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08|29|2014Blog post:
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08|08|2014Armand Hammer
Stream Elucid and billy woods' new album 'Furtive Movements'.
08|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
Missed the best tracks of July? No worries, we made a compilation.
07|29|20141st Down
Remastered and up for sale: Phat Kat and Jay Dee's 'Unreleased Demo's' EP.
07|25|2014Not For Nothing
Rob Sonic and Breezly Brewin on the track.
07|18|2014Blog post:
07|15|2014Eyes Watching God
Stream REKS new album.
07|14|2014Summer Nights
Download new single by People Under The Stairs and Kat o1o.
Download EP by Miss Melodie ft. AG a.o.

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ConvictionChaundonPOSTED 01|31|2013
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What They SayEdo GPOSTED 01|31|2013
TheNowGodzTrue MasterzPOSTED 01|30|2013
Air 'Em OutCZARFACEPOSTED 01|29|2013
AquamarineMarQ Spekt & Kno ft. StaHHrPOSTED 01|29|2013
BucknastyMaylay Sparks ft.. Chukk RukkuzPOSTED 01|25|2013
Beautifully IntelligentCadik ft. Willie Evans Jr.POSTED 01|22|2013
ShadowBoxingZion IPOSTED 01|22|2013
Couple BarsHomeboy SandmanPOSTED 01|22|2013
When It RainsDag SavagePOSTED 01|22|2013
Kill ScreenJean GraePOSTED 01|21|2013