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Lord Finesse & DJ Mike Smooth Funky Technician Wild Pitch • 1990

After hookin up with Stu Fine, owner of the Wild Pitch label, the then 20-year old Finesse and DJ Smooth dropped this fantastic LP on us. With the help of DJ Premier, Showbiz and Diamond they’ve created one of the best hip-hop albums ever made.

Not only has Finesse skills in matter of production but also his MC skills are superb, provin he’s a true battle mc. He drops crazy punch lines, ill rhyme schemes on a smooth, playerism level. For instance on 'Strictly for the Ladies', an extremely rare single as well. The album also features the first Lord Finesse single 'Baby, You Nasty' in a new version and 'Bad Mutha' with the dope 'Superfly' (Curtis Mayfield) sample, Nas used a few years ago on his hit single of the 'Stillmatic' album. Before 1990 the sample was used on Kaos & Mystro’s 'Trapped' (1989) a.o. Absolute classic material! In that same year Finesse left Wild Pitch and went westwards to hook up with Ice T’s Rhyme Syndicate to make a world tour.

The original US pressing of the album is with golden letters on the cover and goes a lot of money these days. The European version is printed with red letters and the reissue is white letters on the cover. The album’s reissued a few years ago in the Wild Pitch anniversary series (along with other Wild Pitch classics such as Gang Starr’s 'No More Mr Nice Guy' and Main Source’s 'Breaking Atoms').

POSTED ON 02|06|2005 by cpf

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