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Planet Asia The Sickness Part One Copter • 2005

This is the first instalment of Planet Asia’s promising 'The Medi-Cali Trilogy', which will be followed by 'The Diagnosis' mix tape and eventually 'The Medicine' album on Battle Axe. Truly a P.A. attack, which will fulfil us, three years after 'The Grand Opening', with some genuine Gold Chain Music. In the meanwhile, Planet Asia has risen from street MC and saviour of backpack music to gangsta rapper and provider of good vibes.

In ‘Gangsta, Gangsta', Planet explains whom he considers real gangstas, people who’ve fought for their people like Bob Marley, Malcolm X and Ashata Shakur. Lyrically, Asia comes strong from the first song ('Potency') on; 'While you trying to find a job, I’m trying to find a driver' and you just know, Planet Asia will not disappoint on this release. In fact, his voice has matured, it’s raunchier due to extensive blunt smoking, his flow has grown stronger, richer and is sounds more versatile, changing his tempo at times and switching bars punctually. Bleedy Eyes honours his name and fame with 'I’m So High Freestyle', a weed anthem urging you to 'throw your purple in the air'. And with that being said, let the party break loose with laid-back West Coast vibes ('Black Bandanas'), tapping synth sounds ('Fight The Fo' with Cali Agent colleague Rasco), and swirling strings, like on 'Time After Time' featuring Moka Only, most definitely a forebode of 'The Medicine' album on Battle Axe.

'The Sickness' is filled with dirty synths and electronic strings that hold more soul and majesty than anything electronic. No wonder because some of the best on that production level are representin on the album: Khalil laces a phenomenal beat for 'Gold Chain General', Protest spreads incredible vibes with the hypnotic big beat and soothing bass line of 'Moonlight Melodic' (reminding of a Beatminerz production but soundin sunnier) while Amp Live proves he’s still evolving with any song he makes.

If 'The Medi-Cali Trilogy' continues on the same level as it started, then Planet Asia will probably do something that no rapper has done before, especially in such a short period of time. Glad to see Cali Agent number 2 surrounded with such quality producers, who perfectly support the evolution of his rap game and his renewed sound.

POSTED ON 01|11|2006 by cpf

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