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Cadence Creative Commerce Domination/Pro Se • 2006

At the crossroads between creativity and commerce, we find few. In hip-hop nowadays, creativity and business are almost an utopia, what water is to fire. After all, how much is spent on creativity in music? With the pretence of knowing what creativity is, artists who put their everything in music aren’t as well supported as hot shot gangster imposters, the story is well-known and often told. One of those artists who make music from the heart (and mind) is Cadence, producer, MC, one half of Raw Produce and renown cratedigger.

Creativity is 'a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, or new associations between existing ideas or concepts', the dictionary says. Take the concept of 'Word Got Round' for example, where Cadence, Dumi Right and micthefinite each shed their view on a party that they all attended, but which turns into a lot of misconceptions ('Rumors have legs that can’t be amputated'). Or the concept of 'A Curious Mind', where the story of a young soldier, ironically called George, is told with an introspective look inside his mind during his war activities, eventually endin in drama 'Time stopped, George came home in a pine-box'. Of all the protest songs, this is clearly one with a different and more effectious approach. Other examples of creativity? Well, take the last song 'Yesterday Retold', which is a fresh and amusing re-make of the second song 'Yesterday at Midnight', with adjusted lyrics but basically the same storyline. Take with that the imagery, symbolism and style figures involved in this song -is it about a girl, is it a personification of Yesterday?- and you’ll guess this is one of the strongest (among strong) songs of the album.

Productionwise, Cadence sticks to his trademark beatmaking of multi-layered beats, packed with jazz-infested loops. In an early 90's-way of producin (think Diamond D, Large Professor, early Beatminerz) he samples a variety of instruments such as strings, trumpets, saxes ('Louder' !), piano’s, flutes, organs and guitars , well-put together in fairytale-like sadness ('Curious Mind'), eerieness ('A Month Of Sundays'), heroism ('Drive'), rawness ('Just Me') and menacity ('W Pt 2'). More flashbacks to the nineties on 'No Can Do', where a minimalistic drum pattern with a slammin snare and a twisted bass line is blessed by Organized Konfusion’s Prince Po’s vividly yet knifelike sharp flow.

As for his rappin skills, Cadence ain’t no Rakim. But however Cadence isn’t the best rapper you’ve heard, his sense for technique, for always coming out fresh and his opinion about everything from the war to the state of music, makes him a damn good storyteller/lyricist. If the world would be perfect and artists would sell on basis of creativity, Cadence would go multi-platinum!

POSTED ON 06|25|2006 by cpf

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