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M.Fusion The Solution Nice Records • 2009

He's called the 'Brian Enno of rap', but we suspect that he's also influenced by Kraftwerk, (more recently) Radiohead, Aphex Twin and tons of movies (David Lynch -or John Carpenter even?-). M.Fusion, affiliate of the Shape Shifters, is not your average hip-hop producer, can we call this hip-hop?

POSTED 01|30|2009
Mad Kap
Mad Kap Look Ma Duke, No Hands Loud • 1993

While The Alkaholiks are rhyming about booze consumption, Mad Kap follows Cypress Hill’s footsteps; promoting weed smoking. Mad Kap’s music also has a bigger jazz touch to it with lots of horns. Almost every song is followed by an intermezzo, consisting of instrumental pieces and funny skits.

POSTED 10|13|2004
Madlib Beat Konducta vol 5 + 6 Stones Throw • 2009

Three years after Dilla’s passing, we’ve been able to witness a lot of dedications and homages. Artists that stood close to him, artists that felt connected with him, they all wanted to pay tribute. But actually it was really waiting for Madlib’s eulogy...

POSTED 02|17|2009
Madlib the Beat Konducta
Madlib the Beat Konducta Vol 1-2: Movie Scenes Stones Throw • 2006

No need to introduce Madlib, unless you’ve been in a distant galaxy for the last ten or something years, although I wouldn’t bet my VW Polo on it if they haven’t heard of him yet over there too.

POSTED 04|01|2006
Madvillain Madvillainy Stones Throw • 2004

The album takes you away on a journey thru unconquered paradises 'to a land of milk and honey with the swirls where reckless naked girls get necklaces and pearls' Doom’s lyricism has never been tighter than on this album.

POSTED 03|21|2004
Maestro Fresh Wes
Maestro Fresh Wes Symphony In Effect Lefrak Moelis LMR • 1989

Maestro Fresh Wes isn’t a double bass player like the cover suggests, he’s one hell of an MC. From where??? straight outta Canada. Naaah, this kid…? Yep, he’s from Canada!

POSTED 09|21|2004
Magnetic Force
Magnetic Force 12-52-365 Joey Boy • 1989

While some bass lines and kicks sound a little artificial, this album has crazy creative production and ditto scratches. The MC’s kick nice, braggadocios lyrics, but nothing more than that, it’s nice to listen to but it won’t get you excited, the production on the other hand… leave out the few technical shortcomings and you can say it’s top notch.

POSTED 08|27|2005
Main One
Main One Birth Of A Ghetto Child Select Street • 1995

The album is pretty much a collection of tales from the hood. Highlights on the album are the title song 'Birth of the Ghetto Child' with a nice piano lick, heavy bass drum and the infamous 'Life as a shorty' Inspectah Deck-sample. Hypnotic, Pete Rock funk is '4 My Shorties'.

POSTED 04|03|2004
Majik Most
Majik Most Molesting Hip Hop Domination • 2005

Let it be clear; this album is about girls, girls, girls and havin fun. And how refreshing it is, to hear an album with nuthin but funny punch lines and dope, boom bap beats, prepared by today's most boom bappest of producers Apathy, Celph Titled and JJ Brown.

POSTED 07|28|2005
Maker Shooting The Breeze Galapagos4 • 2005

The songs are perfectly composed, they have a nice built-up, rich of instruments and/or vocals and therefore contain lots of variation. When listening to the album, you automatically think of reputated beatsmiths like DJ Shadow and RJD2.

POSTED 07|05|2005
Marcellous Lovelace
Marcellous Lovelace Nubian Plan It Infinitoone • 2017

With lush raps wrapped in Afrocentrism, inspired on the legacy of the forefighters of anti-slavery (namechecking Nat Turner a.o.), African liberation and revolution, Infinito2017 comes as Marcellous Lovelace over an extremely jazzy production by illustrious producers Cool D and Marc B.

POSTED 07|02|2006
Masked Avengers
Masked Avengers So Wonderful Ep 48 Music • 2004

The Avengers’ underground sound and Maylay’s down-to-earth lyricism go hand in hand and once again, it is proven that overseas collabos is the success formula of the year!

POSTED 12|21|2004

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