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Apache Apache Ain't Shit Tommy Boy • 1991

One of the most sexist and braggadocios albums ever made by a member of the Flavor Unit. The main theme of the album is Apache’s big dick and his fuckin skills. So why the title “…ain’t shit”? In the title track he explains that girls are dissing him because he’s tired of them after a short while (fuckin). But girls, don’t take it too serious, cuz Apache owes his career to a female, named Queen Latifah, who introduced him to Tommy Boy. Latifah's also executive producer of the album. Apache rhymes fast, raw and aggressive. This album is hip-hop to the core. And what about the beats? Top class, with producers as Mark the 45 King, Diamond D, A Tribe Called Quest and Large Professor behind the boards.

This album has raw, funky beats, full of horns, typical mid-school. A lot of samples are goin to sound very familiar to your ears, because they were used for famous underground hip-hop songs. For example the song “Tonto” has the drums of David Axelrod’s 'Holy Thursday' that were used for tracks like Artifacts’ 'C’mon with the get down', The Beatnuts’ 'Hit me with that' and Quasimoto’s 'Return of the Loop Digga' Other examples ? 'A Fight' has the same drums (The JB’s 'More Peas') of Show & AG’s famous boombap anthem 'Soul Clap'. Another famous break is the one of the Incredible Bongo Band’s 'Apache' (that couldn’t stay away on this album) used in 'The Beginning'.

The first song 'Tonto' is an ode to Apache’s long dick. Besides the Axelrod break, it has also the flutes from Herbie Hancock’s 'Watermelon Man'. Mark the 45 King laced the beat for 'Do fa Self' where Apache encourages youth to do what they like and to go for yours. The most 'famous' Apache track is the album’s single 'Gangsta Bitch', produced by ATCQ, where Apache describes his dream woman. The title track is fast, aggressive rhyming and some of the craziest lines 'got a 4 inch dick and that's from the ground'. 'Who freaked Who', produced by Diamond D, has fellow Flavor Unit member Nikki D on it, both dissin each other. Superb is the semi-posse cut 'Woodchuck', with a fat bass line and incredible rhymes and metaphors (and they ain’t talking about choppin wood!).

One of the less famous albums that are issued on Tommy Boy, although it has sick rhymes, ill sex vocabulary and the craziest, funkiest beats, laced by the most talented beat smiths of the early 90’s. A Flavor Unit classic. Guest MC’s are Nikki D, Milo, Collie Weed, Treach from Naughty by Nature and Cee from Brothers ov da Black Market.

POSTED ON 03|08|2004 by cpf

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