think it makes a big diff and they make no secret of it.

Well, it’s just like selling sex (even though I love sex and woman with nice figures) in music. I don’t do it because it’s too simple. People are already too simple, get complex! They just go to the plantation plant and follow commands, it’s just my opinion that peeps need to free their mind on dependents. You should need your health and your love, not drugs. But since people do them, just think moderation. I mean, I know people that do it. I just chose not to be the same to be none traditional and positive but not lame. I don’t drink nor do I smoke and I don’t feel like I need to ever do so.

Who are your favourite MC's?

Ohh shh…I'm always being me from my heart. A Tribe Called Quest, Busy Bee, KRS-One, Poor Righteous Teachers, Brand Nubian, X-Clan, Public Enemy, Melle Mel, my older cousin Derrick a.k.a. Fatnice OF 84, Mr. Skurge, Diamond D, De La Soul, Last Poets, Common, The Roots, O.C., Rakim, DITC, Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Gang Starr, Juice, Doom, Black Moon etc…

What does it take to be a good MC?

Creativity, great character, Soul, personality and honesty

What do you prefer? Being on stage and do some freestyle or recording in the studio and write lyrics?

Well that’s not an easy question. I started out as a live emcee only, but as I constructed my content more and created material, I haven’t been able to do a lot of show. Now, I do want to do shows but because a lot of these males who throw shows did not have a male figure in their lives when they were young, they took on their feminine nature and just don’t want to see real men perform, yes, real African men. So I don’t do many shows so if it’s any men and women who want to see truth and facts then I’d be glad to perform only1infinito@hotmail.com … so right now I prefer recording and writing until I get more shows.

Do you like other music outside hip-hop?

Yes ... Reggae, Jazz, Afro-Beat, Soul music and Blues

Which records/CD's have you bought recently?

Common – BE, Master Ace – A Long Hot Summer….that’s all so far.

Top 5 hip-hop albums (of all time):

Common – Resurrection
Tribe Called Quest – Low End Theory
BDP – Edutainment
Poor Righteous Teachers – New World Order
De La Soul – Three feet high and Rising

Top 5 non-hip-hop albums (of all time):

No answer I’ve been ruined by hip-hop! I like Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Sade, and Frankie Beverly And Maze

Time for some names/words…what do you associate with it?

Mumia Abdul Jamal

Freedom. America need to stop lying so much. Justice.

Chicago Bulls

Best team in my era. Mike Jordan. Champs. Baby Bulls. I wish Ron Artest was still a Bull.

Wilt Chamberlain

Man, a freak with 100 points. He was a great African in America Ball. Player

Infinito Triangle

Atlanta, Memphis, Chicago, oh my god, how you know that. My Lil Brother son homes. God


Unorthodox Poets Society. Disgruntle Employees. My first paying job. We need a new album, Dj Waht!

Regular Black Man

All my brothers need to unite. Million man march 2005

Michael Jackson

Free man. Leave them people alone, stay away and love your self. Micheal Joe Jackson. Gary. In


Money. Power Control. Disrespect

E.R. (the sitcom)

Not for me, nothing.

Where do you see yourself in 2017? What would you have liked to accomplish by then?

Well, off in good health with a wife and some kids. Supporting my family, still doing my Art and being respectable.

How's life gonna be in 2017?

How ever you make it. http://2017blackart.tripod.com, www.infinito2017.com and www.dominationrec.com.



POSTED 11|15|2006
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