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Raashan Ahmad
Raashan Ahmad Ceremony Jakarta / Groove Attack • 2013

Known for his affinity with silver linings and jazzy arrangements -after all named after Rahsaan Roland Kirk- Raashan drops a record that's rewarming and tinging like a first sun ray.

POSTED 05|03|2013
Radioinactive The Akashik Record Flying Carpet Studios/IDOL • 2012

Drop ‘The Akashik’ - Akasha is Sanskrit for ‘sky’, ‘space’ or ‘aether’- in your iTunes list, press play and you open up a can of worldly, folky hip-hop with hilarious lyrics and delirious concepts.

POSTED 06|04|2012
RADIx Prelude To The Staple Shadyville • 2005

For this mix CD, that anticipates RADIx’s first full length 'The Staple', they hooked up with DJ Opal! of the infamous Shadyville mixtape label. The CD consists of some new and old releases intertwined with interview extracts, in an attempt to get to know the duo better.

POSTED 12|23|2005
RADIx The Staple Abstrak/EarlySpotter • 2006

While former releases didn’t bring them the attention they deserved to gain, 'The Staple' should put this Boston group in the spotlight and give them a permanent place in the rich and competitive Boston rap scene.

POSTED 05|23|2006
Raheem Jamal
Raheem Jamal Boombox Brick Records • 2007

So while Raheem reveals his inner feelings with a laugh and a tear (there’s fun, there’s regret), he creates a mix of emotions that fit well with the variety of Raydar Ellis’ innovative production. And so for the first time recording without a group, and then having only one producer behind him, Raheem has fulfilled the difficult challenge of entertaining an audience by little means.

POSTED 06|20|2007
Random The Call RAHM Nation • 2006

In the year 2006 Random received the Call. The Forces Of Hip-Hop told him to go and spread his Word. His Word being this third album and undoubtedly the one he should break through with.

POSTED 07|24|2006
Random Axe
Random Axe Random Axe Duck Down • 2011

Ever since they made a pact in 2007 while touring the world together (Belgians surely remember their passage in Ghent), the triumvirate of Detroit’s Black Milk and Guilty Simpson and NYC’s Sean Price conquered the underground fans' hip-hop hearts in a dazzling tempo.

POSTED 07|16|2011
Rappin Is Fundamental
Rappin Is Fundamental The Doo-Hop Legacy A&M • 1991

1990 was the year when people first heard of Easy Mo Bee, through his productions on The Genius’ 'Words From The Genius' album. One year later, Mo Bee returned with his own project 'Rappin Is Fundamental'. Their one and only album is a combination of hip-hop with gospel and Blues singin woven through it, or simply called 'Doo-Hop'.

POSTED 12|12|2005
Ras Beats
Ras Beats Balance EP Worldwyde • 2006

Six tracks is not much to judge someone’s skills on, especially not of a producer, but what’s on here is promising. Ras Beats won’t stand out in heavy boombap but equals the finer, cool-down work, that won’t grab you by the throat but which takes a few listening sessions from you to discover its programming and arrangement skills. More to come? Hopefully. Soon.

POSTED 07|31|2006
Ras Kass
Ras Kass Soul On Ice Priority • 1996

A strong mix of conscious, smart lyrics with a sharp sense of humour and psychedelic, sunset beats is the recipe of the LP. Ras Kass’ lyricism is unbeatable, droppin crazy punch lines and ill rhyme schemes, his lyrics alone make this one a classic.

POSTED 03|01|2004
Ras Kass
Ras Kass Institutionalized Re-Up/Traffic Ent • 2005

Take one of the best lyricists in the game, put him in a prison box for a few months and then release him; he’ll be a monster on the mic. Only one track deep and 'Institutionalized' starts off with Ras’ anger, persistency and metaphorical wizardry.

POSTED 02|19|2006
Rasco The Dick Swanson Theory pt 1 Pockets Linted • 2005

'Dick Swanson Theory pt 1' is everything we hoped to hear from Rasco. His traditional lyrics and fresh productions by a relatively young team of producers take us back to the days of 'Time Waits For No Man' and 'How The West Was One'. Monsterous!

POSTED 02|18|2006

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