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Chapter 13
Chapter 13 Nevermore's Asylum Neblina • 2005

Two promising emcees/producers who understand the craft of makin good music, and who are able to have fun in makin it, an essential rule that already dates from the early days of hip-hop but still a number one condition for a good album. If you’re into feel-good beats which you can mesmerize to, if you like your snares clean and neck-snappin and if you like your hip-hop with a big bowl of soul samples, then this is definitely something for you.

POSTED 08|10|2005
Chaundon The Jammington Golden Era Music • 2012

Chaundon balances between confident ‘Songs in the key of life, I play the keys well', contemplative 'You know how I am, how I overanalyze' and thankfull.

POSTED 05|31|2012
Chi-Ali The Fabulous Chi-Ali Relativity • 1993

The beats are some of the craziest ever made by The Beatnuts. And Chi-Ali? Hardcore, on a ruff tip ! Damn, only 14 years old and talking the biggest mouths in hiphop under table with his high tone, teen voice.

POSTED 05|15|2004
Chief Drone Beats & Electric Waves Feelin Music • 2011

Forget yoga, try drone beats...

POSTED 03|10|2011
Chief Kamachi
Chief Kamachi Cult Status Eastern Conference • 2004

Kamachi couldn’t have made a better move by releasing his debut on EC Records, the album fits excellent in the already impressive discography of the young label.

POSTED 07|02|2004
Clan Destined
Clan Destined ABBRACADAMN Domination • 2007

DT and Amdex grew up in the nineties era and started makin music in the last years of the previous millennium, that tells. Their musical background is hard to not recognize but they still have moulded it into a personal style that holds different influences from all kinds of scenes and artists.

POSTED 02|14|2007
Classified Boy-Cott-In The Industry Urbnet • 2005

'Boy-Cottin The Industry' is an interesting album. It’s creative production, very versatile through the combination of instruments and sampling, while the rhymes are well-thought over, serious, witty and blunt with a touch of irony. Either way, the long-time experience of Classified has come to a height that it will hopefully be paying off. It already convinced us, Mr Industry, the jig is up!

POSTED 12|22|2005
Clear Soul Forces
Clear Soul Forces Concert review DOK, Ghent • 09.12.2013

Detroit may well be bankrupt, its hip-hop scene is far from death. Clear Soul Forces got the chance to prove it in a pretty crowded DOKBox. Energy, vivid rhymes and a lack of clichés, a recurrent feature among young, independent, hip-hop acts. There’s just some more work to do on a production level…

POSTED 09|19|2013
Code Red
Code Red All Aboard Toucan Cove • 2005

People get ready because there's a train coming straight out of Kentucky, Louisville aka the dirty South. It took a while before I decided to jump aboard, because Southern rap never ever appealed to me, unless the kind that stays away from the kakalak, crunk or whatever related.

POSTED 02|18|2006
Common Market
Common Market Common Market SCIONtific • 2005

Out of the blooming Seattle hip-hop scene, RA Scion and Sabzi come as Common Market. Revolutionary, spiritual, educative and grateful, RA Scion drops his messages over Sabzi’s extremely musical, jazzy production.

POSTED 08|02|2006
Common Sense
Common Sense Ressurection Relativity • 1994

Common Sense’s second album is incredible: the beats are the finest jazz beats ever made and puts No ID in our top ten of producers.

POSTED 01|24|2005
Cool C
Cool C I Gotta Habit Atlantic • 1989

'I Gotta Habbit' is a valuable piece of the infamous Hilltop legacy, it has funky beats and ditto rhyming with a big ass attitude.

POSTED 06|01|2004

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