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Pete Rock & CL Smooth The Main Ingredient Elektra • 1994

There was a time that I ate, drank and slept Pete Rock & CL Smooth material. The debut EP 'All Souled Out', 'Mecca and the Soul Brother' and this one. For some reason I’ve never stopped playing 'The Main Ingredient'. The other two albums are heavy like 88 fat goose and maybe critically much higher acclaimed but still. This one is a fantastic piece of hip-hop music. The good vibes are all over as CL rhymes about ladies, having a good time, travelling and nice weather over sunshiny beats with a high dose of funk and jazz. With that, add a touch of soul and you know the time.

The LP starts off with the lovely 'In the House', with a Q-Tip sample and Pete Rock stepping from behind the boards, dropping the coolest verses. 'From coast to coast the music makes you overdosed', just like I mentioned in the first line of this review, you get addicted to this stuff. 'I Got A Love' is one hell of a track and reminds me of the other CL & Pete Rock love theme 'Lots of Lovin' (on the 'Mecca' album). The title track is straight partying with a crazy electro funk sample, a thumping bass line and KRS One (who is in fact imitating police sirens) in the sample. Record side C sounds kind of dusty cause the needle’s been terrorizing the wax over and over. What a dope side! With tracks like 'All The Places', 'Tell Me', 'Take You There' and 'Searching'. This is one of the strongest sides in hip-hop history. Also mind the first interlude that has the Oliver Sain break used by DITC on 'One Day'!

CL drops the smoothest lines and raps with style, dignity and some sharp punch lines here and there. While eagerly waiting for a reunion, Imma give this one another spin…

POSTED ON 12|22|2004 by cpf

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