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Chan The Killa Tape: Official Bootlegs 2 Dynasty Muzik • 2005

Ever since birth, Chan is put on earth to rock the mic, as he explains in the Fakts One-produced opening track 'Born For This': 'My flow’s so tight it made my mom’s water burst'. 'The Killa Tape' is a collection of mostly new songs and new lyrics laced over famous beats 'See I ain’t switchin to these mixtapes, it's just a manoeuvre lettin y'all hear how I would sound with a better producer, no disrespect to Supreme, I'm just doin my thing', Chan explains the purpose of the CD. For the record, Supreme One fully produced Chan's excellent debut album 'A Part Of The Nation', who dropped August 2004.

This time around Chan raps over Kanye's 'Down And Out' (Cam'ron) –-, and there's a remix of his first single 'Politickin' over Premo's 'Nas Is Like', Chan is also one of the first in a probably big row to drop lyrics over Dre's latest smasher 'Out Of Control', 'Even black chicks are tryin to get me, like damn I’ve been waiting for an Asian guy to slide up in me'.

This part of the mixtape is very entertaining and shows us that he's lyrically tight, Chan can and would rock a club as well, if he had the right production team behind him. 'Suga' for instance, is a smooth, groovy track with playful lyrics. But honest, we like him much more when he sounds underground, on the new songs for example. And with that, we come to the interesting part of this CD. The chemistry between Snacky Chan and Illmind, well-reflected in tracks such as 'No Options' and especially the soulful 'Lonely Road' is blazin. 'Lonely Road' is a track in which is dealt with passion, resistance and persuasion 'The road I chose is a lonely one, nowadays no one has the guts to go for his dreams, am I the only one?'. This is an absolute banger and one of Illmind’s fattest productions, so go figure..

This mixtape is the perfect introduction for people who are not familiar with one of the strongest Asian-American emcees in the rap field. People who are already introduced, can enjoy Chan's diversity on the mic. From up-tempo, party tracks like 'Imma Hustle' to intimate, slow cuts like 'Apologies', Chan remains a strong lyricist, so while you wait for his new album to drop go to sandboxautomatic.com or Chan's website to cop this!

POSTED ON 10|12|2005 by cpf

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