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Chi-Ali The Fabulous Chi-Ali Relativity • 1993

Haha, definitely one of my favourite albums ever! The beats are some of the craziest ever made by The Beatnuts, only 'Age Ain't Nuthun But A #' is made by Black Sheep’s Mister Lawnge. And Chi-Ali? Hardcore, on a ruff tip ! Damn, only 14 years old and talking the biggest mouths in hiphop under table with his high tone, teen voice. Ok, the entire album is written by The Beatnuts, but still hilarious.

The '14 year old Lord on a skateboard, strangling suckers with mic chords' is going for his, dating girls much older than him. 17 year-olds and even women of 23, check out 'In My Room' and 'Age ain’t Nuthin but a #' with the infamous Roy Ayers 'We Live In Brooklyn' sample. Chi's not afraid to shoot around with 9mm’s too. Check 'Murder Chi Wrote', 'Maniac Psycho' and 'Shorty Said Nah', where Chi guns down a boy named Sidney who screwed around with his girl. One of the illest Native Tongue posse cuts is 'Let the Horns Blow' with guest MC’s Dres, Dove (De La Soul), Fashion and Phife Dawg. Fabulous is 'Roadrunner', with a hypnotic horn and Dove singing on the chorus 'Cool it Coyote, I’m the Roadrunner running things', magic ! 'Looped It' is a producer’s anthem with the Beatnuts shouting in the background. They repeat 'But ya budget is a million' a few times and then suddenly shout: 'But ya mother is a midget' dissing Chi. Haha. A highlight moment in rap music. Chi’s acting tough the whole album but still they makin fun of each other.

A little weakness: Chi’s voice hasn’t got the strength to stand a whole album. But the beats are magnificent and the lyrics are so nice, with metaphors, punch lines and humour, that all negative elements disappear at once. The price of this album goes high, expect not to pay less than 50 euros for the original vinyl copy!

POSTED ON 05|15|2004 by cpf

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