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Dagha Object In Motion Last Arc • 2005

Y'all enjoyed Edan's 'Beauty and The Beast' as much as we did? We hope so. One remarkable feature was done by Dagha, a fellow Bostonite and veteran in this rap game. This year, his debut album is finally here, after a carreer of more than ten years. A backbone in that carreer is Insight, who produced most of Dagha's singles, whom Dagha has shared many groups with (Electric, eg., who dropped the great 'Life's A Struggle' album last year) and whose label Last Arc releases this album.

Insight produced five tracks on this effort. Amongst them, the single 'De Ja Vu', who caught a buzz on the underground. Don't expect 'Object In Motion' to have a typical Insight sound though, yes, there are electronic, heavy boom bap cuts that sound amazing again, but the album's really a variety of certain production styles. DJ Real impresses with pumpin beats and neck snappin snares in '8Count', the dub-flavoured 'No Labels' –'Labelling a method, division of the relative, I build with no imposters' and the up-tempo, cinematic, violin-laced 'Back To The Center' -'Back on track killing shit like black on black, a whack attack I stack a pack of raps for that', Dagha's choice of words is poetical, full of alliterations, metaphorical and abstract at times, reminding of Insight, but, his rhyming style is diverse. At one time he rhymes like a rap revolutionary with his typical high-pitched voice, as in 'Heaven Or Hell', a production characterized by its slow, raw and hypnotic bass line, but then again he flows aesthetically with a well-controlled ease, like on the smooth 'No Sheets'. Also easy and soulful is the L in Japanese produced 'Don't Start Nothing', with some soothing female voices and a dope Jeru sample in the chorus.

Dagha has finally released an album and the waiting turned out to be well-worth it. 'Object In Motion' is a nice mixture of up-tempo boom bap, 'High-tech hip-hop, boom bap’s on the map', less up-tempo boom bap, good vibes and lyrics that tickle one's imagination, tackle social problems and aims at corny rappers while lookin through a sharp sight. Every song is a different adventure and therefore the album keeps movin, just like it keeps growin after each listening session, just like…an object in motion.

POSTED ON 10|02|2005 by cpf

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