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Cesar Comanche Squirrel And The Aces ABB • 2005

Justus League is a team in expansion and its members are on the break of earning a long-lasting status in hip-hop. Cesar Comanche is far from a household name but he's down since the beginning as one of the League's founding members and worked with 9th Wonder since 1996. The music runs through Comanche's veins, as his father had a band in the early seventies, called Squirrel and The Aces. The man probably never would've guessed that in 2005, his son would have an album out with the same name.

'Squirrel and the Aces' is Cesar aka The Son Of Squirrel's third album, on which he surrounds himself with The Aces aka his Justus League compadres and a few outsiders like Tajai from Hieroglyphics, Supastition, Canadian female MC Eternia, Kenn Starr, DJ Resident and L In Japanese (see also Dagha's 'Object In Motion' LP). A lot of guests, but that's exactly the album's strength. It's not just another Justus League release with 9th Wonder and 9th Wonder-like productions, it's a nice variation of different sounds. You have your typical JL productions like the intro 'Get Ready', the beautiful 'Up & Down', the excellent 'I Miss You RMX' and 'Rockin It', which are some of the fattest made by Khrysis and (even) 9th Wonder, but you also have tracks like 'The Downpour' (produced by Comanche and L in Japanese) and the obscure 'The Future' (produced by DJ Resident), who have a whole different sound than the J-League standard beat. It also has to be said: Khrysis surprises us with a few beats that we're not used hearing from him; 'The Grind' for example; a rugged, cinematic, up-tempo cut with a hyperactive Supastition 'In this music industry, I grind for a livin, I'm driven to give back the time that was given, I don’t sit around all night and daydream of rappin'.

Cesar's rappin style is not spectacular, but his raspy voice and go-easy flows about life ('Up&Down'), love ('Miss You RMX'), bitches ('Big Game Hunters') and music ('Rockin It') are butter to the ear. 'Squirrel And The Aces' sounds more solid and consistent than his previous releases, and that's not only due to an extended guest list because a Squirrel can outstand his Aces too, once in a while. His father has every reason to be proud.

POSTED ON 10|19|2005 by cpf

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