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11|01|2014Platform's Pick Of The Month
22 dope tracks that dropped in October.
10|30|2014Dirt Disciples
Check out Rome Clientel and DJ Concept's mini-EP.
10|24|2014Run The Jewels 2
10|21|2014Dark Comedy
Open Mike Eagle on KEXP radio.
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10|02|2014Pick Of The Month

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I Did ItMasta AcePOSTED 06|01|2013
Sun ShineThe Doppelgangaz POSTED 06|01|2013
Get AwayDe La Soul ft. The Spirit Of WuPOSTED 06|01|2013
7 G.E.M.S.Tragic Allies & Tragedy KhadafiPOSTED 06|01|2013
Faces On The DollarGensu Dean & Planet AsiaPOSTED 06|01|2013
Queen UntilPanik ft. Psalm OnePOSTED 06|01|2013
Ain't NobodyAtmospherePOSTED 05|30|2013
Talk It OverGUS ft. Lucinda SlimPOSTED 05|22|2013
Weird ScienceMoontroopPOSTED 05|19|2013
BarbituratesThe Doppelgangaz POSTED 05|18|2013
Just The MusicTrek LifePOSTED 05|18|2013
MoonshineReef The Lost CauzePOSTED 05|16|2013
Back AgainThe Red GiantsPOSTED 05|14|2013
Truth, Lies & AudiotapeAlpha FaktionPOSTED 05|10|2013
She SaidGrand Daddy I.U. ft. Sadat XPOSTED 05|09|2013