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Master Ace Take A Look Around Cold Chillin • 1990

One of my favourite Cold Chillin albums right here. Every debut album from a Juice Crew member is a slammer, this one’s no exception. Since his second album, MastER Ace turned his name into MastA Ace and was accompanied by his Incorporation. On this album he’s backed by his Action Posse, with DJ Steady Pace, a.o. The production is by Marley Marl (who else?), so expect a lot of James Brown samples. Master Ace's lyrics are cool, braggadocios ('rip emcees like a paper bag' ) but mostly educatin ('I have to write songs and teach').

The album hits off with a banger; 'Music Man' is a dope track with a funky bass and a dazzling guitar sample. 'I Got Ta' reflects the social engagement of the rapper: the song's is like a testimony of moral duties with girl-friendly and black positivism. A Juice Crew moment is 'Me and the Biz', with its crazy funky Cymande sample and a feature of fellow label- and crew mate The Diabolical Biz Markie. A highlight on this album is 'Other Side of Town', a mad funky track with lots of irony and sarcasm. Master Ace criticizes the bad situation of the black man in the ghetto (here: Brooklyn) by emphasizin the social differences in New York. His hometown is again subject matter in "Brooklyn Battles", it has a smooth , delicious and famous Eddie Kendricks sample. The Music Man’s describin the street fights 'stop playin Shaft, cuz life ain't a movie scene' on his block and proves to be one hell of a storyteller.

Social activism, party and battle rhymes are the main ingredients of this album. Therefore, it pretty much shows us all aspects of hip-hop lyricism. Add the funky Marley Marl production to it, and you’ll gather this album is essential.

POSTED ON 03|06|2004 by cpf

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