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Majik Most Got jokes! After having molested hip-hop a few years ago, Majik Most is back to crack a joke or two on his new album, recently released on Domination Recordings. Dolphins, monkeys, gladiators, girls and barbecue, none of those issues are left unspoken and discussed properly by the Sweaty Back Bastard. Whoever thought that hip-hop takes itself too serious needs to check out Majik’s first actual full length ‘You Got Jokes?!’…

Where 'Molesting Hip-Hop' was more like the ‘official mix tape' do you consider this your first real album?

’Molesting Hip-Hop’ and ‘You Got Jokes?!’ is like one super album with a lot of bonus songs! I recommend you buy them together and play them back to back.

So how's it like to have a first album, being released before 2010?

It’s a great feeling especially having Kurtis Blow write that article about it in the New York Times. I’m on top of the world right now!

There’s a donkey’s ass on the cover…

That’s actually Rosie Perez in a really good donkey suit. I always try to include her somehow in every project I do.

Could you ever crack a joke about donkeys?

Naw man, I respect the majestic beauty of the modern day domesticated E. Asinus.

If Eddie Murphy were to suddenly loose his voice, would you like to jump in to voice-over donkey's voice in ‘Shrek 4’?

You gotta pay your dues. I would do a small badger or something first and then work my way up.

What horror movie inspired you for the track 'Hearing Voices'?

That one horror movie where this guy is doing an interview and the questions die from anemia and then come back and haunt him late at night when he’s wearing a sleeping cap and he falls down the stairs and lands on a giant pair of Caribou antlers.

(laughs) So what other interesting movies inspired you for this album?

‘Fletch and The Last Dragon’ no doubt!

What have you learnt from Rachel Ray lately?

Can I just answer this with the word ‘blah’?

If you were to decide the guest list of the actual 'The Tonight Show', who would you invite?

Just me, Ed McMahon and Johnny Carson! And Burt Reynolds’ chest in the background!

What's the best joke you heard about Jay Leno’s chin?

(laughs) I’ve never heard a good joke about Jay Leno’s Chin! Can you tell me a joke about Krs ONE’s nose!?

I can't pick one right now. Where did you get the inspiration for 'Nature Boy' (Abusin Animals) and do you fear PETA actions already?

I was flogging a Koala one day and was like wow this would make a good song. I’m an aggressive anti-environment activist. I go to zoos and throw my grandmas mini collectible china figurines directly into animals mouths. Those seals get so sad.

J-Zone does a skit on the album, so unfortunately even you couldn't get J-Zone into rappin?

(laughs) Nope J-Zone was at my crib like two years ago and we were just messing around on the mic doing stupid stuff. When I was putting together this new album I just threw those vocals over that skit beat I had planned and I liked the way it sounded. Zone is a super star - he doesn’t have to do anything but pay his limo driver.

The previous CD had a DVD with its release, but now…?

Naw the previous CD still has a DVD with it unless that cheap plastic hinge broke in your CD case. That sucks and is not the fault of Majik Most or Domination Recordings. Hey, it’s a delicate hinge in a delicate world. And you’re a delicate man crying about it! Just put that DVD on top of the CD and keep it moving. Listen, if you send me 10 proof of purchase coupons I’ll send you a autographed hinge for free.

(laughs) So when will your blog be updated?

(laughs) You son of a #!@%$#!

On your blog, you talk about a few ‘hidden’ gems from back in the past, does it surprise you that people have never heard of Bustin Melonz?

No, not everyone can be a genius hip hop connoisseur like me. Plus that’s a weird album, kinda obscure ya know.

What’s the next personal favourite album you gonna talk about? Explain why?

I’m gonna keep talking about ‘You Got Jokes?!’ until it makes me physically sick or makes me a millionaire.

At the age of two Maestro Fresh Wes was fingerin, at the age of two, you made a karaoke machine explode, with knowing what you know now, would you still prefer doing the latter?

I fingered a VCR and put lotion on my Atari around that age. I was an electronics nerd. I masturbated to the ‘Mr. Wizard’ show.

Celph Titled hooked you up with Mark the 45 King, what other hip-hop legends can and will Celph connect you with?

I have to pay Celph $5,000 dollars every time I talk to him. Once I saw his A-team Frisbee was laying in his neighbors yard so I brought it to his door - $5,000! He came to my Bar Mitzvah and I said thank you - $5,000! Hopefully I can stay away from him this year. I’m broke man.

Who was your favourite Flavor Unit member?

Surfin' Berry Punch – Kool-Aid.

Equinox (later Equilibrium) was formed after a Wu-Tang show, what do you think of their latest album?

I wish I could hang it up on an 1000 mile long outside close line with two clothes pins on each side of the cd and pull the other rope until it disappears forever.

What was the first rap album you got?

Luke – ‘Banned in the USA’.

Kwest the Madd Lad once made a song about ‘101 Things To Do With Your Girl’, what is your top five?

Send me a picture of your girl first.

How did you hook up with Ferran?

I was sailing around the Balearic Islands in the western Mediterranean Sea when I noticed a Spanish guy clinging to a buoy holding a beat machine. I swung around and welcomed him aboard. Things got kinda weird until we picked up a radio signal from a Korean fishing Troller that was in distress. We pull up and the whole vessel is filled with half naked Asian chicks in the middle of a Sudoku puzzle championship event. That’s when we both had the idea of working together musically and it just got set off from there.

Could you tell us more about the album?

It’s amazing - probably the best hip-hop album in the last 40 years. So entertaining I want to charge people more money after they have owned the CD for a year. I love it and so do most people that hear it. It’s really solid and enjoyable all around!

What’s the difference between Florida women and Spanish women?

Ah ha! No difference almost. Naw, its diverse here hoe wise. We have hoes for all occasions and seasons. We have snow tire hoes, skate board hoes, Huffy hoes, Camaro hoes, Lexus hoes, big Hummer hoes, SUV hoes, Pinto hoes, Honda hoes, Scooter Hoes and sad Geo Metro hoes.

What’s next for Majik Most?

I’m going out to Greece to get real oiled up and then I’ll probably finish this new album I’m working on the album called ‘The Conquistadors’ with my man Ferran on the production. Plus another full Celph Titled produced album coming by 2010!


What up Grandma!

And last but not least, have you found a Bert and Ernie 2 XL shirt already?

Nope I’m still looking! Send all Bert and Ernie adult sized apparel finds to majikbert@majikmost.com.

Thanks a lot Majik!


POSTED 02|01|2008
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