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Dutchmassive Junk Planet 2000 Freshchest • 2004

Walkman on, backpack full of cassettes and a trip on the bus, or futuristic metro according to the cover. Welcome to 'Junk Planet': a world of smooth, jazzy 21st century hip-hop. Dutchmassive spits clever, funny rhymes and storylines with a squeaky voice, best comparable to Ace Lover. This promising, young MC is affiliated with the Demigodz, Louis Logic and the Atoms Fam.

Celph Titled produced most of the tracks and lays down the smoothest jazz loops. The opening title 'Evaporate' has a straight Bob James loop, Big Daddy Kane and Prince Po samples scratched in the chorus and Dutchmassive introducing himself. In 'Soul Searchin' (feat Pack FM) he criticizes today’s hip-hop scene with its sell-outs 'great emcees is something from the past' and 'hip-hop is no longer a movement, it’s a popular trend'. 'It Gets Worse' has a classic music sample (a specialty of Celph Titled) and features the Atoms Family with Vast Aire in a main role. 'BusStopBuildingBlock' is like the main theme song of the album: a fresh ass song with Dutch describing a day in his life, catchin busses and listening to his walkman. 'Just me and my Walkman' is even an ode to this analogue medium player!

'Junk Planet' is one hell of an album with relaxed, jazzy vibes, references to the old school (check out the fantastic 'Classic'!), industry criticism and tight production; simply an underground classic.

POSTED ON 08|29|2004 by cpf

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