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Cash Money & Marvelous Where's The Party At? Seeping Bag • 1989

Straight outta Philadelphia comes thé hip-hop party album of 1989. DJ Cash Money was just crowned DMC’s World DJ Mixing Champion and 'Play It Kool', the first single of the album, was a promising single with its thumping bass line, deBarge sample and MC Marvellous’ braggadocios rhyming.

'Where’s the Party At?' is fully produced by Cash Money, who is still a name in today’s hip-hop scene, with showcases all across the world. Co-producer of the album is Joe the Butcher, well-known in the Philly rap world back then (he produced for Steady B, a.o.). This album is hip-hop in its purest form with a big party attitude straight from the streets. Funky drums, crazy keyboards and saxophones are the ingredients for this funky cocktail. Marvellous is 'A Real Mutha For Ya' with the famous JB’s sample (known these days from Nas’ 'Nastradamus' and Breakestra’s Mix Tape vol 2 album). Hilarious is 'Marvellous Drawers' with the rhymes: 'if you use my underwear you won’t need Spanish Fly' and the funky James Brown samples and flute. Also funny is 'Ugly People Be Quiet', a line that fellow Philadelphian The Fresh Prince used to scream. 'The Music Maker' is a DJ cut with Cash Money showin off his skills, something that he does on several tracks by the way. His DJ trophies are displayed on the cover picture (taken at the infamous After Midnight Club)

This album is one of the many fantastic hip-hop albums that came outta Philadelphia; drop the needle on this one and the temperature will make ya girls go strippin…

POSTED ON 09|24|2004 by cpf

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