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Cadence State Lines Domination • 2004

Cadence, hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, is mainly known as the partner of Pitch in the quality formation Raw Produce. In 1997, they dropped the incredible 'Refrigerator Poetry EP' and they've kept making dope records ever since! But Cadence is more than Raw Produce. In 2003, he released his first solo effort on Day By Day Ent: 'Cadence Poisons The Minds Of The Children', and this year alone, he produced on albums from O.U.O., QuiteNyce and Shed Light.

On this effort right here, Cadence invited some of the finest underground MC's such as Esoteric, Yesh, Eddie Meeks, Mike Ladd and names from the past that must ring a bell with hip-hop addicts; former Hollywood Basic recording artists Zimbabwe Legit. The cherry on top of the cream-of-the-crop guest list is the feature of Mike G of Native Tongue's Jungle Brothers.

Now with such guests, one needs solid production and who's a better host producer than Cadence? His production is some of the finest there is at the moment: every beat has different layers of jazz instruments such as xylophones, horns, strings and double bass and therefore there's a lot of variation. This album sounds sometimes mellow, sometimes dark but above all it’s very melodic. Funky dope is 'We Ain’t Singin', mainly due to Dooley O’s feature ('caught up in the mix of the funky fix') but also because of the great xylophone break and rugged drums. 'Deep Freeze' with Esoteric is a raw track with a nice concept of freezing emcees and even rawer is the dark 'Gravy', featuring Mike Ladd, and 'Butterflies', with a deep double bass line. The dark side of this album is only a minority, dominated by a big amount of bright, mellow songs. And it’s on these tracks that Cadence's talent shows of: 'Crash Thru' with Zimbabwe Legit and Dumi Right's latest project, OUO, is an up-tempo summer track with a dope guitar lick. 'The Sky Is Falling' (featuring Sev Statik) is a funky creative beat, with a special, cosy sound, reminding of a 50s be-bop song and 'Hard' (featuring Jax and Flux of Binkis) has a beat with a very smooth arrangement almost sounding too soft, too fairy-tale but the raw lyrics add a rough edge to it. Three more highlights; Raw Produce's 'Flow Chart' with mystic strings, a lovely flute and a smooth Big Daddy Kane sample, the up-temp and melancholic 'Patience and Persistence' with up and coming talent QuiteNyce and a nice Blade sample as the chorus, and eventually the title track featuring Mike G.

After a journey through mellow, smooth as well as a few raw and darker jazz beats, I can only conclude that Cadence is one of today’s top producers with a production that’s characterized by variation and extremely fine, melodic layers. Also he has managed to bring together a terrific 'cast' with a strong lyrical content.

POSTED ON 06|02|2005 by cpf

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