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Kid Sublime Basement Soul Kindred Spirits • 2005

Kid Sublime is a 23-year old DJ/producer from Amsterdam who has been a member of several groups already. He was the producer of Rednose Distrikt and as a DJ he toured with Zuco103, a Dutch-Brazil band. Therefore, he’s a musician of many influences. 'Basement Soul' contains raw hip-hop ('Analyze This'), exotic electrofunk ('The Spacejam pt 1&2'), African rhythms ('I’ll Be Waitin') and mostly soul. Such as the smooth 'This Way' featuring Dutch soul star U-Gene.

Less smooth but oh so funky is 'Fruit Sugar' with the fantastic voice of Yinka and a voice sample, Jay Dee used for Slum Village’s 'Yes Yes Y’All Part One'. Of course Jay Dee is an influence, such as The Roots and DJ Jazzy Jeff. Talkin about Philadelphia: label mate Jneiro Jarel features on the up-tempo 'Lookin At Me', droppin a few rhymes but thé star of the song is also-Philly-based Alma Horton. With a very strong soul voice she revives the days of Aretha Franklin and Anita Baker. 'Analyze This' is together with the interlude 'The Harder I Rock' one of the few hip-hop cuts on the album. The interlude is a neck-snapper with a raw jazz piano break and O.C. 'the more emotion I put into it, the harder I rock' scratched unto it; an excellent sample but used oh so many times. Upcoming Dutch female rapper Melodee (who toured with Oh No, Wildchild and Percee P recently) has a nice flow and an appealing voice. Although she doesn’t rock a hip-hop beat, 'Analogue Sugar' is a catchy song that keeps floating in ya head. It’s however not the hip-hop artists that dominate and shine on this album but the soul musicians.

'Basement Soul' is a nice mix of nu-soul, hip-hop, jazzy lounge, soul, world music, R&B,... To make a long story short: it’s good music! An album with great vibes, the hip-hop beats are not the most original, but excellent to chill out with, relax, drink a cup of Bacardi Rhum and enjoy the early summer. 23-years of age and already doin this! For more of his influences check out the 'Outro'.

POSTED ON 05|15|2005 by cpf

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