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Majik Most Molesting Hip-Hop It's a bird, it's a plane, it's...The Sweaty Back Bastard aka Sweaty Ruxpin from Florida! Majik Most is the dopest in your town and he don't even live there... To find out how's that possible you gotta check out his album 'Molesting Hip-Hop'. It is finally released through Domination Recordings on CD and DVD (!) and it's goin certified platinum all over the world, if you ask us. But before he becomes a worldwide superstar and buys himself a villa in Italy, we quickly caught up with Majik in his hometown Tampa, FL, right in between watchin 'Golden Girls' and eating jello...

Wassup, Majik?

What up! Chillin, chillin.

Can we do this?

Let's go, I'm ready!

You're wearing diving glasses on the cover of your album...what's your idea on mermaids? I heard they have some real ones in Florida...

The only mermaids I ever saw were cheap ass figurines sold by old ladies at swap meets here in Tampa. As far as hoes at the beach; yeaaah! There's a lot of that goin on here, it's Florida, baby, yeaaah! Even girls that shouldn't wear thongs wear them here.

How's Florida at this time of year?

It's hot as fuck! I saw a small yellow-breasted warbler bird catch on fire the other day. It was sad.

You must be the only rapper who has Bert and Ernie on the side of his bath tub. Why do you keep em there?

Bert and Ernie are one of my inspirations for doin music. I love Bert or whichever one has eyebrows like me. Man, I love it! Yo, if anybody reading this can find a Bert and Ernie shirt online for sale that's 2XL, hit me up at majikmost@majikmost.com ... I'll give you a reward!

Let's focus on the music now. The 'Molesting Hip-Hop' CD/DVD is finally here. But its release date has been delayed, what was the reason for that exactly?

Every time I have a release, it's fuckin delayed! I know it's gonna happen so just expect that shit. If it's not some sample clearance bullshit, which it was for 'Molesting Hip-Hop', then it's like a fuckin monsoon hitting the pressing plant or wild English hounds eating the Fedex man delivering the CD's. My first solo 12" - 'Majik's Theme', 'Forget You' b/w 'Mother Molesters'- was held up for two months cause the pressing plant owner said the cover art was conflicting with his fuckin religious beliefs! What the fuck does that even mean? He's a gay man? What the fuck?

You have released a couple of songs already, but this is not your official debut album. Although it seems like you had enough material for a full LP, why did you release an 'official mix tape' first?

I was just fuckin around makin a shitty CD and it turned out really, really good. So I decided to release it. My full 'real' album is almost fully recorded, just sitting there unmixed. It was to come out in 2010 or something, but I've noticed me and my crew never do anything that's not really fuckin dope, so expect that from my future releases. It's just gonna keep getting better!

What can we expect from the debut album?

Expect your head to till back till your spine snaps and expect Celph Titled production.

Nuff said! But back to the 'Molesting Hip-Hop' CD....you released it with a DVD, so it's more like a multimedia adventure through the world of Majik Most. How important was it for you to have a DVD with this release?

The DVD is important cause I wanna do as much creative shit as I can. Any medium I can get in there and molest and touch it and twist it into something dope is a beautiful thing. I would make Majik Most paintings if I could and artistic hot dog bun sheaths if I get that chance.

What exactly is on the DVD for those who may not have bought your album and have to be convinced yet?

This 'Molesting Hip-Hop' DVD is dope, creative and different than most hip-hop DVD shit out there. It got video's, skits, stupid shit, more stupid retarded stuff, outtakes, interviews... It's like pure entertainment all the way thru. I make sure everything I touch is crazy, crazy entertaining.

So you're into visual arts... are you a director too?

I directed most of the shit on the DVD basically. Everything you see is mine with the exception of some input from DutchMassive, Celph Titled and Acid Reign; the guy who edited and filmed half the DVD shit. I rather do fuckin actin than directing though. Look at my eyebrows man, I'm destined to be a star!

If we take a look at your website, there's a lot of porn on it. Are you goin to do a porn movie too, a la Snoop Dogg's 'Doggy Style'?

Nah man, I'm not. I put porn on my site to fuckin entertain my fans. I'll make my own private porn's with hoes or whatever, but if I directed or hosted a porn video it would be a disaster! I would try to put like flying plastic bats on strings or giant props and wanna do pranks during the sex scenes. I would definitely have a problem just filming sex without other entertaining shit going on.

Now let's say you would direct a porn video and you'd have a tight budget, which porn actresses MUST absolutely be in the movie?

Fuck! Then I'd get some around-the-way Florida hoes to be in that shit. Who needs a fake star in there demanding shit? I'll have Wendy's catered on the set and a cooler with little plastic cups on the side for my hoes and they would be happy. Fuck a star treatment!

So can girls who feel like participatin send some pics to you?

Yeah, of course.. send them to girls@majikmost.com!

You're a movie and TV fan too. Did you do some research for writing your lyrics, like re-watching movies you think you can use samples and/or dialogues from?

Nah man, everything comes from my head. I got a vast knowledge of movies and TV-shows, especially 80's. I'm crazy visual and remember every detail of most things I see. So I don't have to do much research.

You're NOT in the Demigodz, I repeat for the readers: you're NOT in the Demigodz! So in what crews are you? Does The Equilibrium crew still exist?

Equilibrium.. I'm not sure, I think so. Hmmm yeah, we have some joints just sitting around that will be released in the future. I don't know if we doin any joints after that but who cares? I'll be bald by then. I'm in the Mother Molesters Click for life..

In 1997, there was an Equilibrium LP in the making but it never came thru, what happened?

We were almost finished and then DutchMassive traded the masters of the whole project to a pawn shop for a Japanese sword with a red tassel!

Speaking of DutchMassive, one of our favorite albums of 2004 was his debut album, you were featured on that too, of course. How long have you been down with him?

Since 1994 that's like my brother...

How's he like to work with?

He's a goddamn asshole!

Who gets the biggest booties?

What? I'm scared of this question... Who's gettin the girls with the biggest asses? I would say Celph.. He's the Plumper Prince of the City.

Celph Titled and you go way back too...

Yeah, I met him in 1997 with Dutch. Celph has been my fake manager ripping me off for years and I'll be damned if that ever changes!

Celph loves weapons. Does he have a weapon collection like Tasty-T in the movie 'Niggaz With Hatz: Fear Of A Black Hat'?

Celph has Ninja stars and blow guns! Need I say more?

J-Zone is on the album too. He came all the way to Florida. How was it to work with him?

He's a cool ass nigga. I love that guy! He travels around with a life-size cardboard cut-out of himself, wearing a fuckin pimp suit and posts it up in the corner of any hotel he stays at.

No kidding? So did you go to Luke's strip clubs? I know J-Zone is a big fan of Luke's music...

Luke doesn't have any strip clubs! But nah, Celph, Zone, me and my man DJ Fisher went out to a ghetto club called Empire, here in Tampa. It was a whore fest! Better than a strip club. We were pulling girls' pants off and me and Zone made a dance sandwich with these two lesbians and no dollars were spent in the process..

As for the lyrical side of things, how much has J-Zone been an influence for you?

He really hasn't. My biggest influences have always been people that don't sound anything like what I do, like early Common Sense and shit like that.

There's also a female MC from Canada on it, Eternia, how did you hook up with her? Tell us more about her...

She's pretty fuckin dope. I hooked up with her thru Celph and Ap... Originally, it was supposed to be DutchMassive on the 'Stuck Up (Stick 'Em Remix)' but he ended up not wanting to do it, so she came thru. She's cool as hell.

You've also worked with European producer White Shadow of Norway. Did you travel to Norway for that?

Nah, actually sadly I didn't travel to Norway for that. But anyone out there who wants to bring me, hit me up as soon as possible! I'm ready, my bags are packed!

So have you performed in Europe yet? Do you get love over there, literally and figuratively speaking?

Nah, I've been to Europe just chilling a couple of times but not yet to perform. I definitely got some love from women in Italy. I could move there, it's gooood.

Now time for a cliche question: do you wanna sell millions of records and get filthy rich with your music or just entertain people and make em have a good time and a good laugh?

I think I'm ready to do both. If that's cool with everyone, I'll come collect my millions now.

Do you consider yourself an entertainer or a rapper?

An entertainer. I'll do anything to entertain: I'll tap dance and do stand-up comedy at a show or put on a fuckin bear suit and let a hawk land on my arm or bring out parrots riding little tricycles, I'm a goddamn entertainer!

Would you like to be a stand-up comedian?


Which comedians do you like?

Richard Pryor, Larry David, Conan O'Brien, Dave Chappelle, Chevy Chase, George Carlin, Phil Hartman, Eddie Murphy, Steve Martin, Howard Stern, Chris Farley. Recently Will Farrell... too many to remember them all.

Were you a fan of the early Dirty South, Miami Bass music with cats like Luke and the 2 Live Crew, Poison Clan, DJ Magic Mike?

Yeah, I'm from Miami originally. I like that shit but people think I'm jokin when I tell them I was a big Gloria Estefan fan - the rhythm's gonna get you! - oh yeah!

I've read ya grandma had some 2 Live Crew CD's she wanted to offer you. Did you get em?

Ya mon! She had 'Banned In the USA', I got that shit from her. She smokes weed and I don't, it's bugged out with her.

Are you a fan of the contemporary Dirty South music scene?

Some stuff, ya know, but I’m more a Boom Bap kinda guy.

What South stuff do you like?

I like some Big Mike, I like Texas shit...Geto Boys... fuckin Crime Mob and shit like that.

What other artists do you listen to?

I have a 6-disc CD-changer in my car, so I just keep 6 Majik Most CD's in there at all times.

Do you buy a lot of music?

Yeah, I do.

What was the first album you bought?

Mozart piano concertos.

We got some names for you, please leave a few lines of comment:

Teddy Ruxpin
I had one and I don't remember taking out his eye, but I remember getting beat for ruining it. Recently, I saw a picture of me at age 4 holding a Teddy Ruxpin with an eye patch and I don't remember that shit!

Louis Logic
Leather pants... he's the fuckin Jim Morrison of hip-hop.

JJ Brown


The Beatnuts
I need to have a video with whores in it, like the 'Watch Out Now' clip. That was a gooood video!

Orlando Magic
Where's Shaq? And I think of those Orlando Magic hats and jackets my grandma used to make me wear, cause it was cute and funny since my name is also Orlando. And the Ocean Pacific surfer clothes she made me wear cause it said O.P. on them, and that's my initials. Ahhhh!

Sea World
Petting dolphins, feeding dolphins those little fish... Petting dolphins and sting rays at the same time would be the ultimate sensation but they never put them together!

Miami Vice
Haha! DutchMassive's outfit last night at the club!

Ok, I'mma leave you to it, what are you up to now?

I'm gonna eat eggo's and go check soundscan to see if I went platinum yet!

Any shout outs?

Yeah, www.majikmost.com. I love that site!

Sure thing! Thanks very much for your time, Majik.


POSTED 07|14|2005
conducted by cpf

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