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Debaser Crown Control Sandpeoplemusic • 2006

This project definitely has its own, distinctive sound and that’s pretty remarkable considered the fact that a lot of today’s acts sound very alike, even on the roaring underground. The lyrics are good, the production is great and show the craftsmanship of the Sandpeople crew.

POSTED 07|28|2006
Deca The Way Through Beulah Records • 2017

The record holds way more poetry than your average rap release.

POSTED 11|10|2017
Declaime Conversations With Dudley Up Above • 2004

Madlib took care of the last few tracks and as always things are on point. Him and his brother manage to take it to another level.

POSTED 11|02|2004
Deejay OM
Deejay OM Reheated Naan & Curry Galapagos4 • 2007

San Francisco based DJ and producer Deejay OM takes us on an Asiatic trip with this collection of instrumental tracks that could as well be a soundtrack to some 70’s Bollywood movie.

POSTED 06|26|2007
Deep Rooted
Deep Rooted A New Beginning Open Myndz • 2004

This record’s a great debut for the new label that promises to become a heavyweight in the Bay Area underground scene. Give thanks that the beats and the rhymes are ill!

POSTED 01|11|2005
Deep Rooted
Deep Rooted The Second Coming OpenMyndz • 2006

'The Second Coming' is the perfect remedy for a bad day, the ultimate soundtrack to a summer weekend or a backyard party. 'Shine, like the sun that’s sizzling, we boost your adrenaline, swinging like Wimbledon' they rap in 'Shine'. Deep Rooted has grown, now it’s up to the world to follow. 'I leave my kids in yo mouth like the Neverland ranch, Joheezy, Mr Brady the Dread, Deep Rooted, Second Coming, keep bangin yo head''!

POSTED 06|13|2006
Definitive Jux Presents
Definitive Jux Presents Bucket Of B-Sides Vol 1 Def Jux • 2005

A collection of B-sides is always a hit or a miss, and mostly arouses contempt with the consumer. What’s a B-side anyway? An abundant extra, a minor remix of the original or merely a collection item for the vinyl heads to treasure?

POSTED 03|28|2006
DeLoach Life And Times Of Wally Deluxe Black Son • 2005

This is a very strong album, the kind you'll spin a whole lot of times, because it has depth as well as amusement and the beats, well, they are made by the new breed in hip-hop, Symbolic, Illmind and the whole Strange Fruit Project, watch out for them. Texas ain't bringing nuthin but the heat.

POSTED 06|21|2005
Dem One + B.O.O.K.S. One
Dem One + B.O.O.K.S. One The New Math EP Low Self Discipline • 2012

Their music is, like mathematics, no nonsense, upright, and, unlike mathematics, soulful with warm basslines and lush rhyhtms. Summarized: 'so fresh so polished so solid'.

POSTED 06|18|2012
Denizen Kane
Denizen Kane Tree City Legends vol II Galapagos4 • 2005

It is often so that hip-hop artists do not dare or even can’t display additional skills next to the actual rappin. They're scared for the reactions of their fans, managers or fellow rappers and ignore to stay true to their own and what they really like to do. Not so with Denizen Kane.

POSTED 12|15|2005
Deux Process
Deux Process In Deux Time Avatar • 2006

Listening to 'In Deux Time' is an escape from the hush reality, entering a paraphernalia of smooth funk and soul-infused rhythms, altered with some heavy party hitters. It’s a flashback to the days when A Tribe Called Quest took Jay Dee under their wings.

POSTED 03|28|2006
Digable Planets
Digable Planets Beyond The Spectrum Blue Note • 2005

What could've been on this record? For now, we can think of 'It's Good To Be Here', 'What Cool Breezes Do', 'Examination Of What', 'The May 4th Movement', 'Black Ego', and 'Borough Checks', but then again this is a compilation, which depends on matter of choice, preferences and legal issues, but also proving that Digable Planets has a whole lot of good songs to choose from!

POSTED 11|14|2005

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