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Gabriel Teodros
Gabriel Teodros Lovework Massline Media • 2007

'Work is love made visible', we read on Teodros' Myspace page, a quote (by Khalil Gibran) that emphasizes the underlying idea of the album's concept. An album made with love for music, his African peoples and women.

POSTED 02|14|2007
Ge-ology Ge-ology Plays Ge-ology Female Fun • 2005

This CD-only release is a compilation with instrumentals that were already released, on albums or on 12"s, added with some exclusive beats ànd vocal versions. The tracks are smoothly mixed and therefore it seems like you're on one long joyride of mellowness, on a journey through sweet, soulful beats.

POSTED 06|19|2005
Giant Panda
Giant Panda Fly School Reunion Tres • 2005

Giant Panda brings back the class of ninety-somewhat. It brings to the table the sampled jazz and rough drums of People Under The Stairs, the playful lyricism of Ugly Duckling and elements of other West Coast acts like Jurassic 5 and Dilated Peoples. This is for hip-hop fans who have their mind set on the present and their ears focused on the nineties.

POSTED 07|06|2005
Giant Panda
Giant Panda Electric Laser Tres Records • 2008

The LA-based trio of Maanumental, Chikaramanga and Newman aka Giant Panda is back with their sophomore effort 'Electric Laser', combining uplifting funk (trademark Tres Records of course) with the sound of Han Solo's laser sword into a delicious blend of mid school and future school hip-hop.

POSTED 05|19|2008
Git Beats
Git Beats Say Cheeze Usedwax • 2009

Although it's not always the more experienced who's an extra added value to this album. We were more charmed by unknown rappers like Andyill or Sham than we was by Raekwon's lesser performance. Git Beats' production holds it down well throughout the album. Overall this is a nice debut compilation.

POSTED 01|27|2009
Greenhouse Bend But Don't Break Weightless Records • 2013

'Bend But Don't Break' is a pumped-up fist but also a style piece: a gracious exercise in the art of lyricism.

POSTED 08|27|2013
Greyson & Jasun
Greyson & Jasun Sweatin Me Wet Atlantic • 1991

Sweatin me, nigga! This is some funky ass hip-hop. No one less than Slick Rick’s DJ/producer and former mentor of J-Zone, Vance Wright, handles the production knobs on this album. The rhymes are smooth, the beats are massive.

POSTED 01|05|2005
Grip Grand
Grip Grand Brokelore Look Records • 2008

Grip Grand leaves us with a raw and bitter soundtrack to Brokeland, a hip-hop record that ain’t your usual hip-hop record, craving deeper, and stylistically wrapped up in a progressive, versatile soundscape, keeping it funky-fresh besides all of the melancholia, following in the footsteps of genre heroes such as Atmosphere and Sage Francis.

POSTED 05|31|2008
Gumbo Droppin' Soulful H2O On A Fiber Chysalis • 1993

The lyrics are, in contrast to most hip-hop lyrics, non-violent, dealing with issues such as tolerance, green consciousness and psychological welfare.

POSTED 10|17|2004
GZA / Genius
GZA / Genius Words From The Genius Cold Chillin • 1991

The Genius rips the mic over some of the earliest production of the Prince Rakeem (who’s definitely inspired by Marley Marl) and Easy Mo Bee. Expect no Wu-Tang joints but straight, funky rough mid-school hip-hop.

POSTED 09|29|2004

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