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Little Vic Doing big things 2008 seems to be the year of the newcomers: two months ago we had a chat with newbie ànd millipede Big John (who had Kool G Rap on his self-released album), this time around we knocked on Little Vic’s door to speak up on his new album ‘Each Dawn I Die’, released on his own Orena Records ànd containing guest legends such as DJ Premier, Kool G Rap (!) and Buckwild…

Your first album is out there, it got a lot of good reviews, how proud are you of your firstborn?

Well, I recorded every song with the exception of ‘Exorcist’, ‘Evil That Men Do’, and ‘Caked Up’ at my own studio that me and my boys built in Westbury, Long Island so it is gratifying knowing we can make tracks from scratch and get it out to the public.

How long did it take to complete it?

The actual recording of tracks didn't take long at all, maybe two months. What took the longest is all the nonsense in between.

Any favourite songs?

I don't have an absolute favourite, but if I had to pick I'd say ‘Love Hurts’.

A question we had to ask; how did you get DJ Premier to produce a beat for you?

The same way I would get Rick Rubin to produce a track for me.

In 'The Exorcist' you don't talk about chasing out devils but about bringing skills out of yourself that you didn't even know about, have you experienced that during the making of this album?

Yeah, it was a bit of a struggle to learn Pro Tools and figure out how to record vocals...as far as creating songs go, it’s my pleasure.

Besides Premier, you managed to get Buckwild on your album…

Buckwild is my dude. One of my favourite producers of all time. Big Ko made it happen, and we will continue to work from here out. He will have a hand in every project I release.

The title of your album is from the 1939 gangster movie with James Cagney we suppose?

Indeed. Cagney is my man.

Although the cover, the title, some references to mob movies and the appearance of the masterdon Kool G Rap but you can still hardly call this a gangster rap album, right?

I wouldn't call it gangster rap. By having G to rap on the album I was paying tribute to my favourite MC and the title of the album came about after I named the Lunatic Mind beat ‘Each Dawn I Die’ in Pro Tools.

You even rap 'I don't wanna hear about your dough, or your hoes, or your coke', a finger up to the current gangsta rap?

Not exactly. A lot of people listen to bullshit, and that is the radio’s fault.

Who's the Godfather of Rap, Kool G Rap or Snoop Dogg?

Kool G Rap. Snoop is the runner-up.

Mob history teaches us that Victor Orena's nickname was Little Vic, so that's where it all came from right? The artist, the label?

My last name is Orena, and when there were three Vic’s at Sunday dinner, they would call me ‘Little Vic’. But I guess I inherited my Grandfather’s nickname.

What's the story behind Orena Records?

I decided to stop relying on others because it is hard to determine their true intentions, so me and a couple of close friends and some of my family started Orena Records. Now things are running smoother than ever before, and more importantly it is a comfortable situation with people I love and trust.

Can you tell us something more about the Critical Madness project?

Me and Critical Madness combined make ‘Hidden Agenda’. The project has been started, and is coming along dope. They both are incredible artists. Most production will be handled by Double Shot, and the style of production will be based around their album ‘Finding The Plot’, and my album ‘Each Dawn I Die’. POW!

You have an uncle Paulie, does he live in New Jersey by any chance?

I do have an Uncle Paulie, he doesn't live in Jersey.

Your nephew John is becoming quite well-known in the game right?

My cousin John John is a Shadyville DJ and also makes up 1/3rd of Double Shot. He's a huge help on the production end, and involved heavily in Orena Records, so yeah...look out!

You have Italian roots, have you ever been to the Boot?

I haven't been to Italy yet, but I plan on gaining 20 pounds when I do go.

Which is your fav Italo-American actor?

Joe Pesci, because he's little, and he kicks peoples’ asses.

What can you tell us about Lee von Cleef?

He is THE BAD. My favourite Western character.

What was the first rap album you bought?

Nine – ‘Nine Livez’.

What was the last rap album you bought?

M.O.P. - ‘Firing Squad’, owned it 3 times before...

What producers do you wanna work with in the future?

DJ Premier, Buckwild, Double Shot(myself, john john, joey p), Big KO, Velotz, Sly Vest, Portishead, The Funk Brothers, Rick Rubin, Just Blaze, Lord Finesse, Large Pro, Diamond D, Tru Masta, Kanye West, Tori Amos.

What's next for Lil Vic?

Got another album in the works which is coming out dope if I do say so myself. Look out for the ‘Hidden Agenda’ album coming soon.


Alright, If I miss anyone...don't be tight...Orena Records, Audible Treats, Double Shot, Flood Industries, John John, Joey P, Michelle Block, Black Jack, Lunatic Mind a.k.a. King the Aggressive, Charles Perez, my siblings, parents, and Uncle Paul, Big Ko, Buckwild, Dj Premier, CP, Velotz, Frankie Bones, Sly Vest, Dutchie Moustage, Critical Madness, Ryan West, Dan Kohn, Deadly Rich, Hip Hop Game, Hip Hop Site, Reef Hustle, DJ Incrediboi, Jeannie Ortega, Pauly Santoro & Dan Murphy, Muneshine, No Good People, Creative Juices, Fred Nukes, Ashley Curry, Garden Street, Buzz, Foreclosure Studios, Chop House Productions, Al Tarba, Ronson, T.K.O. Flooring, Fat Beats, The Half-Time Show (Dj Eclipse, Mars One, Petey Cologne, Dj Skizz), Dj Whoo Kid, Man Dog, DJ Rerok, Dj Mickey Knox, Phat Gary, Itzky, Deadlymelody.com, The Hitfarmers, AND EVERYONE WHO BOUGHT THE ALBUM!



POSTED 04|01|2008
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