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Lacks Re:Lacks Earth Angel • 2003

Raach is a Detroit rapper and heavily influenced by the Jay Dilla sound but on this album he’s shinin on his own and gives the album a personal touch. Every track is produced by himself (except for Jeed Demo # 1), and the music sounds real nice; fat snares, funky bass lines and soulful samples. Raach’s voice is real strong and has attitude, nothing seems a problem for this guy as he proves his versatility on both the mic and behind the boards. Top notch is 'Star of the Story', 'Right There' (fantastic vibes loop), 'Heavyweights' (a dirty beat with a stompin bass drum) and the bonus cut 'Beautiful'. Party ish is the stomping track 'Hustolin' that sounds very Slumish and reflects the Detroit pimp attitude.

This album proves that Detroit is a place where hip-hop is livin and talent is brewin. Watch out for more Detroit releases in the near future (and I ain’t talking about D12). Features also on the album: Lil Sci from Scienz of Life.

POSTED ON 07|01|2004 by cpf

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