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Cali Agents Head Of The State EP Pockets Linted • 2004

Some of the most dynamic duo’s in hip-hop today, Rasco and Planet Asia return with this 8 track EP. 4 years after Cali Agents’ solid debut 'How the West was One'. Both MC’s can be considered as some of the tightest rhyme spitters of the moment. Rasco’s powerful, punchline flow and Planet Asia’s excellent rhyme technique are already legendary.

So no need to worry about the MC skills on this EP, the Cali Agents still prove that they are top. The album is divided in two pieces; the first 4 tracks are about the beautiful things of life: pretty honeys and dollars. 'I don’t care who buys the album as long as they pay, I like my pockets fat not flat', stakes are high in the Sunshine State, but both MC’s have so much talent and ambition, they deserve the good life. The usual street character and revolutionary lyrics appear in the second part of the album, like on the excellent Architect-produced 'Bangers': 'up in the ghetto goin crazy in the mind with more drama than Othello', the title track and the magnificent cut 'Endless', a track that already appeared on Rasco’s solo album 'Escape from Elcatraz'.

The second half of the EP sounds better than the first part or maybe I’m not ready yet for a singing Planet Asia.

POSTED ON 05|03|2004 by cpf

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