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Kosha Dillz Down and out in Beverly Dillz Whereas he once had to deliver pizzas to afford the recording of his first 12”, he's now got a promotional deal for DuckDown Records under his arm, a European tour ahead of him and a brand new record soon in stores. New Jersey-bred rapper Kosha Dillz is making moves quicker than the hand of Wild Bill Hickok. With his upcoming album 'Beverly Dillz', the follow-up to his collaboration with C Rayz Walz, the Jewish MC introduces us to some L.A. ish. Everybody at the bar! Everybody a star!

What releases/artists have inspired you to do this record?

Ahhh...this was a record I locked in to do. It's sort of been a thing since my first 12'' 'Hairy Chest 2 Hollywood', produced by DJ Absurd.

What made you choose only one producer, Belief, for this record?

It was simple and efficient. It produced a sound that no one could replicate and he did everything. He also knows me on a personal level since the record I did with C Rayz Walz, 'Freestyle vs. Written'. It was a record that needed to be done in Los Angeles.

Belief is also the producer for Lil Wayne, Beanie Man.

That's exactly why I chose him. I have to think and come out like Lil Wayne. But with my own style: Kosha Dillz. It's a flamboyant record but also very calculated. Belief is very wise on the boards and in guidance. I respect him in his personal life by the way he lives, so it felt safe to work with a guy like this. It's different than most producers.

A lot of your fans will be surprised with this album...you obviously like tricking your audience, right?

I think people are just getting to know me. 'Freestyle vs. Written' introduced me to an audience that was underground with C Rayz' reputation. Now, as a solo album comes, they can know my seriousness into making an album that best describes me in the most major way possible, Beverly Dillz.

How much of hip-hop is Beverly Hills or how much of Beverly Hills is hip-hop?

A lot of hip-hop is Beverly Hills. You walk into a club and there are tons of people ice-grilling and too good for you. Me being white and Jewish, people think I am a producer or some sort of radio persona or something. I am beginning to enjoy the incognito it brings to me. People think they made it and that someone has to look a certain way to be somebody. Wrong. Go to Beverly Hills and some random guy has his whole house cut out into a studio. You thought he was a waiter at a restaurant. Inside, his place is dedicated to all music, and he makes a living off of it. You answer an ad off craigslist in LA and some guy rolls up in a Bentley that wants a rap song for his movie and will pay you $3000 and throw it away.

What are some of your fav spots in Beverly Hills?

Pink berry.

Which 'Beverly Hills Cop' movie is your fav?

The one where he's in jail and sings 'Roooooooooooxanne!' (Although this scene is really from the movie'48 Hrs', ed.)

Who's your most fav character of the series 'Beverly Hills 90210'?

I enjoyed Brenda...more like she was the cutest one....I did enjoy Dillon though since he was so into trouble and had lots of issues like me.

Jewish artists have had a big influence on the American movie culture; do you have the impression that America is grateful?

I mean, it depends who you think America is. Jews have been hated on for our entire existence. America loves a good movie. They don't really care who makes it. I'm sure many racist and prejudice people see a flick by Steven Spielberg.

As a matter of fact, Aaron Spelling (producer of 'Beverly Hills 90210'), Richard Dreyfuss ('Down and Out in Beverly Hills'), Paul Mazursky (director of 'Down And Out in Beverly Hills') are all of Jewish heritage...coincidence or is there a profound link between Jews and Beverly Hills?

Not a coincidence. Jewish people and the art of schmooze is in our blood. Many times people needed to act to save their lives, disguise themselves and act like they are someone else or pretend not to be Jewish so they would not be killed. In a different way, this is the industry of music and film: lots of acting and pretending and schmoozing and disguising. An amazing concept.

You did make a Hebrew song on the record; would you consider a full album in the Hebrew language?

I would love to do a full album in Hebrew. That'd take me time to go to Israel and do it and brush up on it so it'd make sense in Israel. Hebrew over there is like Spanish with Dominicans. It's sooo fast sometimes and if you don't understand you stupid! I would need help but .there is no shame in my game. My man SHi 360 would help for sure.

In fact, you're trilingual, English, Hebrew and Spanish. Now since you're albums are in English we suppose you're pretty much at ease rapping in that language.

You know the primary world slang in consumers is English hip-hop. Even overseas, rap is loved in English.

.but do you feel comfortable rappin in Spanish too?

I would love to make a song in Spanish!

Have you got thé Jewish rap album off all times; 2 Live Jews' 'As Kosher As They Wanna Be'?

No, but you know G-d bless them.

Hip-hop related, what does 'kosher' mean to you?

Keeping it clean. Doing the right thing when no one is watching.

You're soon to go on a European tour, right?

Yes. We'll be introducing Beverly Dillz to Europe. 5 countries. It's quite awesome because lots of labels are looking at me as booking agencies are. In the end, I have a busy schedule up till 2010.

You won a promotional deal with DuckDown Records, what can we expect from that deal?

More stuff is panning out. We are in network and communicating and that's what really matters. In a sense, they are a great DIY label that started form the ground up and built a reputable empire that sold millions of records. I think they see that in me and see my work ethic, and with a different fan base, it'd be really interesting to see if I can become the next big thing. That's what lots of labels are thinking about me now. As long as I continue to believe it, I can achieve it. For now I am unsure who is going to come along for the ride.

How many pizzas did you have to sell in order to be able to record a 12"?

Not sure. I don't keep that money. I got the tips. That's why it takes so long.

What was the first rap album you bought?

Originoo Gunn Clappaz 'Da Storm'.

What was the last album you uploaded unto your iPod?

Don't got one. They got stolen on tour in Portland by some tweekers.

What's next for Kosha?

Dinner. A Date. 'Inglorious Basterds'. My video 'Cellular Phone' is coming out shortly. The song is also out now on iTunes. Planning to hit the road with Matisyahu and RZA and having a big NYC show with my band. I just did a remix LP with Yacht, a band from Portland. Check that out soon. I also have my PR company as Team Kosha/ Kosha Dillz World. We do tours and promo for the down and dirty artist, booking everything from Laundrymats to small venues, gettin local openers, and getting couches for the crew to sleep on and hopefully a shower with hot water. Other things include PR that lands you on MTV and blogs/mags as well as life coaching and artist etiquette. Passing on the experience of rocking 2 person-crowds to 2,000 person-crowds is a very intimate thing artist need to have, but know how to do successfully. We hope to give them that.

Shout outs?

Shemspeed, Black Skeptik, Belief, Pig Pen, Diamond Music Group, Duck Down , Buck shot, Matisyahu and all the people out there who are rooting for me!


POSTED 09|01|2009
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