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Davu & Eyamme The Sun Do Move Dove Ink • 2005

Dove Ink in the place! Before we start this review of, a short word of introduction. Davu is a Pittsburgh resident, MC, writer, actor, educator and journalist. Eyamma is a Columbus resident, producer, DJ, poet and founding artist of Dove Ink Records, who's drawn attention from the crowd with productions on Illogic’s 'Write To Death I' in 2003.

Both millipedes decided to bundle forces on what is one of the freshest and creative projects of the year. Eyamme's production is colourful and rich of different influences, of which jazz is the main inspiration. Piano loops, trumpets and saxes give the music a traditional yet refreshing touch. The first single of the album 'Now' for instance, has a pleasantly hypnotizing trumpet loop repeated over and over again, evoking a melancholic yet sunny feeling. The song calls the people who are in disagreement with the world to act up and 'Dive in the sea of life and find what you got to give', as guest rapper Illogic explains because 'the more you drive the more you find you have no destination / the more you lie the more you find the truth intimidating'. Original in its beat and rhymes is 'Glory Be' with a doo-wop trumpet swirling over the tempting contrabass plucks while Davu sings the appealing and again evocating hook 'All you people who always wanted to be free / you can be glooooory beeee'. The sound of this album doesn't stick to jazz ('1,2,3,4 Remix') alone, and also has bits of Rock ('Man Up', 'Not A Test') and even classical music. Such as; the excellent string arrangements in the title track 'The Sun Do Move', reminding of a Ennio Morricone, Lalo Shiffrin or Henri Mancini soundtrack. Folk-alike is the mandolin-driven 'Chicken & Tea' with a Southern Europe/Bohemian-like atmosphere that reminds of a trip to Toscane or Crete. The same goes for 'My Time To Go', which has a hypnotic violin takin us to a picturesque Southern France village, oh, the imagination.

'The Sun Do Move' is rich of sounds, enhanced by different kinds of instruments, playing a main role in each song, each displaying a unique, warm and mellow sound. Social consciousness, philosophy or psychology have never sound fresher in a hip-hop concept than on this album. Added with rap trademarks such as braggadociousness and lightheadedness, and a few nice (old school) samples (Chuck D, Phife Dawg and Sugar Hill Gang), this is a truly an exciting listening adventure.

POSTED ON 11|28|2005 by cpf

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