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KayDee Profession: Rap. Hometown: World. Europe and underground American artists are growing to each other more often. This week marks the release of 'The Groove', a collabo between Suiss producer Chief and Maryland MC Kay Dee, a full-time globetrotter who has recorded with Celph Titled, Dr Beckett and El Da Sensei. The latter also features on 'The Groove' alongside J Sands, so get your groove on.

Wassup KayDee, your collabo album with Swiss producer Chief is about to be released. Him being from Switzerland, how did you hook up with Chief and what made you decide to work with him?

I found him on-line and I thought his beats were dope so we decided to do some songs. He had the ?Creativity? single I did with Sensei back in '99 and he was feelin it so we got to work quickly. One or two songs turned into an EP and after they flew me out to Switzerland we just made an album.

What did you know about Switzerland before going there?

I've been to Wil,Switzerland in 2002 when me, J-Live, 7L & ES, Apathy and Becket was touring and I loved it man!

So you speak some French know?

Yeah, a little. But I learned most of it when I was in High School, but I am rusty and really insecure speaking it. Me and Chief got a deal; I teach him English and he teaches me French.

Was the pasta all? pesto any good?

Hell yeah!! I got the special treatment man. I was staying with Djooz (which did some production on the album) and he is Italian so his grandmother hooked it up!

How long did it take to finish the album?

3½ months.

Have you heard that other Swiss-American collabo of Maylay Sparks and Hands Solo called ?Masked Avengers??

Nah! I've heard Maylay but not that joint.

You mentioned Becket earlier, the first couple of 12??s you released was alongside Doc Beckett, how did you meet him?

We came up together man. I have known him since we was 16. We went to high school together and all that.

Were you on his solo album ?Way Of Life??


Are you planning on working together again soon?

Not in this lifetime.

Your first releases were on Fat Beats...

That was just on some distribution shit! We sent it to Eclipse and he was like ?Yeah, we will take it!?. That shit really opened a lot of doors for us in NY. Bobbito's show, Nuyorican Cafe, Eclipses show at NYU etc.....

After your collabos with Doc Becket, you recorded with Celph Titled and the Demigodz, tell us more about how that went down...

My boy J from VA was recording with Celph in NY, so I took a trip with him up there and that?s when I met Celph and Apathy. After that, me and Celph kept in touch and he sent me some beats, I went up to Bronx Science to lay it down and pressed it up three months later.

Your debut solo album is a full MP3-release, why?

I haven?t done a record in like four years and I didn?t really want that to be the material I bounced back with. At first, I was eager to put it on CD/LP but after listening to it a lot I decided to keep it MP3.

Can we expect a proper release of it sometime?

I doubt it.

If I had to match you with a producer I would say J Rawls; have you featured on a Lone Catalysts track yet?

Nah man! I would love to, though. Funny you said that because I used to (and still do) write most of my rhymes to J-Rawls? beats.

Another option is Kev Brown, are you familiar with his work?

Yeah of course I know about Kev! We both out of Maryland.

What other producers do you wanna work with?

I got a long list: Dilla (R.I.P), Spinna, Madlib, Joey Chavez, J-Rawls, but I always wanted a BEATNUTS beat!

?I?m overseas 6 months a year? you rhyme, in which other countries have you been outside the US?

Damn, man. Mexico, Germany, Denmark, Holland, England, France, Italy, Dominican Republic, Sweden, Finland, Canada, the list goes on bro.

So you never been to Belgium yet?

Never been there, but would love to get out there!!

What do you know of our country?

Umm...Belgium was conquered by Caesar around 50 B.C. and then the French started running shit in the 5th century and a majority of the population's religion is Roman-Catholic.


So do you mostly go abroad for leisure or do you always try to promote yourself?

Both. But mostly business. I am really tired of the States to be honest.

I see there?s a picture of a thin European woman and a fat American woman on your Myspace, so that really explains it why we can find you in Europe a lot?

That picture is the truth.

You?ve done a 12?? with Italian singer Alexia...

I was out in Milan and my road manager was like ?Are you down to do this remix?? and I was like ?yeah?! Little did I know that she was larger than life in Italy.

How?s recording with a lot of different nationalities, artists with a different cultural background?

It is a blessing man. I learn so many things about politics, tradition, history, food etc. And it helps me to keep my sights clear and kick it with anyone I come across.

Can we expect some more collabo?s with European artist?

Oh yeah. Freddie Cruger (from Sweden), Tommy Tee (from Norway) and L-Jazze (from France).

On Youtube there?s live footage of you performing in Stockholm (around 2002) what do you remember from that performance?

A lot of beer, weed and ladies! That was a crazy night!

You?re going to Africa next summer 2007, have you been to it before?

Never been there.

What are you going to do over there?

It's a festival with live shows and workshops with the kids about music. I did something similar to this in Germany and I love working with the kids when it comes to music. They are listening to every word you say and put their trust in your hands completely.

If you had the opportunity to pick one place in the world where you could/would love to live, where would it be?

Italy. Hands down.

Enough about travelling, what was the first rap record you ever bought?

The first one I bought was ?Done By The Forces of Nature? by Jungle Brothers in 1989 but my older brother had shoe boxes of tapes I used to listen to, way earlier than that..

Are you a record collector?

Yeah man. Earth, Wind and Fire, Tears for Fears, Roy Ayers, The System, Stevie Wonder, Duran Duran, James Ingram, Sade.... I got all that.

What were the last five albums you?ve bought?

Umm....Masters of Work ?? ?Our Time Is Coming?, King Britt ?? ?Scuba?, Little Brother ?? ?Minstrel Show?, Mablib ?? ?Mind Fusion vol 1.? and Slum Village ?? ?Fantastic Vol.2? for the fourth fucking time!!

When did you start rhyming?


Which rappers did inspire you?

Chuck D, Rakim, De la Soul, Artifacts and Lord Finesse.

What do you like talking about the most in your lyrics? Travelling, music, women, politics?

Shit I like, shit I don't like, where I am from, where I want to be. No guidelines really just me turning myself inside out.

Please comment on the following:

Sonic Energy

I did my first import with these guys and we are still cool to this day. Talented and cool guys!

J Sands

Cool and down to earth! Good peeps!

El Da Sensei

I have a genuine respect for El. He is probably the coolest dude I ever met in this rap shit and anybody will tell you that. He really put me on to a lot of shit and schooled me on some ?Don't do this, do it that way?-type of shit. He is just a pleasant person to be around.

High Times Comedy

Roll that shit, light that shit ,smoke it and put on Chapelle or Dane Cook! (laughs)

L Jazze

This guy is just amazing with the bass guitar and the keys. I always make up beats in my head, like shit I would like to rhyme on and that?s how he sounds. He is the future. No bullshit!!

What?s next for Kay Dee?

Well, I am getting the 2007 roster ready for my imprint Grind Recordings. Putting together a remix maxi-single of ?That?s Why? featuring J-Sands with Tommy Tee, L-Jazze and Chief on production. That will be out around March 2007. Getting ready for Africa and working on my next album which will be out this time next year.


All my family and friends In Maryland and D.C, all my fans all over the globe and my counterparts helping me with this imprint and last but not least platform8470!



POSTED 11|01|2006
conducted by cpf

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