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Cool C I Gotta Habit Atlantic • 1989

Straight up classic shit from 1989. Of all the Hill Top Hustlers Steady B was the one who’ve gotten most of the props. Very right, Steady B was one of the strongest lyricists in the field. But in his shadow stood another skilled rapper, Cool C. The skinnier one and also lil-voiced, but what an attitude! Which he reflected in his albums; I Gotta Habit (1989) and Life N The Ghetto (1990). The latter’s a good LP but twice as fat is the much-too-underrated debut album of the Philly Funkster.

The beats are pumpin and Cool C is hard as hell; even with his tiny vocal chords. 'When I rock, I’m in a deadly rage, I’m mad as hell on the sucka rampage' he raps on the title track. The album’s single 'Glamorous Life' is, up till today, still one heck of a party track. The pumpin 'Takin No Shorts' has one hell of a bass and fantastic scratchin by DJ Ultimate Eaze. Hilarious is the sex story 'Mary Go Round': 'finished my album now up to Disney World, after seein Donald Duck, can we fuck?'. Legendary is the 'Juice Crew Dis' where it’s Philly against New York. Although it’s a strong track, the diss on MC Shan’s 'The Bridge' stood in the shadow of the beef between Juice Crew and Boogie Down Productions.

'I Gotta Habbit' is a valuable piece of the infamous Hilltop legacy, it has funky beats and ditto rhyming with a big ass attitude.

POSTED ON 06|01|2004 by cpf

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