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The UMC's Fruits Of Nature Wild Pitch • 1991

Staten Island’s duo Haas G and Kool Kim came to bring us positivism for every human being, following the example of groups like De La Soul and Leaders of the New School. This album is full of positive energy, feel-good beats and messages of havin fun, makin love and keep the peace. They also brought us the illest, up-tempo beats full of fantastic jazz-funk breaks and very soulful samples.

Listening to the album is like riding on a roller-coast: rollin drums, quick rhymes and short songs take you to the end in one motion. But it will have you reaching for the 'rewind'- button, because this album is good, real good. The samples are dope and the rhymes are of a high level. The songs 'One to Grow On' and 'Blue Cheese' are singles that have known some fame in the USA. 'Blue Cheese' was even played in the clubs on a regular basis and had a video clip (with Kool Kim and Haas G dressed in ninja clothes). 'Blue Cheese' is a typical UMC song: cheerful and sunny with a funny break at the end of the song, referring to De La Soul (this could as well be produced by Prince Paul). The first track 'One to Grow One' is like a hip-hop version of Blue Mitchell’s 'Good Humour Man', all the instruments are still there. It’s a perfect introduction to the jazz-funk hip-hop of the UMC’s.

'Morals' is a beautiful, more relaxed track with fantastic horns and a melancholic, moaning voice sample. Party-time on 'Swing It to the Area', where the beat suddenly changes at the middle of the track, a technique that’s used a few times on the album. Changing breaks, samples and tempo, therefore the beats are diverse and never bore. The same goes for the rhymes, Kool Kim and Haas G stay creative, interact with each other and switch to an occasional singin line. 'Anyway the Wind Blows' has Syl Johnson singin on the chorus, a sample, but it’s like she’s in the recording studio, the soul is blowin me away.

The last track is a fantastic song with a superb Ramsey Lewis sample, also used in All Natural’s '50 Years' and Da King & I’s 'Mr All That'. This album is feel-good music with fantastic production and ditto rhymes, I’m hittin the rewind button again.

POSTED ON 03|07|2004 by cpf

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